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VIJAYENDRAN 2013-09-22 13:15:14



        Greetings.. My kid is 1 year 9 months old as of now. Planning to join her on this Vijayadashami in a good play school (not day care). I am not panning to send her for the whole day as my wife is in home !!.. Point is, i am looking for a very good play school of good standards with all amenities.. My requirement is, their cost should be nominal.. I was doing somre reviews & research and came to know that

1. SEEDS-NANGANALLUR is good but it too has some mixed responses on taking care of children.. Also fee is too high there.. ... 

2. Euro Kids - Inputs on this needed...

3. Little millenium - This is part of edu comp's a reputed one.... 


Please say which one is best... 

AnithaPillai 2013-09-23 11:04:09



My kid goes to Vibgyyor playschool (fka I Play I learn, Nanganallur). I have had very good experience so far. My kid enjoys going there.The cost is nominal too. 

Please chk on this one





jolo28 2013-09-28 12:48:38




My kid is doing play group in Little Millennium Preschool Nanganallur.  Activities done by teachers are very interesting  and my kid really enjoys going to school. It is fun learning @ Little Millennium.

Recently they have signed tie up with San Academy for 1st std. 


jolo28 2013-09-30 15:25:26


Dear Vijayendran,

My kid is doing in playgroup in Little Millennium, not only my kid even I am enjoying sending her to school, because they are doing interesting activities day by day. You can even check out Little millennium day to day activities in Facebook for your reference to know them and their activities are very real and kids do enjoy.  I vote for Little Millennium.

MomD 2017-08-10 15:04:53


Hi ,

Little Millennium or Kids zone (Voltas Colony) which one is better option . Please suggest


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