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drsp 2010-01-22 14:45:42


hi friends,

Iam new to this group hoping guidance from you all.

Iam a dentist mom of two daughters going to start my PG studies soon, we are thinking of shifting towards besant nagar,my elder one is studying in CHIMAYA,CHETPEt in 2nd std,we are looking for a CBSE board school  but which doesn't pressurise the kids academically,we are looking for a school which awards a holistic development,interested in THE BESANT ARUNDALE SCHOOL ,KALAKSHETRA and in THE SCHOOL<KFI.can anybody share their views abt these schools I couldn't find any reviews abt the Kalakshetra school.


 Former member 2010-01-22 19:25:50


Hello Priyaji,

THE SCHOOL, JIDDU KRISHNAMURTHY FOUNDATION, CHENNAI’ aegis run, ( ) has  a remarkably translucent admission placement every year, though its affliated to the ICSE pattern of education. Its progressive fee rates speaks volumes of its enlightened Management, which decidedly runs in safe hands, one can candidly concur. It caters not only to every pocket, but has a logically well designed advancement as the ward progresses year after year and the best part of it is everything is ‘Voluntary’ and has nothing to do with Admission Criteria upfront.


‘The School’ not only runs academically superior education, but its extra-curricular activities are par excellence by any stretch of imagination, its routine sports, art room, inititatives and the comprehensive inculcation of self disciplice & orderliness by accepting responsibilities of life at a young age, alongwith their socially and environmentally relevant workfront for a week or so, is unparalleled, not to forget the sublimely serene background the school encapsulates, which is no less than a GURUKAL imparting the most modern education of our times in communion with  happy Parents and cheerful Cherubic Students.


I have personally visited the school and am giving you a first hand factual report on this (though my daughter did not get admission there), the fact remains the environs of’ THE SCHOOL’ can really leave you in a state of stupor and you would really love to associate yourselves with them for long.


‘KALAKSHETRA’ again has the splendour and magnificence combining both Art & Real time Education in an awe-inspiring way. The credentials of this school are without an iota of doubt justifiably overwhelming to look beyond, if you had it your way coming. The Board is manned by Senior Bureaucrats, Eminent Scholars, Philanthropists, Fine Arts Connoisseurs among the many, who don the mantle of imparting the perfect blend of all round ambiance needed for a Student’s overall growth.


The Toss up between the two is delicate, try at both and leave the rest to the Almighty.






chiltu 2010-01-22 19:58:30


hello Priya,

I do agree with akka on The School i have visited one other school of their's in Rishivalley Its marvellous , I would say have THE SCHOOL as ur first preference




drsp 2010-01-26 19:39:41


hi Aakaa,

ThankU so much,that was a wonderful review which made my uncertainities disappear.

I called both the schools the admission for 3rd std will b at the last week of FEB,

Aakaa can U share me what U went thru during your interview at THE SCHOOL,and any idea why U didn't get it.?

like you said Iam going to try in both the schools and leave the rest to GOD.

thanks again.


drsp 2010-01-26 19:41:04


hi deepa,

thank you for the reply,

this forum is just great,lets keep in touch.



chiltu 2010-01-26 19:56:43



Please do share your experiences step by step in getting an admission in The School, My son is in Pre Kg now and after 2 yrs am also planning to put him in the same school

Thanks & All the very best




drsp 2010-01-27 17:40:42


sure deepa  watch this space for updates,




preithig 2013-02-17 16:21:26


@drsp, can you give your inputs about the Beasant Arundale?



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