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Ananthiii 2013-07-23 13:22:37


Greetings to all!

I felt the same nerve as many of you when it comes to our kids school. So thought of starting a discussion for 2014-15 LKG admission.My daughter's DOB is 06.12.2010.We have a house at Koyambedu and one at Porur.My inputs will be based on these two areas only.Some may think its too early but may be helpful for those who are not aware of the rules and restrictions.

I will share all the info I know , friends pls add to the thread.

Chinmaya Annanagar / Virugambakkam :

Age : Should be 3 yrs 6 months as on 01.06.2014

Application Time: Nov/Dec - Visit school website / go to school for info.

Best help could be from children studying there.I have my niece studying , will share once i get any update.

Application Mode : Direct from School / Online

There will be a interview happening once shortlisted.

DAV Girls Mogappair :

Age : Should be 3 yrs 6 months as on 01.06.2014

Application Time: Nov/Dec  - Visit school website / go to school for info.

Application Mode : Direct from School

Omege International Porur :

Age : No Age Limit as far as I know.

Application Time: Nov/Dec  - Visit school website / go to school for info.

Application Mode : Only Online

Friends , help me out for these questions 

1) Will the age limit be relaxed ? 2) Is LKG admission is possible for schools having Pre KG ? Any other useful info in this regard will help us out. Thanks.

Loga345 2013-07-23 18:08:19


Hi Ananthii,

There is age criteria in Omega as well. Took this from school's brochure

Class -  Age as on July 1st
Pre KG  2 years 6 months
LKG  3 years 6 months
UKG  4 yeats 6 monhts

As far as I know. It was very very difficult to get LKG admission in Omega. Last year many tried and didn't get.


Ananthiii 2013-07-25 10:45:23


Thanks a lot Loga.Guess the next 6 months going to be a tough time to get an admission; got to do lots of work.


Sangramjp 2013-09-09 07:32:22


 I'm new to this group discussion. Currently I'm residing at Japan. Planning to join my son SBOA school for 2014 to 2015., LKG. Give me some suggestion for form and admission procedure? And how difficult to get the seat? Or any other best school option? Need your advice


Sangramjp 2013-09-09 07:34:25


 As Anandhi said I too felt the same nerves and confusion when think about my Kids School.



 Former member 2013-09-10 10:34:50


Hello all parents of 2014 admission,

my choices are MVM, CV and sherwood hall , so pls give some inputs.

Becoz i staying in anna nagar.

Anybody have idea about faith intl academy ......



Nandhini123 2013-09-12 14:32:26


Hi All,

My Daughter is also jul 2010 born, quite nerves about the admission. I stay in mogappair. Near by schools1) DAV girls 2)SBOA 3) Chimaya vidhayala 4)schram.

Good to start the thread now.Thanks.


polamara 2013-09-12 15:43:44


Hi All,


My son is Aug 2010 born and I am staying in VGN Mahalxminagar.... Ambattur@5 Km..close to me Velammal -Mel Ayanambakkam, Schram, CPS and The Pupil School. I almost closed down to Velammal..but now started thinking abt CHinmaya Vidhyalaya....but i need information...How far Chinmaya from Velapanchavidi signal and from school any restriction that I have to stay within 2km/3Km radius....

Really worried abt my son's became a big task.


Thanks fro stratin gthis thread ananthii





AarthiRamesh 2013-09-18 12:05:46


Hi All,

My Daughter is Aug 2010 born. At present she is in Euro kids. Trying for admission in and around anna Nagar. Our options are

DAV, Velammal, Chinmaya, MVM. Please post the details if you know the application issuance date.

Thanks All


rangee 2013-09-23 13:43:46


 dear all kindly update if any of schools like DAV velammal Chinmaya MVM Schram gives application form


vgviji 2013-09-23 15:54:40


Hi all,

My son s nov 2010 born, i stay n korattur and im looking for DAV/SBOA/Chinmaya Vidhayalaya/MVM. plsleat me know the application issuance date.....

Thanks all....

Thanks for starting this thread:)



 Former member 2013-09-23 16:49:12



Pupil is a gud school my cousin's sister daughter and son both are studying and we have noticed a lot of changes with them in a short period of  time....



 Former member 2013-09-23 16:51:48




i want to know more about MVM can you help to share the details if you know means.....

I am really crazy abt MVM after i am seeing lot of reviews about the school and the are very open book if you look into the admission part.....


vgviji 2013-09-23 17:00:41


first preference for alumini and sibblings.....


vgviji 2013-09-23 17:09:09


Mahrishi School follows CBSE pattern and has classes from LKG to 12th std., The campus includes a calm and seren garden with special class rooms.

Developement of the total and multi-sided personality of the students is the major objective of the school., Hence, they have Extra curricular activities including training in Bharatha Natyam, Carnatic Music, Band, Karate, all kinds of sports - chess, tennis, cricket etc., The other note worthy feature is the Kalai Valar Mandram which brings out the hidden talents of the students through cultural programmes on the stage. Inter school contests are also held.

They also organize various CO-Curriular activities through various Houses, clubs, educational tours, RSP, Magazine, social service, projects, fine arts, scounts and guides, cubs and bulbuls, bunnies, NGC, JRC, Karuna club, NCC, NSS, musical instruments, science of creative intelligence. Through out the year some sort of special activities are being conducted.

Trancendental Meditation based on the Unified Field of Technology of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with Yogasanas and Pranayama are regular part of the daily programme.

School counsellors have been appointed one for each of these sections ie., Primary, Middle and High School. Introduction to worksheets have been included to all classes. School has an Information Technology Centre for conducting IT courses.

School Buses is being available to all the places with a nominal fee. School Fees is also very nominal.


 Former member 2013-09-24 11:34:37


Thanks @ Vgviji

For the information.....

only lot system got 25 seats correct...

thats is my worry....



polamara 2013-09-24 17:17:03


I called up Velammal for applications issue date. They will start issuing applications from Nov 1st Week.

Can any one confirm the location of Maharshi Vidhyalaya?I have seen one in Thiruverkadu and the road to this school is horrible and don'nt know how kids will travel everyday.Also request from members for feedback n this school.

Even the same with Vellamal Vidhyalaya also.

Coming to fees, School fees to be compared based on the facilities they are providing like PUPIL is completely Air Conditioned and vellamal Not.


vgviji 2013-09-24 20:17:47


thanks polamara... u r asking about which maharishi vidhyalaya?


vgviji 2013-09-24 20:20:40


ya george u r correct, but money works there :)


polamara 2013-09-24 23:00:48


The one near Thiruverkadu...Dont know where else Maharshi schools are there....Pls let me know where else maharshi school is there?


vgviji 2013-09-25 10:47:15


maharishi vidyalaya or maharishi vidyashram(mvm)?


 Former member 2013-09-25 11:50:21


@ viji

Any idea about NPS



vgviji 2013-09-26 21:27:04


sorry no idea george......


Stony 2013-09-26 23:24:29


@ George

Could you help me with more info about PUPIL, how good is the school and how costly it is. Am currently Cochin and will be shifting to chennai by march. i have a house in Avadi hence would like to explore this option. My Son is Nov 2010 born and we look for LKG admission

thanks in advance




Stony 2013-09-26 23:26:16



also please help to comment about St.Patricks ICSE Adayar and Don Bosco school of excellence in Egmore (CBSE) when will they start issuing applications and how is the over all development



 Former member 2013-09-26 23:31:39


@ Stony


Pupil is gud school so far becoz its part of saveetha.......they are entering into school level they really want to maintain their name.

Standard i think upto 8 grade they  are going to upgrade i believe.....

about the transportation u need to check before the location confirmation......

its expensive then others and they are providing food too....




Stony 2013-09-26 23:41:24


Thanks Jayasri

it helps . am planning to be in chennai by 3rd Oct to hunt for schools. will surely visit the campus. Others schools in my agenda are St.patricks and Don Bosco . Initially CPS was in the list but dropped it

do guide me if i can consider any other schools to the list





 Former member 2013-09-27 10:44:53



@ tony

Omega School,,,,(Porur)

National Public School-but no distance cretria...




vgviji 2013-09-27 11:42:51


Thanks for the useful information george..... Also pls help me about Omega


Ishyago 2013-09-27 23:37:47


 Hi all,

      My daughter is Jan 2010 born. I stay in arumbakkam. My options are   MVM, Bhavan's, chinmaya, sboa, schram....  Plz update the application issuing dates. 

Thanks in advance...



Ishyago 2013-09-27 23:44:36


 As far as I know, the age criteria for maharishi and schram -  the child shld have completed 3.6 yrs on 1st april 2014. For bhavan's, sboa and chinmaya, its 3.6 yrs on 1st  june 2014. 

Correct me if my info is wrong...



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