need information about CBSE school, Bala Vidya mandir, near Thoraipakkam, OMR Road

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NeelaVenu 2013-05-28 11:37:18


Hi All,


I am planning to get admission for my daughter in the next academic year, ie., June 2014 for L.K.G in Bala Vidya Mandir near Thoraipakkam.


I came to know that admission will be given during Pre kg itself for many shcools and so are there any chances to get for L.K.G in BVM. If so, please let me know the fee sturcture, particularly about the donation (which is not given in official school website). And heard that the house should be within 5km of school

Most importantly the time when they give admissions for next year,parents who joined their kid this year might hav an idea, if so please help me. I heard that BVM and PSBB schools will be very costly like, only upper middle class people can afford such schools, is it true? Being a middle class parent can I afford such schools for my kid.

Also it will be grateful, if you please let me know about any other shcools and their time of admission, donation details.

Thanks in advance



lavanyasasikumar 2013-05-28 17:37:35



  Yes regarding B.V.M admission to get in pre-kg itself too tough.

  To be frank we tried through some high level recommendation this year for B.V.M adyar for pre-kg then also no luck.

 For L.K.G they usually will take only maximum of 5 to 10 students as per my knowledge. If your too lucky you may be there one.

 It's difficult to get in. Fees this year they asked 1.4 Lac for pre-kg so guess will be same for L.K.G too.

 But school wise it's very good school with both academic and extra cirrucular activities.

 So please have plan B now itself since we focussed on that only so facing difficulties now.

Let me know if you need any more details.


Lavanya S.R






NeelaVenu 2013-07-16 20:58:01


Oh, dats really useful info for me...

atlast whr u got admission for ur kid?

Right now v r staying in velachery planned to shift OMR but that too got cancelled and chekcing again in velachery and guindy areas.

Got 3 high priority schools-- DAV, Arsha Vidya Mandir and PSBB. But our bad luck, i heard that for all these 3 schools admissions are over for Pre kg itself. I dont knw that, and planning for LKG to join in any of these schools.

Let me know how much good these schools are and fee and donation amounts. First of all, are there any chances to get in any of these three? If not so, plz guide me some other good schools in these areas for LKG, so that I will plan accordingly. I am completely new to chennai, and never expected that this much competition will b der for LKG itself

Thank you



lavanyasasikumar 2013-07-26 10:52:54


 I put my daughter in Apple Kids International School for Pre-kg going to look for some other school next year.
 Yes all the schools D.A.V,PSBB not sure about Arsha Vidya Mandir they have taken kids in Pre-kg itself. Fees will come around 60thousand,but getting admission in L.K.G is really impossible. They may have one or two seat that too for very high level recommendation.
 Some schools like Sankara Adyar,Hindu Senior,Chettinad they take in L.K.G but again it's tough to get in,Let me know your kid D.O.B may be I can tell you the criteria's of it.

Thanks & Regards,

Lavanya S.R




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