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Vasanvi 2010-01-25 22:14:34


When do we start hearing from Vidya Mandir mylapore now that the time to submit forms is over...

rachel 2010-01-26 00:27:29


 somewhere i hear that it will be Feb 1st week. I too am waiting as I have got a seat i Hari shree and the last date to give the fee there is 30th Jan. So, am in a big dilemma


Vasanvi 2010-01-26 20:14:37


oh congrats, u have atleast one confirmed admission !!

Hope Vidya Mandir responds soon. Gud luck to all of us :)



niketan 2010-01-26 23:52:19


Hi Rachel.

congrats on your admission. So which std is your child being admiited to. how was the admission process.




rachel 2010-01-27 23:39:35


 Hi Niketan,

I ahve given teh details of admission in another thread "Successful Admission". Check the details there.

I have got a confirmed seat for my daughter who is 31/2 in LKG for 2010. The fee in Harishree is too steep. My only worry is they should not continue to increase teh term fee every year, then we are stuck


GeethaR 2010-02-15 12:34:12


Hi all,

Has anyone else received any letters from Vidya Mandir? Any idea how long we keep checking on this?




Laksimi 2010-02-15 21:44:24


i have heard a lot of good reviews about VM , but having a doubt like is it similar to psbb or dav. y im asing is psbb focus equally on academics, extra curricular activiites, exposure, communication etc. whereas dav focus only on academics and gets topper in all.

i want to know in which stream does vidya mandir belongs to??? kindly clarify


san27 2010-02-16 14:47:45



My Kid has got an admission in VM. They started the process on 5th Feb. Its a CBSE school and the review of the school is really good.




vevinbabu 2010-02-17 09:36:00



Any idea on when will the results for Vidya Mandir Estansia be published? I have been waiting for quite sometime and am not getting any concreate answer from school office. They just ask me to wait.

My kid got his admission in BVM, but the initial fee is too high. (Some 1 Lakh 5 thousand) and need to be paid before 23rd Feb. Waiting for VM admission result to make any decision to join BVM. 

If anyone has got admission letter from VM - Estansia or know on when they might publish, please let me know.






 Former member 2010-02-17 09:53:44


Fee which you are talking about  in BVM for LKG or PreKG ?


vevinbabu 2010-02-17 10:00:58



It includes some 40K - Refundable admission fee.


 Former member 2010-02-17 10:12:48


But for LKG when i approached them, they said no admissions they take from PreKG only. Can you please let me know how did you approach them or You wen through any reference .


vevinbabu 2010-02-17 10:24:38


To clarify,

I got admission in BVM - BollineniHillside branch.

In Adyar main school, they take only Pre-KG now. All other class application requests are pushed to Bollineni.



 Former member 2010-02-17 10:42:32


Ok got it thanks. How is the school ? Do they have any transport facility from city ?



vevinbabu 2010-02-17 11:46:50


There is lot of open questions which they havent answered. Looks the Building will be ready only by August (One resident from Bollineni updated me on this). Not sure on how they will be conducting classes till that time. No clue on transport arrangements. They asked to check on this later.


Varshu09 2010-02-17 21:53:42


congrats for that,


BTW wat is the criteria for VM.Do they see any pre requisite for LKG admission.







tuty 2010-11-23 15:15:09


Hi Santosh,

  May i know how to get admission in VM. I got lots of scrap from different people that we need some big hands recomendations.





Sruti 2010-11-23 22:28:03


Hi Santhosh,

I am a new member to this Parentree. Can you please let me know,  when is the application form and process normally starts in VM? I am looking for my son who is studying 2nd std. Suggestions please.


thoulath 2010-11-24 15:13:21


Dear All,

Me too looking out for admission in VM , my son is currently in his std 1 , I am looking out for admission for std - 2 . Kinldy let me know when is the application getting issued .





krithikas 2010-11-24 15:24:27



dear all,


can anyone inform when the admission starts for 8th std in DAV Gopalapuram or any of its branches?


krithikas 2010-11-24 15:25:49


Dear all,

Can anyone inform whether the TRS tuition center in west mambalam coaches for 6th & 8th std students (they are studying in Jawahar vidyalaya)?




srirekham 2011-12-01 12:58:44


 Hi San:  I read that your kid got into VM.. Can you pl tell me what is your experience so far.. ? does the school focus on both academics and extracirriculars equivalently? Pls share .. it would be of great help.. !



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