San Academy 2014-2015 Admission- Pallikaranai,Chennai

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charulatha 2013-10-22 12:58:55


Hi Friends, 

Can you pls let me know anyone of you have planned to get admission at San at Pallikaranai new branch. Today I got application for my Kid for UKG . So thought of knowing/sharing some details about this.


gnrajesh 2013-10-22 15:28:34


Hi Charulatha,

Please refer the below thread


BRV 2013-10-22 16:13:11


I have got the admission for my daugher (Nursery).

charulatha 2013-10-22 17:17:18


hey thanks rajesh. I wil post/follow further at this link.

charulatha 2013-10-22 17:17:55


Congrats BRV!

sowmyasuresh 2013-10-23 14:13:50


Hi Charulatha, i have got admission for my daughter!

 Former member 2013-10-23 18:52:02


I am looking for 2014-2015 admission for my daughter who was born in 16/2/2011.By June 1 2014 she would be 3 yrs 3 months oldif i join in a CBSE school i can admit only in pre kg but if i put her in matric i can have her join in LKG.Following are the schools in mindconsidering the parameters of Distance from Home(primary) + Quality of Teaching + School past success.I am living near TCS velacheryby the way
DAV - CBSE - Checking website and weekend HinduAVM - CBSE - Checking Website 
Akshaya - Matric - Check out in November for admission Bethel - Matric - Check out in Jan for admission
I left out San Academy just because of their high term fees(60000/year) and allegation on CBSE approval and confusion on whether kids will be admitted in velachery or pallikarani campus and also distance(1 km from velachery depot)
any Comments parents on my decision?

laksvv 2013-11-11 22:42:44



Hi All, 

I am new parentree and also to this thread. I am looking for admission for my daughter in 2nd Standard in SAN @ Pallikaranai. She is studying 1st standard in Vigaz and planning to move her in SAN for next academic year (2014-15). I have couple of doubts after going through the different threads and thought to seek your opinions and help. 

1. Is SAN @ Pallikaranai got CBSE affiliation now as I heard that PKN have up to 7th standard ?
2. What is the fee structure for 2nd standard.
3. any contact number and address of PKN (landmark) - I am staying in Surrendra Nagar @ adambakkam. 

Thanks for help

msraman 2013-11-12 00:17:36


hi all im new to this discussion tomorrow im planning to go for san pallikaranai for my sons nursery and ukg based on ur positive feedback i will sure pay the fees let see 

 Former member 2013-11-28 19:04:11


Parents - i wrote some reviews on velachery schools in my thread here..feel free to comment on it.. 

lavanya1 2013-12-09 14:31:54


Hi friends

I have got LKG admission for my son @Pallikkaranai branch 
Hope all goes well!

286raja 2013-12-11 13:50:01


I have got LKG admission for my son .. Heard like by Dec20 they are closing the admission process

kiransdusk 2013-12-20 11:54:42


hai i m looking for Ist std admission in san pallikaranai.. If anybody gone thr the admisiion process pls share ur exp.. abt entrance test ???how abt the fee structure for Ist std.. Thanks in advance..

286raja 2013-12-20 14:21:05


For LKG it is 60k term fees +5K(other fees) and donation is 25k... So for first standard this 5K should be a variable one..

bomu 2013-12-27 23:46:53


Hi All,

I got admission to my daughter in 2nd STD @ SAN pallikarani. Any one suggest 
the standards of this school when compared to PSBBM omr

With Regards


jayanthihari 2014-01-08 02:54:23


Hi everyone,
     I'm new to parent tree & this forum too. I hav go through this forum abt SAN Academy, we already decided to put our kid in Pallikaranai branch.. I hav go thru lot of schools in and around velachery & I found this one as  the most parents choice... I hav some questions regarding my daughter's admission, it would be more helpful for us to proceed.
1. My kid was born on June 2009, whether she is eligible for UKG or 1st std? She is going to be 5yrs by tis June. I want to put her in 1st std, is it possible?
2. We are in U.S. Now, we'll come to chennai by next month, I don't know I can get seat even by February, so I mailed to SAN Academy regarding admission, they ask us to send some documents thru mail & ask us to pay the admission fee and first term fee now. If my daughter s not get selected in the entrance they told us the fee 'll be refundable... Is it advisable to pay the fee now or can I wait till February & pay directly to them? Till then do they hav admission open?

3. Hw abt the transportation facility? V r going to stay in kandhanchavadi, near RMZ Millenia, do they hav transportation facility from there? Do any of the parents from kandhanchavadi send their kids to Pallikaranai branch? 

   I know I have raised lot of questions, but wat to do? As we r not in chennai at present, we hav to go thru mail for everything... Please help me out & clarify me...

thanks in advance...

1980Benisha 2014-01-11 23:43:43


Hi everyone I went to pallikaranai branch last week for my daughter admission. Before I went their I have gone thru all the reviews in the forum. They said the Capitation fee is 35k & 20+5 for the first term and 20 ,20 for the next 2 term. It was shocking to me as they have increased the fee by 10k from jan'14 It seems this school management people also money minded. Once they understand the demand they started charging more. paying 35k is not an issue as we are earning for our kids only. But for a school which is yet to start showing their credibility it is too high..

Artral 2014-01-12 18:37:16


I am from sembakkam planning to put my kid in UKG SAN .Pls let me know if anybody had admitted your kid in SAN.


bomu 2014-01-12 20:43:29



I am from Pallikarani, I have put my kid 
in SAN Pallikarani for 2nd std

With Regards

Artral 2014-01-13 15:08:57


Thanks @Bomu,
How much the fee.I was told that (25 adm fee+3 tearm*20 and 5K).Let me know.

bomu 2014-01-13 17:01:54


Admission fee: 25K
Term fee: 21K ( for 2nd STD)
Misc Fee: 9K

1980Benisha 2014-01-13 19:07:50


Hi Bomu can u pls let me know when you have informed the above fee structure. I met them last week and they informed the fee id 35+20+5+20+20

bomu 2014-01-14 09:49:16


I have got admission in Dec 2013

286raja 2014-01-14 23:51:04


They have increased the capitation cost by 10k in a single month... When I got admission for my kid last month it was 25K... So not sure what control will be there in the term fees for coming years.. If they ask 25k for single term in coming years we have to pay.... So by end of his 12th standard we may be reaching the annual fee of 1.5k....  There should be some rule/law from govt to restrict the private school fee structure,,,

Saidi 2014-01-17 17:50:16


Can someone please assist on CBSE affiliation.....I guess there will be an issue if we would decide to move our kids to other schools down the line 1-2 years if there is no CBSE affiliation.......

Please assist me...........

bomu 2014-01-17 19:40:59


Dear Saidi,

I got admission for my daughter  in PSBB Milenium when there is no affiliation, but with in two years they got, so hope for the best. I am changing becoz of distance


anuprem 2014-01-17 19:50:49


Bomu, Psbb in siruseri which class prekg?

Artral 2014-01-18 08:42:30


Any parents from East Tambaram had admitted their kid in SAN PKN?

bomu 2014-01-18 10:38:06



it is in DLF garden city, now she is studying 1 st STD

ashudoll 2014-01-21 16:22:43


Today we got admission in SAN academy pallikarnai, for my son for nursery after getting good reviews and feedbacks from existing parents. The school has not affiliated to cbse yet. But they promised to go for affiliation by jan 2015. The building is under construction and will be inaugurated by march 3. School commences from april. The fees is bit high but that is what is now with other cbse schools too. 35k as captivation fee + 3500 (other fees) + 20k (First term fees). Apart from this there will be transportation fee and annual day fee it seems. Felt good with their approach and hoping for a good start. Admissions are closed is what they said.  Any other parents in nursery ??


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