Best school for LKG admission near Urappakkam,Perungalathur , Vandalur and Guduvanchery and Tambaram for the academic year 2014-2015.

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saranyadinesh 2013-08-31 16:44:10


Hi Friends,

I just want to admit my daughter for LKG ,can you kindly sugget me good schools in the places like Urappakkam,Perungalathur , Vandalur and Guduvanchery and Tambaramfor the academic year 2014-2015.


Saranya Dinesh



muran 2013-09-01 14:19:33



I'm also searching for cbse schools in these areas. here's the list I've come up with so far for CBSE n e:    ssm, vidya mandir @estancia, gkm vidyashram, loyola academy (maraimalai nagar), tianno vidyashram, lord's international, good earth, dps,holy sai. if there r other schools i have missed, pls. update. i'm trying to finalize for my daughter who'll be 3 in march which rules out Good earth for 2014.ssm provides meals @ school which i don't prefer.VM admits only estancia folks.tianno is 17 km frm my idea abt gkm but heard its not great.holy sai, ge n Lords r icse. dps is quite costly comes to around 88 k excluding transport for the first year n 57 k without trspt subsequently. yet to try  out loyola.







ArunChennai 2013-09-02 14:13:36


Hi Friends,

Great to see this new forum. I am also looking for the admission for the kid in 2014-2015 for pre KG admission.As muran said these are some of the schools in and around this area. I heard DAV public school is at gudvachery - thiruporur road. Any news on that school?

Also if you got any information on admission forms for the 2014-2015 in the below schools ssm, PSB,and VM plese let me know.

What abt ICSE Syllabus?


padeshmukh 2013-09-19 16:57:47


Hi Frides

I am also serching for school in same area...what about LOYOLA School, as we are planning to Move MWC in april so serching the school near by



Sprightee 2013-09-20 15:14:45


Hi Friends,

I'm also trying in these areas for my daughter for LKG. Happy to see this thread.

@saranyadines: What is your kid's DOB?


Sprightee 2013-09-20 15:16:51


@muran.: Thanks for the list of schools. What is the fee structure of Good Earth and Lords. I think they are also in the higher end.

SSM is very good, but getting admission seems to be next to impossible and my kid does not match the age criteria followed by SSM.

Pls post on any udpates on these schools.


Gopinathj 2013-09-20 17:29:28


 Check out


Gopinathj 2013-09-20 17:31:57


 Do not compare SSM-Lords-Good Earth.. 


Lords - ICSE


each has its own way of teaching.. so do not compare between these schools..

I would rate GE as the best choice if your preference is develop your kid bright.. Distance is the only thing, you need to worry about..



Gopinathj 2013-09-20 17:34:28


 There is a huge increase in fees of SSM in 2013 compared to their 2012 fees.. now their admission preference is only for those who has booked flat within their compound..


Nirudra 2013-09-20 20:09:06


Hi Gopinath, 


Any idea what is the fee structure in good earth??? What is the recent reviews on good earth school??? I find good reviews...but they are quite few years bck. Would like to get recent reviews on the school. 


Btw any recent reviews on SSM also wl be helpful. By any chance is your kid studying in any of these schools???


ArunChennai 2013-10-22 15:39:56


Hi Friends,

Their is Colors international school (igcse Syallabus) 3 years old school.Currently they are running at tambaram. As per the discussion i had they planning to move the school at vandalur- kelambakkam road as they are constriucting the building upto 12th standard it seems

amutha1 2013-10-24 13:19:16


hi friends,
 any one have an idea abt holy sai international?

selv 2013-11-29 13:05:36


Hi friends, Nice to see the new also luking for cbse schools around in these areas to join my kid in lkg for next year.any idea about good earth and holy sai?

uprise 2013-11-29 22:35:11



Good Earth is ICSE affiliated school not cbse. Thru my friends I heard Good Earth is a good school.
There is one more school in the same area called Lords International school. This is an IGCSE affiliated school. Don't know how good it is. But their website looks informative. They start issuing application form from Dec 2 (Comming Monday)

Coming to Holy Sai, it is also an IGCSE affiliated school. My brother went to this school to look how good/bad it is. His personal assessment on infrastructure is kinda OK. He talked to some of the parents and they are satisfied about the school. Holy Sai will issue the application form by Dec 14.

According to some of my friends, IGCSE affiliation is easy to get in comparison with CBSE.
Also IGCSE is a way to extract more money from parents by putting the word "International" 

Anyway will go to Lords International on Monday and will update more.

To be honest there is no good cbse school near vandalur - Urapakkam area.

My kid wont qualify for SSM Pre-KG due to their weird age criteria. (My kid is Apr 2011 born)
I tried GKM Vidyalaya and they also following the same weird age criteria as SSM. The worst part is GKM gave me the application form and yes while giving me the application form I showed my kids original birth certificate. But 2 days later when I filled the application form and went there to submit it they said my kid's age wont fall in their age Criteria. You know what, I gave them piece of my mind. I felt better after lashing out at them. Its worth the 500 Rs. they robbed from me in the name of application form

suganiya 2013-12-02 09:57:28


wat is the abbreviation of SSM school? and in which apartment compound it is put up


muran 2014-09-30 19:18:50


I'm updating this thread with new/ missed schools in this area.
- Colours international - igcse
- Colours Indian -cbse
- JRK global @ maraimalai nagar - cbse (I think)
- Shankara global @ urapakkam (igcse)

ArunChennai 2014-09-30 21:34:57


Thanks muran for reopening the thread..
Any feedback abt JRK GLobal?

How was the coaching? Any ideas...


kesavanm 2014-10-01 11:06:37


Spoke to Vidya Mandir and understood that the Estancia residents and Zoho Corporation residents are given priority for admissions. If there are any seats available then it would be notified in the website.
So there goes another one biting the dust. Looks like I might have to intensify my search for home tuition :(


AnujaJohns 2014-10-01 13:12:48


Hello frenzzz, 
me too looking for good schools between Urapakam and Tambaram.  pls suggest ur views about these please :
-  Colours international - igcse
- Colours Indian -cbse


muran 2014-10-01 15:39:08


@ArunChennai From the info that I have, JRK Global is a girls school with CBSE curriculum. Their website is quite informative I don't know anyone studying in this school and hence no reviews. But I did hear from a friend that it is good and fees is on par with other cbse schools like DPS.
It will be helpful if you can give us all a review of Colours school since you happened to visit the Tambaram branch in the earlier part of this year. What were your impressions?


ArunChennai 2014-10-01 17:48:33


I had visited the Tambaram branch last year during this same time. It was opposite to HDFC bank tambaram doraiswamy street. Instead of school it was like an big house having 2 floors ..  i dont have much information apart from this..
Regarding the school it was very impressive and the environment was also fine.... Lots of Students was there and i can see the toys and etc....

But Now the school campus is in vandalur and i dont have much information on that.. most probably i may visit the next week or so. But when i enquired today the admission for prekg for vijayadasami starts tomorrow and admission forms for next year they are giving from tomorrow it seems and probably they will give forms till the month of december. This admission information i got thru office when i called them today. Ria an staff working there who took the call shared this information to me.


muran 2014-10-01 22:54:53


Thank you for the info @ArunChennai!

tanum 2014-10-08 11:35:02


I'm also searching for good CBSE or international syllabus around Urapakkam.
Howz Sankara Global school? Please share ur reviews?

thanis 2014-10-17 15:45:44


Hi anyone know about spp vidhyashram at mudichur road, tambaram...they stareted admission for 2015-16 batch..this is run by shree sharatha beedam..this information got from my neighbour... 

muran 2014-10-20 13:39:18


@thanis - I haven't heard of the school. Folks near tbm might know.

Another school starting its operations in 2015 is Zion's branch -  Alwin (CBSE-i) at Padappai - supposedly 300 mts from Ruby Landmark apartments, Varadharajapuram, Vandalur

ArunChennai 2014-10-20 15:31:11


Thanks for sharing the information. 
Just called to the school. the landmark they mentioned is near to Ashok leyland at padappai main road.  Forms will be in online from December 2014. Asked me to drop an email to the and they will get back to us it seems.  How was Zion Coaching.. i dont know abt their way of Teaching..Any comments please share

fyi Friends

Just i enquired abt the schools admission forms for LKG  and it as follows

Lords Dec 1st weekend  - Tentatively
DPS - November 1st week - Tentatively
Colors already Started ....

Friends, please kindly add if any new schools are started in our area...


muran 2014-10-20 16:56:39


@ArunChennai - thank you..
I don't have first hand info.. But heard that zion is one of d prominent schools in d rjkilpakkam area n used 2 b gud.

muran 2014-10-23 10:29:32


@thanis -Yes..I had read this and other complaints before posting the above comment. But what I actually hear from parents in that area (near Zion n Alwin) is different. They seem to be satisfied with the school and are ready to recommend it to others. Pls. do remember that the Zion school has been around for many years and the student strength is huge. guess its around 13k,

The only thing that I hear time and again about the schools (Z&A) is that they are more focussed on academics - which some say as a positive and others as a negative. So in the end again its what you want from a school. When I enquired about these complaints, they brush it away saying that it is a one-off case. 

Fees for Z &A also seem nominal. Donno what AIPS' fees will be.


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