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SwarnaVenkat 2011-02-10 18:04:56


Hi rathika

what is age criteria for  LKG admission at Hindu


umabala 2011-02-11 11:04:29


Should have completed 3 years as on July 31st.


tungs10 2011-03-13 12:11:22


I came to know the timings for LKG during April is from 8.40 am to 11.30 am. What is the timing during June to March for LKG?


Anitha12345 2012-11-17 13:50:01


  dear members

my daugher was born on jan 13, 2011. she is going to play school now at bamboola r a puram.



1. What is the age criteria for lkg admission? my daughter was born jan 13, 2011 and would be 3 years, in jan 2014. so can we apply for her admission for june 2014 taking applications in march 2014?

1a. What are the chances of getting LKG admission for my kid in this school given we live in indiranagar, adyar not too far from school?

2. what is the donation amount in recent years?

3. what is the selection criteria for lkg admission?

4. when does academic year for lkg begin? 

5. when are the applications given for lkg admission?

6. by when we are called for interview? what is the interview process? any other things we need to know.




SSM12 2013-01-25 10:28:02


Hi, Nice to hear all the +ve feedbacks about the school. I am also looking for admiting my son in LKG for 2013-14 year. I heard that they will be giving the application forms from 1st of Feb



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