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GoldenSun 2013-02-26 18:55:21


Hi all,

Just wanted to hear from parents who have applied in Holy Angels in the past. Any feedback on what you think of the school would be very useful.


Vaps 2013-02-26 19:20:56


Hi, Im from that school....I did my complete schooling there. It a great place to be. Good teachers with good english skills....HA is a complete school package ...

Good luck



GoldenSun 2013-03-01 16:33:25


 Vaps, Thanks for your comment. You seem like one happy alumna!


GoldenSun 2013-03-06 12:52:50


Has anyone admitted their daughter into LKG recently in Holy Angels? Could someone please share their interview experience? Like what questions are asked of the parents and the child?


Gaya3Sivakumar 2013-03-13 15:32:35


 hi Goldensun,

I'm also an alumni of the school but like any other Chennai parent I was also going behind PSBB and cried a lot when my daughter got rejected. Not to boast, but my daughter is pretty intelligent. She could say 40 rhymes, sing bharathiyar & devotional songs and say 10 thirukkurals at 2.5 years. Hence I could not face the fact that she got rejected even without being called for an interview..But after all that grievance, I too had to move on. Before holy angels, we tried 7 schools such as Chettinad Vidyasram, Mahatma gandhi Vidhyala, Vidya Mandir, Sree sankara, Jawahar Vidhyala, NPS & Churchpark. But none clicked. Everywhere after the alumnus and sibling quota, it was either money or influence which was playing the cards. 

Why i tried so many schools before HA is since I got a son too, basically our preference was CBSE & Co-ed. So when it didnt click I moved on to Holy Angels. HA ia wonderful school where human values are highlighted alongwith education. We used to regret attending moral Science classes but when we moved to the outside world we realised how those teachings have moulded us into a wonderful and loving person. Also for girls, in this unsafe environment, its the safest place to be.

I studied there only from 6th but since my daughter is going from LKG, one thing /i observed which was glaring to few parents in the beginning was a slight status disparity (sorry for mentioning it..I just wanted to give you the true picture). since they offer few seats for the downtrodden and charity, you'll initially find a glaring difference between few kids. But as days or years pass by, and being a witness too, I see these differences fade out and all of them fall under one discipline.

Its a great school..So I would be happy if your daughter gets into that school. All the very best.


Gayathri Sivakumar 


GoldenSun 2013-03-14 14:46:17


 Hi Gaya3Sivakumar,

Thanks for your wishes and thanks so much for taking the time to advice us on this topic. I have read your other posts as well - and you seem to be a very wise and intelligent person besides being a very diligent mom. I am not surprised your daughter is so smart. I thiny Holy Angels is lucky to have your girl there. 

Good point on the moral science. I too used to wonder why we had "Moral science" every day! I just thought its my school's way of giving me extra time for doing homework :)

Did your daughter get into Holy Angels the same year that you tried for PSBB? If so, your daughter got an "extra year" because she went straight to LKG instead of pre-kg. You can be happy about that too!

I was just wondering if the admission process was easy at HA and if there was any interview. I have applied there and am told they will post the results on Apr 2nd on their notice board.

Thanks again for sharing your experience!





Gaya3Sivakumar 2013-03-14 17:46:08


 Dear Goldensun,

Thank you for you kind reply Goldensun.

Admission in HA is more guaranteed if you stay right at T.Nagar. Otherareas include teynampet till west saidapet. We had an interview wherein the principal Sr.Jemma John gave a picture book and asked her to identify the objects. It was a complete picture book with each page containing pictures of domestic animals, wild animals, flowers, eatables, dresses of boys and girls respectively. She'll keep the book in front of you and say "ask her to identify something". You can toss the book and to whichever page you think she'll have a sureshot, you can start asking her to name it by pointing out with your finger. You can guide and help her that way. Make sure that you dont take much time in selecting the page. One of the first few pages will contain eatables that the child loves. so you can conviniently select that page. The principle will see whether the child is able to identify things..Nothing more will be asked. Maybe you can even ask her to clearly recite two rhymes (just in case)...

You can even write to me at c.gaya3@gmail.com for any more queries.




mee12 2013-03-14 23:36:52


 are admissions 2013-2014 for lkg still happening in holy angels? ..... my kid is 3 1/2 ryt now and doind her nursery ( pre kg ) in Euro KIds ... Im looking for LKG admission in schools in and around T.nagar ....  prefering Shri B S Mootha / Holy Angels,,, In B S Mottha they have already closed admissions... if anybody can let me know whetehr thr is a possibility of gettg admission in any of them .. dat wld b very kindful ...


Gaya3Sivakumar 2013-03-15 10:11:06


 hi mee12,

The application forms were given for Holy angels on feb 23 and according to goldensun the results are out on april 2nd. Clearly the process is closed. How come you missed to even apply for this school? And the child is already 31/2 years..where you do seek to put her now?




GoldenSun 2013-03-15 18:07:51


 Gaya3Sivakumar, thanks so much for the valuable interview tips. And yes, thanks a million for the mail id - I will keep in touch via email as well.

mee12, Gayathri is correct - although I am surprised she knows the exact date :-)

They gave out the forms on Feb 23, and we were told they would post the results on their notice board on Apr 2nd. Also if I remember correctly the child should not have been born before 1st August 2009.



mee12 2013-03-15 22:36:08


 hey guys thanks for ur replies .... ya i know its a big deal now ,, couldnt make it bcos i was out of country and came down jus a few days back ,,, hoping for the best ... 


theer 2013-03-19 14:34:50


Hi frnds,

             MAHARISHI school is going to start there own pre KG, and they have started registering the names.itinial stage we have to go in person and register the child name with concern contact number,they will call us later regarding other details of admission. after gettin rejection letter from psbb, i opted fotr maharishi now..

dont miss it!!




Gaya3Sivakumar 2013-03-19 17:13:00


 Hi Theer,

Are you referring to Maharishi in Chetpet. Because when I was browsing their website, I could find that they referred to giving 50 LKG seats to their "sister play school". So it is the proper school that you are refering or some sister concern as they are referring?




swathi1 2013-03-19 18:42:15


Hi theer & Gayathri,

Tiny Toddlers, Chetpet is their sister concern. Their contact numbers are 044 - 26411457, 9840136357. It is near to Maharishi Vidyamandir School. Fee will be 36,000 p.a. & to pay in two installments.

I woun't think so, Maharshi is having their own pre KG. I hope it is Tiny Toddlers.



theer 2013-03-19 20:42:38


hi gaya n swathi,

Tiny toddlers is an individual play school,and its not a sister concern school too,they had a tenure with maharishi and now its over,when i spoke to one of the teacher in tiny toddlers they said first they are searching for a new premises and later they will decide. and as far i know maharishi are going to start there own,bcoz at the time of regestering my daughter's name they gave us a brocher in that it was written MVM pre KG School.


Gaya3Sivakumar 2013-03-20 10:04:06


 Thank you Swathi and Theer for your kind inputs. I shall call the school and go ahead with the registration. thank you once again for your kind guidance.




theer 2013-03-20 11:52:40


hi gayathri,

                   Today i went to maharishi school just to enquire ,they said now they are not registering any names and it seems it has got a good response.i suppose u ave gone n register ur kids name.






NishiBM 2013-03-20 12:10:44



I enquired Maharishi thro' phone. They said that Prekg admissions are over. is it?





moon123 2013-03-20 12:28:39



i am new to parentree, i applied in HA for my daughter pl give the feedback about school



theer 2013-03-20 15:08:44


ya nishi,

ur right, maharishi school have stop registering the names. it seems it was overwelming response.


Gaya3Sivakumar 2013-03-20 17:20:35




Vijay81 2013-03-23 18:07:10


 Hi Theer,


Any information about MVM Pre Kg?


I called to TT & enquired about MVM tie up with this year. They said that Still have a tie up in MVM (LKG admission) and confired. is't true or not? 





theer 2013-03-26 23:05:13


 hi vijay,

          maharishi ave started there own pre KG school,so its clearly undestood they ave no tie up with any schools as of now.





SrinivasG 2014-01-10 16:15:41


When Holy angels - T nagar will  give Application for LKG admission ( 2014 )?

Sathis 2014-01-16 18:33:29


Whether preKG is available in Holy Angels ?


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