LKG admission in Vivekananda school chitlapakam.

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BhuvanaShree 2013-05-06 11:47:40


Hi All,

I applied for LKG for my son but got result as 'Not selected' thru the website.

I came to know that they are announcing a second list of selected students. Anyone have any information regarding this? Please help. I stay in Chitlapakam. Looking for LKG admission for my son.

LionCub 2013-05-07 09:48:17


 @BhuvanaShree: I have called the school last week. The update what I got is that all are paid the fees and there is no second list from the school. If there is a vacancy they said that we will come to know either by end of June or July. 

So not sure about the second list. Can u pls let me know how did u come to know about the second list?



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