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R1a2jesh 2011-04-03 17:19:55



I happened to see this post and had a few questions on NPS Chennai as we are moving into Chennai frm Bangalore(as my son is seeking admission in NPS, Chennai for next academic year).

Would you know what are the bus routes that NPS Chennai has? We are trying to identify this since this will help us to identify which places to look for to stay.

How is the school in general and what is the admission criteria?

Many Thanks,



Kalakavi 2011-04-04 00:27:50


Hi Mr.Rajesh,

I am not sure about NPS bus routes. But there are several private vans operating from various locations. It is always better to be within 5kms surrounding to ensure the kid is not travelling too much.

Regarding the school in general - it seems that the fees is high in par with other CBSE schools but the standards seem to be good.




RashmiVenkat 2011-04-15 16:46:40



my son got the admission in NPS for L.K.G. we r staying in Pallikarnai n searching for a flat in and around Gopalapuram. i wonder that we may get a house for 10k. We could see  houses not less than 20k

could u plz let me know in which area we could find flats for less than 15k.

it would be great if u can reply for my blog.


regards ,



Rangasakee 2011-04-16 16:48:21


Hello Rashmi

Congrats on your son's admission to LKG.

You can look out for apartments in Poes Garden, Royapettah, Triplicane and Mylapore..As far as my knowledeg goes current rents have skyrocketed and getting a house for less than 15K is very rare.

You have to do a lot of searching.

For 2 BHK the going rate in Gopalapuram is 20 to 25K per month and for 3 BHK it is 30K. You can check in sulekha.com.

All the best..





cinderella 2011-04-16 16:55:34


Hi Rangasakee

Just wanted to know if you have any idea about the children who were waitlisted when your kids were selected ?

Did any of the kids on the waitlist get admission ? It must be a year since your kids joined NPS.



Rangasakee 2011-04-18 09:09:04


Hi cinderella

My kids got selected in the entrance tests conducted in Jan 2010.. that is last year. 

 No candidates were wait listed at that time..

This time only I saw certain candidates name under wait list.

I have no information to share with you on the admission front...




pearlkumar 2011-06-11 01:03:38


 PL INFORM OTHER THAN THE ENTRANCE TEST AND ACTUAL FEES ANY DONATATION OR RECOMANDATION YOU MADE TO GET THE ADMISSION since we also tried this school but not selected by my daughter got into church park 


dewdrop 2011-06-18 00:32:21



        Can anyone specify the age limit for L.K.G  in N.P.S . I heard its 4 yrs. Is it true?


Gayathrisury 2011-06-18 20:10:59


My son, 4yrs, got adm. in LKG 2011-12 in NPS.  I tried for my daughter also, but couldnt get thru. Wud like to try next yr also. Any suggestions as to how to go ahead with her studies as her current school is not that good.


vineetgv 2011-09-01 19:26:21


 my frnd mark have u ever een inside nps chennai u knw wat itz th best school to get into and they dont select students on the basis where they stay grow up up man they select students on the basis of academics clearly plz change ur opinion on NPS chennai 


uk2k 2011-09-02 15:37:49


nps selects students seeing the qualification of parents...if both the parents are working in mnc and with fat pay cheques you are in or else please do not even try wasting your time money and effort for the school


VidSan 2011-12-01 04:48:10



My daughter turns 5 in January.I am trying to get admission for 1st std in chennai.

Whats the cut off date for NPS school for 1st std?

When are the application given and when is the entrance test.

Please help.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


sriniti 2011-12-09 13:06:59


I want to get admission for 1std in nps chennai for my daughter.i want to know about application given date and mode of entrance and also about the fee structure.

Whether this is the best school in chennai.

Can anyone helps me.



NJ 2011-12-11 23:48:29


Has anyone got interview call for NPS for LKG?


geeths 2011-12-17 01:14:16


 Hi Vidsan n Sriniti,

         nay updates about the application date for 1std? Me too sailing in the same boat as u for my daughter...





kokmurugan 2011-12-17 17:38:08


 Any body got selected information updates from NPS for Mont / LKG those already applied by Last week of Oct2011?


kokmurugan 2011-12-20 23:33:46


Anybody got selected information updates from NPS for Mont / LKG those already applied by Last week of Oct2011?

NPS Official person told that they will intimate thru phone for Mont / LKG selected kids by this week. (Dec 4th week)


Anybody got any updates?




kokmurugan 2011-12-21 20:12:16


 Hi Lourdes.

Congrats...! NPS is an excellent school. Heard like Fees will be around 70 K per year. Where are you living in chennai? Are there any area criteria close to NPS?

Do you have any idea for Montessorie class strength and how many sections?




NJ 2011-12-21 20:20:15


Lourdes, If you have got a call from them, then its sure shot admission, dont worry. By the way, the school is very good, I have heard from many.


Kalakavi 2011-12-23 17:44:45


Hi Komes,

Have you moved your daughter to Groove? How is it? My hunt for this year has started!!!


Riji 2011-12-28 12:49:55



I too received a call from NPS 2 days back saying that my daughter has been shortlisted for KG1. They will be scheduling an interview next week or so.

Any guesses what they would question?


nazhifa 2012-01-06 15:17:41


Hi All,

I am looking forward to join my son in Montesseri-1. I submitted the application form but I have not got any initimation from the school as yet.

Do the shortlisted people only get call from NPS.

Can anyone guide on what step should i take?



ashwin1 2012-07-05 08:28:53


  My sisters son is studying in NPS and the principal wants to meet his parents every week because he is getting average mark of 75%. They torture the students mentally and the principal asks money for donation and other purposes. The principal tortures the parents mentally by blackmailing them and the parents fall in her prey 


chennaimom 2012-07-05 09:26:01


Hi In saidapet you may try for The Indian Public School in shrinagar colony....


 Former member 2012-11-20 09:27:21


 nps gopalapuram chennai has started issuing forms for montessori 1 from yesterday. Age cut off: 2.5 yrs completion as on march 2013. 


Jaseel 2012-11-25 16:16:38


Hi, any idea about LKG admission to NPS 2013-14 with fee



 Former member 2012-11-25 20:46:05


LKG forms are also being distributed. i think till end of november.  fee last  year was 72k  per annum



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