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rpasupathy 2013-04-22 10:58:59



You can check out the DAV thread regds the update ...


ISSUE DATE 10/12/12 AND 11/12/12

TIME :9.30AM TO 12.30 PM & 1.30PM TO 4.30 PM

Admission is over @ DAV Gops ...



Prabhud12 2013-05-27 11:07:14


Hi Every body,

  Now I am looking for a National Public school in Perumpakkam for My child.

if any one got the admission then kindly tell me the fee structure for UKG.

Thanks and Regards

Prabhu D




Radss 2013-06-06 11:43:58


Hi all,

yday was the 1st day of school for all kutties ... most of them were crying inside i cud see that .. and my kid is from Orchid section in Mont 1. the teacher and ayyamas were very sweet ..my kid initialy cried and later she was ok. today also she went with a cute smiling face and she said byebye . I feel very happy and my inlawas dropped her today .. they said they are giving lot of toys for them to play perhaps that the reason kids were fine today :) looking forward to meet you all.



Dharinimagesh 2013-08-07 15:40:10


 Hi Radss..

Saw your posts about yo kid's admission to NPS mont.. My daughter will be turning 2 by this december 2013. Can you please tell me if she would be eligible for montessori 2014 admission?

Also, please help me with the admissions processes. 


NaliniYana 2013-09-11 23:06:01



My son will be ready to join pre-kg the coming year. Could someone provide information on how NPS is and if NPS encourages extra curricular activities as well?


mohdsam 2014-04-01 20:49:33


Hi!!! We newly shifted to chennai...can anyone tell me what's the age criteria for class 2 admission min as well as max. Plz Thanks

mohdsam 2014-04-01 20:52:14


Particularly in NPS & few CBSE schools we can try for admission as there z no vacancy in PSBB, Bhavans, dav..etc.. plzzz plzzz help we are staying in Aminjikarai so nearby CBSE schools

123star 2014-05-06 07:54:24


Hi all!

i have admitted my son in grade 3 this year. I want to know about the school and the teachers. More details about homework patterns and how strict they are in academics....?

vijayphh 2014-07-26 16:07:57


Hi Radss, can u help me to know about the fee structure(building fund, books, uniform etc...) in NPS for lkg. And let me know about coaching n iteraction between teachers n kids. Hope u help me. Plz

himshi 2015-03-18 08:06:46


Hi just wanted 2 know about entrance test details..syllabus

Shivkumar 2015-03-25 19:22:59


Hi, I got L.K.G (KG I) seat for my daughter in N.P.S. Gopalapuram this year.  The Management is very keen about the Parent's employment since the fees they charge is almost three times higher when compared to Very Good CBSE schools. Infrastructure is good but I don't hear any positive result on the academic perspective for the  last 2 years about N.P.S.

When we went for an interview with my daughter they just verified that my Wife is also working and then they asked to pay the fees. When we went to the counter they asked to pay Rs. 95,400 /- one time fees which is exclusive of Uniforms, book and transport.  The cashier also said that the fees amount will be raised from 10% to 20% every year.

It was shocking to us and we surfed about the fees structure for last few years for N.P.S. We found that they increased the fees 10% for the last 3 years and for this year they increased the fees to 20% (From Rs. 80K to Rs.96K).  We calculated the education expense for our daughter from L.K.G to XII with 15% increase as an average every year and it almost comes to Rs. 42 Lakhs and plus Rs. 5 Lakhs addition for transport, books, Uniforms etc., 

My advice to others is please ensure that you can allocate Rs. 50 Lakhs for one child if you are keen to join your son/daughter to N.P.S Gopalapuram. We have paid the fees with no other go as we have not got seat in any other CBSE schools but trying to get seat in Rosary Matriculation school.  We don't  know if we get our fees returned but we can't afford to give her such a costly education through out her career.   They are charging same fee amount for Montessory to XII for every year.  

If anyone interested and afford to join your kids  in N.P.S, please keep me in touch @ 9600016355.I will let you know about my seat availability for N.P.S if I get seat in Rosary Matriculation for my daughter.

N.P.S has also started it's international branch in Perumbakkam and they have 3 more schools to be added in Chennai which is in pipeline and hence definitely they will not compromise in the fees hike in coming years.  

Fee Structure for 2015 - 16
Stat and school supply  1200
Admission Fees            10000
Tuition Fees                  77700
Activity Fees                 5000
Staff Welfare Fund       1500


anandeepa2010 2015-03-25 21:02:19


Looks very expensive......

manudiv 2015-03-26 12:05:52


Thanks Shiv for ur detailed explanation....it is very useful for us

Shivkumar 2015-03-26 17:58:27


Here is the Fee calculation for N.P.S with average increase of 15% every year.

Year   Class   Fees 2015-16   L.K.G   95400 2016-17   U.K.G   109710 2017-18   I   126167 2018-19   II   145091 2019-20   III   166855 2020-21   iV   191883 2021-22   V   220666 2022-23   VI   253766 2023-24   VII   291831 2024-25   VIII   335605 2025-26   IX   385946 2026-27   X   443838 2027-28   XI   510414 2028-29   XII   586976     Total   3864149

Ravim2005 2016-01-07 10:49:00


Hi, can you plz let me know the fees for Std 5th in NPS Gopalapuram

Ravim2005 2016-01-07 10:54:27


Hi Shiva, The calculations which you have given is including the admission fee, but this will be included at the first time of joining. From next year the fee will be lesser then you paid, So if possible can you share the exact fee details,

kannat 2016-11-15 14:21:48


Please provide reviews on this school.
When will the admission start for Academic year 2017-2018?


lavannya 2017-01-12 16:35:42


Hello sir Hows the school environment and education. What all activities that they provide and can you please explain as your kid studies there, why do they charge so much and what area they have for their school and any additional information that you can give me....

ff123 2017-03-15 14:25:44


Do u know what is the pattern of the entrance test for 5th std.

ff123 2017-03-15 14:27:21


They charge so much because all the class rooms are air-conditioned.....and I got the review from almost 3parents and all the 3 except for the high fees are v happy with the school and don't want to change the school though they charge so much

ff123 2017-03-15 14:29:49


Did ur child write the entrance exam for 4th???

ff123 2018-01-17 16:07:58


I am going to apply for my son in NPS for standard 2.can you please let me know the text book publication they follow for std 1 so that I can keep him prepared before the entrance exam.

Hsemar24 2020-01-05 14:36:55


Hello sir
i am educated but my wife is not and i want my child to admit in nps and is it easy to get seat in tat and currently my son studing 4th and daughter in 1st standard in hindu senior secondary school triplicane could u please help me how to get admission


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