Reviews about TIPS( The Indian Public School) Taramani and Vael Billabong High

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Poojayash 2013-07-12 14:05:23




i wish to admit my child for grade 5 mid term as he is not settling with boarding as we were in london for 1 year and came back in jan 2013. He couldnt get through any schools in city due to no vacancy. Hence had to put him into a boarding. Poor child is unable to settle and hence I am looking to pull him out from boarding and admit in one of these schools. So options are very limited for me for schools looking at mid term admission. 

one of thr either schools mentioned on subject line I visited both the schools and liked both. But the teaching pattern in TIPS is way different to Veal billabong. Please if anyone could help me reviews of both schools in terms of academics , cirriculam , extra curricular activities , overall child development and any other important factor that a parent should consider before admitting his child into school. Also if someone knows the few structure of TIPS as well.also if someone know any other schools which allows mid term admissions pls advice. 

Kindly treat this post of mine urgent and revert with reviews on priority. Understand the plight what a child is currently undergoing and pls revert for me to take a final decision. 


NeelaVenu 2013-07-16 21:07:05




Did u get any info with regard to the school TIPS in Taramani, if so plz let me also know




Poojayash 2013-07-16 23:16:08


 Hi Neelima


i did receive. If you wish to connect pls let me m know. We could talk. My email is



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