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gyanu 2013-10-17 03:33:00


hey guys...
I'm also one of  the culprits of the school mafia...but not other options..I'll have to put my 2yrs and 7months (as of 1st Oct'13) old kid to some suitable class. so for that I'm also searching for some .. good school .. for him. I came accross this forum through google and I read all of your messages and decided to join .. Thanks to you all .. giving  all required information on this single station.. I'm now feeling less worried.. I'll also try to contribute some good stuffs to this forum.. all the best to all parents..and their kids...

Priyarun 2013-10-17 10:04:19



My son is completing 3.3 yrs on june 2014, Is it possible to get an admission from chinmaya . will they relax 3 months for LKG ?

Ishyago 2013-10-17 10:53:44


CBSE schools are very strict in age criteria. The kid should have completed 3.6 yrs on 1st june 2014.

Ishyago 2013-10-17 10:55:14


Hi frnds,
                   Any idea wen does maharishi and bhavans r going to issue the application forms. Plz update...

kaleem 2013-10-17 12:07:54


@ Viji thanks for the information any idea about Maharishi chetpet, Sherwood hall chetpet and DAV mogappair, pls update if you know means

vgviji 2013-10-18 12:06:48


Just now spoke with DAV Mogappair they ask to get back on Dec, but they didnt tell any exact date.

vgviji 2013-10-18 12:14:16


Hi polarama
Maharaishi school of excellence, Thiruverkadu- After jan 1st week

vgviji 2013-10-18 12:16:18


Hi Ishyago, sboa for lkg age should not be more than 4yrs as on june 1st 2014. Im fear whether ur kid is eligible

kaleem 2013-10-18 21:20:40


Hi VgvijiAs you have mentioned for SBOA LKG, my son born in march 2011, for 2014 he is not eligible, then for 2015 he will more than 4year then what is the solution

vgviji 2013-10-18 21:36:17


Hi kaleem, ur son is eligble for AY 2014. SBOA age limit is 3-4 yrs for LKG, this is someting different from other CBSE school..... 

polamara 2013-10-19 08:50:38


Hi Vgviji, Thanks for the info on Maharshi school of excellence, Thiruverkadu. But still i am confused whether this school is the part of the well known maharshi vidhyalaya or its an entirely different one. The web site of Mahrshi vidhyalaya is not mentioning about this school in thiruverkadu.

Pls let me know if u have more info on  this. Vellamal vidhyalay admission also in Dec.

vgviji 2013-10-19 10:29:39


Hi polarama, even i had the same confusion before. I enquired about this, maharishi school of excellence is a sister concern of maharishi vidya mandir and not a branch/part of them 

vgviji 2013-10-19 10:55:08


Do u have any idea about chinmaya vidyalaya, avadi?

Ishyago 2013-10-19 11:21:50


Hi viji,

              Just now I inquired my neighbor whose kid is studying UKG in SBOA. She told the age criteria is 3.6 yrs on 1st june. Anyways v shall confirm it while they issue the application forms....

vgviji 2013-10-19 11:48:51


@ kiruhansi u r talking about which school?

vgviji 2013-10-19 11:53:46


Hi Jayasri, my friend kid s studing at sherwood she told me that it is very easy to seat in sheerwood if u r ready to pay danation. Last year she paid 1.25 lakhs as a donation

 Former member 2013-10-19 19:40:24


@ Viji

OMG any priority for christian

i hope on that let see.........

 Former member 2013-10-19 19:41:30


@ viji

academic in sherwood ?

vgviji 2013-10-19 20:54:30


Will let u know on monday....  Why dont u try for don bosco, egmore. Someone in the parentree mentioned tat donboco is going to issue their application forms from oct 25th onwards

laksri83 2013-10-19 22:14:23



My daughter is 5years old, we reside @ambattur, she is studying in we are looking for some good schools in an around ambattur, avadi,mogapair..etc.....pls suggest and also do enlighten me about the admission info


Stony 2013-10-19 23:51:37


i checked on Donmosco school of excellence web but couldnt find any info.when i went to the school they told the process satrts in dec

kiruhansi 2013-10-20 12:01:05


The pupil

 Former member 2013-10-20 15:39:33


@ Stony
no u can well see in their website from oct 25th to 5th Nov admission application by online...........

@ Viji
so far viji from my house...........let see.............


antoney 2013-10-20 19:19:54


I am not able to find this application dates in the school website.. Kindly post the address link.. Thanks in advance

 Former member 2013-10-20 20:20:30


@ Tony once u enter this site u routed thr ad page then u can go to the site after skip the page.

or u keep on select admission option and u can see the ad...........


vgviji 2013-10-20 20:56:12


I could not see anything regarding admission. Admissions for the academic year 2013 â€" 2014 is closed. Thank you for your response and patience in the whole admission process.This is what they mentioned

 Former member 2013-10-20 21:27:23


@ viji
i am getting the ad page try the link

anjusu 2013-10-21 10:17:46


Hi All,

My son completed 3 yrs on 14th Oct. i would like to know when the admissions are starting for Chinmaya Schools in chennai for the year 2014.


Appharshini 2013-10-21 13:04:33


Hi All,
Checked with a coupole of schools during the weekend and thought of sharing the same with you all..
Kolaperumal - will issue application only for Pre -KG and applciations will be issued on Jan 15th
Maharishi - heard tat applicaiton will be issued in the 2nd or 3rd week or november- date is not confirmed yet
Chinmaya vidhyalaya - Annanagar and Kilpauk will both issue applcations together at the same time- have told us to get in touch with them in december for the exact dates. Also the admission process is separate for the Annanagar and Kilpauk branch.



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