selection between Ashram, Vidya mandir Mylapore and PSS, Mylapore.

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raghuraghav 2010-01-10 22:47:39



We need help with regard to selecting a school for our 3 year old son for LKG. We have short-listed the following schools :-

1) Ashram -  Saidapet

2) Vidya Mandir - Mylapore

3)  PS Senior Secondary School - Mylapore

 Looking for a good balance between academics and extra curricular activities.  It will be really helpful if you suggest the current fees for PS, Mylapore.



Rangasakee 2010-01-11 17:09:32


Hello Mr.Raghu

Ashram school may not be the correct choice for you child.

Both my sons study there ( Class 1 and Class 6), I got them admitted there in a hurry this year after shifting to Chennai. Their standard has gone down from where they were previously.

I would not recommend that school for formative years of your child.

Among your choices, Vidya Mandir is the best. Please strike off Ashram from the list so it will be out of your mind too.







Laksimi 2010-01-11 21:32:37


revathy, do u know when does vidya mandir issue application forms for lkg


saranmano 2010-01-11 22:45:24


vidhya mandir is issuing its applications by next week. kindly contact them now and know the exact date.


shah 2010-01-11 23:27:52


Vidya Mandir is issuing forms only on the 18th of January, Monday from 8 am to 1 pm only. The child must have completed 3 years on the 31st of March 2010 and must not have completed 4 years on that date.The completed forms must be returned on or before the 22nd of January 2010. 


Laksimi 2010-01-12 09:53:55


how about the standard in vidya mandir and pss. i heard saying that pss is not up to the mark like before. is it true?

how about vidya mandir in academic , extra curricular , communication etc.



Rangasakee 2010-01-12 10:34:58


Hi Lakshmi


Two of my nieces are studying in PSS. The school is good. Fees is also reasonable less than 15K per annum.



raghuraghav 2010-01-12 11:50:04


Hello Mrs.Revathy,

Thank you for your inputs regarding Ashram school and PSS.

How is the PSS school with regard to emphasis on extra curicular activities and physical education actiivties.




Laksimi 2010-01-12 11:55:45


School is good in the sense, how far they are focussing on extra curricular activities ?

how about the communication there?


DrRamesh 2010-01-12 17:34:11


Pre-kg appln at PS will be available on 23rd Jan. Pl, check with the school.


Lizu 2010-01-12 17:52:34


Hi! Can anyone tell me more about Vidhya Mandir School - Mylapore. Planning to admit my daughter there for LKG.


Laksimi 2010-01-13 10:16:01


I also prefer vidya mandir for my daughter

can anyone tell the age criteria for lkg?

on what basis selection is done in vidya mandir?


raghuraghav 2010-01-16 11:48:57


How is the PSS school with regard to emphasis on extra curicular activities and physical education actiivties ? Could somebody provide some inputs.






Laksimi 2010-01-16 16:52:52


if anybody could give me solutions for my queries, it wll be more useful


Laksimi 2010-01-18 21:50:54


wiating for the reply of my query


DrRamesh 2010-01-19 08:54:38



Hope you got the appln forms for Vidya Mandir and got answers for your question on age criteria at the school.

I think VM is getting beyond the reach of middle classes, given the fees for LKG (53 + 11 K for a LKG!!!). VM is setting new standards in this regard (Higher than fees at engineering colleges in TN).

I am curious to know how much they have hiked the fees over last year. Any answers?


shah 2010-01-19 12:57:17


Can you confirm that the fees for LKG at VM is 64K? Or does it include a one time nonrefundable deposit of some big chunk. I'm more interested in knowing the term fees from UKG to have a better perspective of the fees there.


Laksimi 2010-01-19 22:51:33


fees for lkg at vm is 64k , out of which 30k is refundable at VM.As ramesh said, it is too costly. but almost all cbse schools are setting very high fees this year i believe

i think we should have a discussion on fees at different cbse schools


shah 2010-01-20 12:22:59


Yes the increase is sharp. I heard that Adyar Bala Vidya Mandir has hiked their fees for standard 6 by 15 K per annum.

I'm wondering if the demand for CBSE schools will go up once the equitable syllabus comes into force considering people who would have otherwise opted for Matric or Anglo Indian may now prefer CBSE schools. In that case, we can only see the fees going further up unless the HRD ministry (under whose purview CBSE schools come) comes up with some cieling on the fees. Though it is very unlikely.


Vasanvi 2010-01-20 21:16:24


64 k for lkg sounds way too high...and even then the mad rush to get the forms...


DrRamesh 2010-01-22 12:02:19


People might have got to know about the fees for VM only after getting the appln forms (which was free).

This is what I heard on VM from the principal of a play school (based on her inputs, I did not opt for the appln forms)

1. Only if the parents (any one or both - no idea) of the kids studied in VM for a minimum of 5 years, the kid stands a good chance of getting an admission. Sibling quota is also there.

2. Few seats are reserved for people who have relocated - but its more of a chance with less probability. 

3. Appln issue is more of an eye-wash. Only with strong recommendations and donation, you can get a seat in VM (if you don't meet 1st condition).

If you don't meet the above 3 conditions and still able to get a seat in VM (let us leave the fees apart at this point of time), then please keep me posted. I will be more than happy to hear your success story.

Being an economist, I can explain the economics principles and the method behind the madness associated with the school admissions and why some schools go overboard with it. I am reserving my comments for the admissions to get over for this year.


 Former member 2010-01-22 13:02:31




 Hands Down its VIDYAMANDIR who wins, in your list. Ashram School should not have been in your shorlist at all. Forget it. Just crack down on Vidyamandir, its the best bet for you. Today 22.1.2010 is the last date.




shah 2010-01-22 14:34:41


Dr Ramesh, What you say is right with regards to point 1 and that's the case with most of the CBSE schools. Preference is given to children of alumni and siblings over the others. And of course the children of teachers and office bearers are also given priority. In most cases over 85% - 90% of the seats gets filled this way and then comes the recommendation quota. The concern is that the process is not transparent. But alteast, we should be ok with Vidya Mandir as they don't make money out of application forms while others charge anywhere between Rs. 100-300 for application forms in spite of their opaque processes.


 Former member 2010-01-22 14:56:38


  Dr. Ramesh,

Your remarkable acerbic outpour over the school admissions is totally flummoxing. Not every school goes by what you have given as points to be vigilant about. Every school unbiasedly gives a honorable chance for a prospective student ( and his/her parents ) to secure admission in a commonsensical way. Its just the parents anxiety which haul them into this scuttle for securing admission for their children and do not blame the schools for this madness.

No Recommendations are needed for any of the schools which carry their activity professionally and as for Donations part, every school has a right in itself to carry out their school advancement in terms of enhanced Infrastructure, hiring quality pedagogue, superior equipments for their Labs, Libraries, sports acitivities... so as to impart quality schooling.

And if you had any problems with a particular school's fee system ( in your case Vidya Mandir ) you could do well to get your ward at a nearby Corporation School which caters your tastes and purse (though keep in mind, Corporation Schools have produced stellar intellectuals, time immemorial ) rather than casting aspersions over a particular school’s functioning.

Such comments leave a bad taste in these forums which is viewed and read by parents who are truly nervous and excited for admissions, more so when it comes to people from North who have relocated themselves down under here at Chennai.

Being a Economist yourselves, you are just denigrating yourselves by stating that Schools go overboard with admission. Schools do openly welcome one for admissions, but do not scramble for securing, a particular group or section to get themselves admitted. At an age of 3+ years, no human nor machine on this cosmos can distinguish between a bright kid or otherwise. We are not seeking higher education admissions here, its basically to impart the tiny tots the basic discipline & orderliness of life that we all are concerned.




DrRamesh 2010-01-22 15:39:30


 Hi Shah, 

Agree with your views on the free application form. However, cost of appln forms is negligible and statistically not significant compared to admission fee etc. Let us not miss the forest for a tree (an autowala could rip few hundred rupees from us easily). FYI: A school even charged 450 per form for this matter.

VM is a good school and I am taking VM just as a case to make a point. No malicious intentions behind. I want discuss some thing bigger here.

First of all, I would have been appreciative if the free appln forms are given away for few days where in people could have comfortably got them. Why should they create a demand for 4 hours only (knowing that there would be a crowd)? Is the demand for appln not rigged artificially in this case (by design)?

Not sure if the parents of siblings already studying got the appln forms by standing in queues or if they got it from VM on some other days (Parents - please don't mistaken me). If they also stood in the queue and got the appln forms this time, then I will call the application 'issue procedure' fair.  

If 80-90% of seats are reserved only for kids of alumni and teachers, what will happen to the parents of a first kid (and their future kids as well - because their sibling won't be studying in VM)?

If only 10% seats are open to be filled by "out siders", what is the probability for an outsider to get admission? See below.

Assuming that VM has 150 LKG seats and only 30 are for open 'Competition' (20%) and they have issued 3000 applications for outsiders, every outsider appln will have a chance of 1 % only (30/3000). If you filter appln based on age, distance etc this rate may go to 1.5 - 2%. This 2% people by their willingness & ability to pay donation/influence 'better' than 98% of the rest, will feed to the greed of the schools and be responsible for the overall hike in donations/competitions/fees for every parent. Is the schools not using 98% of parents as ploy in this game (got the design behind)?

Is the problem lies only with the schools? As parents, are we not aggravating the problem indirectly? 

Love to hear other parents views on this.


Lizu 2010-01-22 16:03:32



I've submitted the application form in VM for my daughter. The fees that was put on the notice board as follows. 1st Term 22,270 + 2nd Term is 11,000 + 30,000 Refundale Deposit. Results will be annouced in Feb 1st week.


DrRamesh 2010-01-22 16:04:11


 Hi Aakaa, 

Everybody has a view point and I have more respect for yours (and your vocabulary as well). 

This is just FYI : I technically qualify to comment on parameters listed by you (I have also relocated to Chennai, I also studied from a corporation school, equally nervous and excited, have enough money and recommendation backup to 'buy' a LKG seat etc). Let us move ahead and talk something big.



 Former member 2010-01-22 18:31:41


 Dr. Ramesh,


As for your reply, the message has been well taken and in the right spirits. Its just that your squabbling over schools insisting on ‘Donations’ and ‘Recommendations’ is totally unfounded, inspite of you being technically qualified.


One to oneself and so does this parameter apply to each and every school. If its true that you have relocated yourselves from North, then you would be aware of the admission ‘circus’ which peaks to the levels of psychosis, more particularly in Delhi, were parents not only linger for long hours in serpentine queues, but load their respective Admission Folders with recommendations as remarkably bizarre as getting hold of PMO’s office personnel’s individual reference (even Ministers), to admit their children. Having yourselves educated at a Corporation School ( which was deemed a forceful necessity then, than by choice) just as I did flipside, the demands have gone up drastically today and the supply of quality schools have been stagnant (if not declined) and moreover what’s the harm in a particular school demanding an Infrastructure Fee outright. Schools like DPS, at Delhi and Noida, Goenka, Amity, Apeejay… and many private schools affliated to CBSE or ICSE have received ‘Contributions’ from parents who compete like it were an Sotheby’s Auction, crazily sponsoring a full set of furniture for a classroom, which goes along to dizzy heights of gifting an Airconditioning or even a School Bus, which are utterly self intentional, not demanded at all in the first instance, occasions of which are well known to public at large.


Schools at Chennai are just at their infancy stages in this rat race of one-upmanship game considering our North.


With a healthy respect for your wherewithal that you have exhibited at the “FYI’ section to me, you and many others are already gearing up presently for the final showdown when it comes to securing a seat at the higher education echelons for their respective children by sidelining a certain amount as a Recurring Deposit with Banks or Mutual Funds, enabling them to meet the market demands at that point in time.


Now who do you blame this for such a implausible tragedy. The plot is hatched at the cocoon stage itself, one goes about corrupting the otherwise good school and also teaching their wards fundas  of sycophancy and then blames the School of its functioning later on.

One needs the best quality of Mangoes at the market and cribs at the price tag too, considering other varieties of the same fruit (matriculation, state boards…) are available at a much lower price, is totally mystifying.


As Mr.Shah had thoughtfully aired his thoughts above on the approach  of ‘Admission Forms’ being issued, he has a truly valid point there. Its really Preposterous of the Schools that may be, year on year to issue forms in such a callous manner for such a short duration of time.. Its what one associates this as an display of fierce grandeur to the public at those times, gaining a few points over competing schools, at the  expense of the ordeal and genuine torment of the already harried parents. The forms should either be downloadable thru their respective school websites or buffer days allotted for their issuance.


The best example of a real foresighted school that crosses my mind is ‘THE SCHOOL, JIDDU KRISHNAMURTHY FOUNDATION, CHENNAI’ aegis run, ( ) which has  a remarkably translucent admission placement every year, though its affliated to the ICSE pattern of education. Its progressive fee rates speaks volumes of its enlightened Management, which decidedly runs in safe hands, one can candidly concur. It caters not only to every pocket, but has a logically well designed advancement as the ward progresses year after year and the best part of it is everything is ‘Voluntary’ and has nothing to do with Admission Criteria.


Prospective Parents may note that ‘The School’ not only runs academically superior education, but its extra-curricular activities are par excellence by any stretch of imagination, not to forget the sublimely serene background the school encapsulates, which is no less than a GURUKAL imparting the most modern education of our times in communion with  happy Parents and Students. ( please note, no bias is intended here nor deification of a particular school is projected, my daughter is admitted to different school altogether ).


Aakaa (Srinivasan)


slpriya 2010-02-05 19:39:46


My  kid is studying in UKG at Ashram.  I do not see any problems.  He knows to write till 100 and spell three letter words.  He sings some tamil rhyme, Hindi rhyme as well.  He is studying in the ICSE. The school has decent extracurricular activities.  Lunch is provided in the school for everyone.  He is enjoying and speaks English in the school. 

When i go thorough the comments, I do not understand whether they know anyone who is studying at Ashram.  





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