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Mandakini 2010-01-23 12:02:04


Being new to this forum, can anyone please suggest me the best schools in and around T Nagar, Nungambakkam area. We have relocated ourselves from Chandigarh very recently and are searching for a permanent residence at the above areas and also Adyar. I have two daughters, twins, aged 3 years. Heard that school admissions in Chennai are too difficult, which makes me fear on the prospects that lie ahead.

I have also come across people stating that one Padma Seshadri School is the best school in chennai. Is it true and if so please guide me into the procedure of attaining two seats, with fee details and basic norms required to be fulfilled. Also seems Shishyas and The School are good. I request parents with relevant data on the above or any other good school to help me out and guide me please into a good school. I would prefer the CBSE/ICSE pattern over Matriculation/State Boards.

Thanks in Advance,


vrsrb 2010-01-23 19:31:27


"The School" is very good. Shishya is equally good. but the fact is getting an admission those two schools is very difficult. It is money and influence that matters. If you do not know anyone, then pl don't waste your energy by standing in the queue and getting anxious about the outcome.

PSBB is no longer the PSBB of 90s. a lot of my friends are extremely unhappy with the school. it is living on past glory.

check out some of the upcoming schools like "A School" and "YGP School". if not anything you will be treated with some respect in these schools.some of the "so-called" reputed schools treat parents like a piece of dirt.


Lavanya 2010-01-24 18:36:43


Hi Mandakini,

For Shishya, you need to register i advance is what I have heard. And "The School" takes no recommendations. And "The School" starts only from 1st std.

For most of the schools, admissions are already over for 2010.

I can think of one school in Adyar - Sankara school where admissions are yet to hapen here.

For more info and details on other schools, you could refer this dicussion thread

All the best!



Mandakini 2010-01-25 08:59:05


 Thankyou VRSRB and Lavanya for your valuable inputs, I shall keep your points in mind.


SundarRaj 2010-05-08 12:50:46


Totally agree with VRSRB about PSBB. The school had its best days in the 90s. Nowadays the school culture is turning filthy. It is not good to get too much physical in school days. I personally know some students that currently attend the school ones that passed out recently and I wouldn't put my kids in Padma Seshadri. I have also heard bad experiences about parents being treated like a piece of dirt. Firstly the security guy will treat you ike a piece of dirt, then the clerks in the admission department, then whoever you come across in the school will treat you the same way. It will take another decade or two before everyone knows how these kids turn out. Stay away from PSBB!



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