looking for a good preschool or Montessori school.

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ShobanBabu91 2013-05-26 15:44:43


I am looking for a good preschool or Montessori school. Do they have any accreditations or how can we find out whether they are genuine because there are lot of franchises around.My son is 3 years old.

Anaghasri 2013-05-26 18:55:23


Schools like Abacus Montesori, Navadisha are well reputed in South Chennai. 


Abinayar 2013-06-23 10:06:06


You May Look at Nurture Montessori school, Navadisha and euro kids.. They are certified by imc and they recurit staff who are all certified or trained.



AryaMehra 2013-12-20 16:10:34


Have a look at EuroKids ... It is a good option. Teachers are genuinely caring and the kids are taught with the aid of fun activities. And they are learning so much through the field trips as well. As Abinayar said the teachers are trained well and the school as a safe environment. They also provide transport facilities. 

shalni8383 2014-02-27 22:49:09


Look for temple tree or nurture preschool anna nagar they are good preschools in chennai

Anbusura 2014-04-26 18:23:38


Nurture follows True Montessori Method. All the staff are IMC Trained .One of the best in Anna Nagar . 


beems 2014-04-27 20:29:47


plz tell me fees details.


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