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MohanaAnil 2013-02-24 18:31:14



We are looking for pre-KG schools in Pallikaranai and we came across Shemrock Shiksha. I couldnt able to see any reviews available in Parent tree.

Do any one know any review and feedback about this school?

Appreciate your responses in this regard.

 Former member 2013-04-09 16:46:45


Hi ,the school was near to my house.i went there to admit my kid for this pre-kg.All the study materials they have was excellent.hygenic should visit the place once and decide.teachers were kind and communicative.I heard that 4 persons are directorate of that school.They visit the school often along with their wifes.They use play way method of teaching.but I dont know  whether  the teachers are trained for it.Registration fee is 500rs.term fees is 8000rs.they provide transportation.overall----good school.


SandhyaSarith 2013-06-19 11:13:57



My son is studying in Shemrock Shiksha and I like the school.  Infact, I had enrolled him there for his play group and have continued the same school for his prekg too.  Good one, good teachers and nice environment.  I liked the prekg study material too.  a bit costly though, but entirely worth it. 


Archsr 2013-06-19 11:25:06



In shemrock school, are the teachers kind and pay attention to the kids? Because my daughter is very active and fussy eater. How many teachers are there for the kids.. any practical details other than the ones n the website are very much appreciated. thank u.




SandhyaSarith 2013-06-19 13:11:58


 The teachers are really good and they they do pay good attention to the kids. When I enrolled my son, he used to drink only milk and wouldnt eat any solid foods.  But now, he eats fruits and roti while at school.  This year onwards, they have started a system wherein parents are given menus for snacks and lunch to be sent with the kids.  This way, they ensure rthat the kids dont bring junk food for snacks and instill a habit of eating healthy food.  Even the teaching methodoly seems good.  They have regular parent-teacher meetings for reviews about the child's performance too.


Archsr 2013-06-19 13:13:19


Hi SandhyaSarith,

Thank you for the reply. I will visit them this week and get the details.




Archsr 2013-06-24 14:42:00



I went there last weekend and bit satisfied as of now. but the age is around 2 years is what they insist for play school. Some of the positive points I observe compared to other schools

-> No A/C, very ventilated, not sunny but bright. I went there around noon time.

->They insist on healthy meals to be given to kids, they told we have to send break fast and lunch, which will be given at 9 30 adn 11 30 respectively. This I felt is good move since we are not sure about their hunger factor in school and in some schools they have strict snacks timings, no lunch timings.

-> Once lunch is over they have day care facility also, for 4 hours they charge 3000 rs/month and extra one hr is 750 rs. Currently they are giving evening milk. We need to provide other foods if needed, like evening snacks etc.

-> For play group there is only on book which they follow for the whole year. Concentration is given for social skills it seems, which was different frm other schools, where they start off with alphabets etc. 

-> Yearly fees comes around 27k+ I guess its worth it if they do as they say.

We have zeroed in on it for now and hoping to  put my kid there by Jan 2014.





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