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ujpriya 2010-01-29 18:28:16


Dear all,

My son is now 19months old. I have engaged him in a kind of play school activity for 2 hrs a day and 3 days a week. i reside at TNagar. I wish to put him at pre KG. I want to know what is the right age for that. CAn anyone advice me specifically on DAV's terms.

Please advice and help me to plan.


shravan 2010-02-02 21:50:25



Harishree has Pre-kg sessions starting during Vijaydasami. Application forms will be available in the month of April.


SmartMom1 2010-02-03 13:16:52


Hi Priya,

The eligibilty date for Pre-Kg in the schools differ. You need to call and check each of the school offices to know. Here are some inputs from my enquiries.

Pre-kg admission for 2010-2011

BVM kids, Adyar : 2 yrs as on 31st mar 2010 ( They are v strict about the date. My kid's D.O.B is 1.4.2008, Still they said she'll be eligible for pre-kg only next year)

PSBB (OMR) : 2.5 yrs as on june 30

St. John's English School (Besant Nagar)  : 2 yrs as on june 30

Head Start School. Kottivakkam - 2 yrs 2 monhts as on june 30

Abacus montessori -  minimun entry age - 2.5 yrs. ( they open admissions in june, september, jan every year)

G.T Aloha schools  - 2 yrs as on apr 1st 2010

P.S Senior secondary school - 2.5 yrs as on May 31st.


All the Best ! 



meenashy 2012-07-28 13:02:09


All the toilets in chennai schools are stinking with shit and urine. The school management never cares to clean them periodically. The school buses are badly maintained and are overloaded. Every bus which is designed to take 40 children is carrying almost 100 children. Instead of speaking with the school management about this, the parents are wasting their time discussing about admissions??


mikukiku 2012-07-28 14:40:05


I too feel the same


meenashy 2012-07-28 18:57:44


thanx miku..



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