Navadhisha 2014-15 Admission

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archu0 2016-04-07 16:43:57


Hi prabhakaran How is bodhana Montessori school? Will u plz share some positives and negatives abt tat school

PrabhakaranV 2016-04-12 15:37:55


Hi archu0,

It's been only 3 months for us in Bodhana (our kid started there from 4th January 2016 and he is 3 years 3 months old now).  I will try to put some points here, BUT IT'S ONLY IN MY POINT OF VIEW:
- It's a school running for the past 4 years or so, and thereby it's not a huge campus with all the infrastructure like big playground and so on.  They operate out of an apartment.- They had classes till 6 years old and now, they had added classes upto 11 years old.- Since this is relatively newer school, the teachers also are not with long years of experience
- There is no school transportation yet
All above might seems disadvantages of the school.  But we are pretty much happy that we had placed our kid:
- Uma, who runs the school has very genuine intent to impart Montessori system.  She was working in an IT organization, yet out of her motive, she had moved into the field of Education.  She had done workshops in implementing Montessori system in Government schools among other activities before starting her own school.- Though they operate of an apartment, its quite big, spacious for kids to move free.- Though the teachers not highly experienced, they are certified trainers mostly from Navadeesha.
- Number of kids is also not that high, which is as per Montessori's guidelines and so each kid gets enough attention.- From the monthly update mails that the school gives, I could see they take effort in activities where they make kids involved directly or getting exposed to like gardening, artists visiting and playing instruments, bringing domestic animals for the kids to play with, bringing cobbler or carpenter for the kids to see how they make things and so on.- I would assume that practicing Montessori principles happens all the time, as I could see them teaching the kids to handle things on their own including closing the gates upon entering the school, handle their bags, footwear, etc.,- Our kid would just throw away his footwear and run away earlier, but now, no matter how much hurry he is to run to play or coming into home, he keeps them properly- He insists the he carries his bag most of the time when we go outside- His English has improved way long.  He now even constructs small sentences.- He sings newly learned songs now and then, both english and tamil. So, we know he learns new things.- I will not say he has become all of a sudden all perfect and organized.  He still is lot naughty, cranky, fuzzy, adamant and test our nerves as any other kid.  Probably he is learning on his own natural way.- One of my friends also had told me that their daughter had difficulties with speech, but after joining here, she had improved a lot.  But this could not be again specific to Bodhana and be on her own natural way.- Overall we are happy with the way our kid is doing.  May be we miss things like already established full blown infrastructure, classes upto 12th standard, school transportation.
Again, these all are MY OWN POINT OF VIEW and please take a call for yourself.



archu0 2016-04-18 21:35:12


Hi prabhakaran. .. Thanks for explaining about tat school


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