Maharishi(MVM) Admission in Pre-KG for 2014-2015

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kaleem 2013-10-08 16:04:02


Dear all,
We are looking for admission for my child in Maharishi,
Currently my son is 2year & 6 months old (March 2011), 
Can any one tell me the date for issue of Application forms for Pre-kg,
Can any one suggest me how to get seat in maharishi, since my home is around 4 km(more than 3 km), 
In there site they have mention less than 3km only need to apply. 
So please guide me in which way i can get seat in Maharasi
Thanks for your support on this

drkarthikeyanbpt 2013-11-20 07:13:40


Dear all,

AM looking for admission for my child in MVM The Tree - Pre School,
My daughter is 2 years & 6 months old (Sep 2011), 
Can any one tell me the date for issue of Application forms for Pre-kg.



kaleem 2013-11-20 20:47:44


Hi Karthikeyan,

For alumini it was start i think in some of the blog they have mentioned like that, so by this weekend i was thinking to go direct

RamyaPradeep 2013-11-21 09:40:47


my relatives son is studying in mvm.its been mentioned in their diary last Friday tat application form for sibling quota is been issued on sat i.e. on 16th of November.when enquired they said as of now only for siblings quota they r issuing.will enquire again tomm in person.

RamyaPradeep 2013-11-21 09:44:35


hi kaleem, your kid might be eligible for LKG itself.but still why do u look for pre kg.may i know the specific reason pls.coz my daughter s Dec 2010 born and its really tough to get her admitted in LKG at we r looking forward to put her in pre kg.though she had learnt so many things equal to LKG in her play School.

lavanyasasikumar 2013-11-21 14:18:39



 Whats the age limit for LKG in MVM?

 My daughter is Dec 22 2010. Is she eligible for Pre-kg or LKG?

 Can any one please tell.?

Thanks in Advance,
Lavanya S.R

kaleem 2013-11-21 15:47:20


@Ramya - Your daugther Dec 2010 born itself is not eligible for LKG then how my son March2011 will be eligible for LKG.
In MVM for LKG admission, this year they are taking only the kids born on 1st march 2010 to Feb 2011.

kaleem 2013-11-21 15:52:15


@Ramya - If i am wrong please correct me.

kaleem 2013-11-21 15:55:08


@Lavanya your daughter is eligible for LKG

jojo1 2013-11-21 16:23:35


hi Lavanya,
I think she is eligible for LKG. my son was born on june 12 2011. one of the schools offered him LKG in 2014 june.

RamyaPradeep 2013-11-21 19:10:44



Sry i thought ur daughter was 2.6 as on march 2011. thats why such a question.

For LKG they accept kids born till Sep 2010..Not even October.They are so strict about that.May be 1 or 2 days difference could be accepted in some rare cases.This is what a teacher told in person at MVM.

RamyaPradeep 2013-11-21 19:15:02


@Lavanya: According to MVM alone the child should be 3.6 yrs as on March 2014. Coz their academic year starts by March or April it seems.
Whereas for other school the academic year starts only by June and hence they say the child should be 3.6 yrs as on June.
Even Chinmaya,Bhavans all have June as academic start.

My daughter i Dec 16,2010 and we are trying for pre kg only at MVM. May be with other schools we would go for LKG as she is eligible.

ramsvalli 2013-11-21 22:35:28



Hey, Is this discussion about MVM Polachery (or) Chetpet ?


lavanyasasikumar 2013-11-22 09:58:43


Thanks Ramya/Jojo/Kaleem for the information.

Ramya are they started issuing for pre-kg.?

Also last year i could see pre-kg was in his sister concern is it so? If kid study there will they take in to LKG?

What criteria they follow?

Already my kid going to prekg so my preference is school in which she will be eligible for LKG, but last year  I was focusing on a single school and didn't get in to it. So just planning to apply in all school this year. 

So could you please let me know if they give application and other criteria's?

Thanks in Advance,
Lavanya S.R 

kaleem 2013-11-22 11:29:07


@Ramya - Sorry if i hurt you. Can you get to know when they are going to issue Pre-KG forms. As you mentioned you spoke with the teacher
Can you tell me What are the criterias they are looking for Pre-KG, becauase my house distance was 4km

kaleem 2013-11-22 11:31:03


@Ramsvalli - About Chetpet

RamyaPradeep 2013-11-23 23:39:18


@lavanya : Yeah previously they had a sister concern pre School called tiny toddlers.even i thought of putting my kid there just to get LKG in mvm.but when enquired they had seats available even by June this i had a doubt since i heard tat getting seat there s also quiet tough by June and al.then when enquired i got to know tat mvm themselves have started pre kg since last year and tiny toddlers no more guarantees seat in mvm.there s a separate building next to mvm for pre kg.when enquired yest they said date of issuing application forms are not yet decided and could possibly be in December but asked to enquire again in Dec. Hope this helps.

RamyaPradeep 2013-11-23 23:43:02


@kaleem , may i know Wr do u stay.we stay at perambur.even i heard they r concerned with 3 km distance but buses come to my place and children in my neighbourhood study i dont think distance could be a prob coz its not 3 km from my home for sure.

sweetmum 2013-11-25 11:42:58


Dear all,

Even iam planning to admit my son in mvm prekg.I spoke to the teachers there in person and even to the principal.They have told us to keep in touch the whole of Dec month frequently regarding application forms. If i get to know anything further will surely let you know.


lavanyasasikumar 2013-11-25 11:53:55



  Thanks a lot it was informative.

  Please post if you get to know application date issue.

Thanks in Advance,
Lavanya S.R

kaleem 2013-11-25 12:02:57


@Ramya - I am from aynavaram, but in website they have mentioned as 3 km thats why i worried

kaleem 2013-11-25 12:08:42


@Aishwarya - How do you meet the principal and teachers because when i went the watchman didn't send us inside. Do you know anybody there.Can you get some information of age creteria(born date) for Pre-KG(From and To which month&year) and LKG(From and To which month&year)Example 01march2010 to 31sep2010

kaleem 2013-11-25 12:10:51


Friends......... , details for MVM........

kaleem 2013-11-26 11:21:23


Bhavans LKG application details

Online Registration forms will be live on   :           16-02-2014 at 6.00am

Online forms will close on                             :           17-02-2014 by 17.00hrs

Date of Submission of downloaded application form at School office on  : 24-02-2014 from 9.00 AM up to 4.00 PM

Verification of documents                          :           03-03-2014 to 10-03-2014

Details will be made available later about the date and time of verification for your registration number through our website.

Fore more details -

divyajai 2013-11-26 14:01:51


Hi all,
This is Divya
I'm looking for the admission in mvm for Lkg
My daughters birth date is 8th Oct 2010
Can any one plz tell me tat she is eligible or not..?
And when they r issuing the form..?


cselvamca 2013-11-26 14:09:55



Yes, she is eligible....

Suji2010 2013-11-26 15:01:31


Hi all,

my son was born in aug 2010. We are planning to join him in pre-kg as he is little bit slow in speech. Can u please tell me whether he is eligible for pre-kg.

cselvamca 2013-11-26 15:11:17



Yes, he is eligible for PreKG (even for LKG)...


cselvamca 2013-11-26 15:19:40



If you can join him in any play group or PreKG soon, he will start talk speaking soon. So don't wait !!!
It's your decision, make it fast.


kaleem 2013-11-26 15:39:18


MVM LKG ADMISSION 2014 â€" 2015


Issue of Application Form 
(Online or Physical) (RTE) 

General Category



16th February to 22nd February

2 days only (16 & 17 February)


Submission of filled in application


24th February up to 5.00 p.m.


Verification of documents


3rd March to 10th March 2014


Announcement of selected candidates


20th March 2014 after 5.00 p.m.


Payment of fees


On or before 25th March 2014


School reopens


3rd April 2014


sweetmum 2013-11-26 18:18:55



Actually with MVM chennai i spoke to the teachers directly.They said that for Prekg age limit shud be like the child should be of min 2.5 yrs of age by april. And i just went by morning 9am at "THE TREE" preschool of MVM, door was open, no watchman. So i cud jus enter nd talk to those teachers there.Yet to get any information on issuance of Application forms.



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