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happyparenting 2013-02-23 13:21:21


Hi all,

Any reviews about the jordann international preschool in chrompet.

I want to know about the infrastructure ,  fee,, location , teaching methodology.If so please share.


srivimah 2013-03-01 14:44:43



I read some positive reviews of Jordan on justdial.

I will be going there for my daughter's admission tomorrow.

Will let you know more when this is done.


prakashjk 2014-04-14 23:59:03


Just visited the school this weekend and collected most of the info.

Infrastructure is very good. the best ive seen so far in this surrounding area. They have separate area for prekg & playgroup and separate are for kindergarten. All the rooms are airconditioned and have indoor play area. class rooms have wooden floors which was nice and they have a proper smartclass room.  Neat kids friendly rest rooms with small sized item for kids.

Curriculum is a combination of jolly phonics which now becoming very popular and cambridge for maths & science. they also follow theme a month series for all classes which is really interesting. fortunately saw a parent whos kid was studying prekg there and was registering for lkg and she gave very good feedback on how her kids vocabulary and language skills have developed very well. also looks like they really teach dance and music part of the curriculum as they have trinity college london certification. the parent says they have these classes every week which is very nice.

fees is very reasonable for the infrastructure and curriculum . i was looking for prekg for my daughter and we have to pay 15000/- up front which includes admission fee, stationary and worksheets for the year, uniform and bag and the first term fees. we have to pay another 10000/- in the month of september and another 10000/- in the month of december. so a total of 35000 for the year with uniform, bag and stationary and books is real value for money for what they provide.

so far everything looks awesome. going to admit her tomorrow....

hope this gives a good idea....

 Former member 2014-06-03 17:50:18


Thanks for the info.I visited the school and got details which is exactly the same which is mentioned in our forum.

1 . I have a query on moving from ICSE SYLLABUS to CBSE SYLLABUS.After finishing their 1st STD from IGCSE syllabus(which jordan's offer)and while moving them to normal CBSE schools for 2ND std, do we need any transer or any related cerficate from the previous schools where they have studied.

 If yes, whtehr the certificate offered by Jordans is acceptable by other schools like SSM/NSN/vikekananda,etc. Can parents of jordans who have moved thier kids from jordans to other schools please answer or anyone got update about this. PLEASE REPLY

2. How about the LKG and 1st fees?


 Former member 2014-06-13 10:49:43


I have put my kid  in Jordans International (Prekg).thanks for the info

sanah123 2014-09-04 15:34:26


How is Jordans International (Prekg) ? I am planning to put my daughter there next year. Expecting your feedback about the school

prakashjk 2014-09-04 19:24:06


Its very smooth sailing. Pretty much going the way they promised. Having tons of activities and events every week and my kid loves to go to the school. I think that's pretty much what we as parent expect, learn and have fun. You can visit their facebook page as you can see lots of pics and activity details there.

vino1983 2014-11-12 23:57:28



I am planning to seek admission for my kids in LKG & Std 1 for AY 2015-16. Have few questions. Would appreciate guiding responses from parents having their kids in this school.

Is the school continuing to meet your expectation?

what is the age criteria and procedure for LKG & Std 1 admission? 

Has the school started std 1 for AY 2014-15?


Raghav03 2017-02-16 22:41:06


Hi All,
Can you please update about the school now. Are you satisfied with this school. 
How they are good in helping kid to develop communication and writing.
Is is easy to transfer form this school to other by using the transfer certificate.
Kindly share the fee details for


Jerry85 2017-03-15 14:34:32


Hello Raghav03, Very good preschool. Less students per class. Grt attention to kids.Good friendly teachers always ready fr communication. Reg. Communication n writing, dey follow Jolly phonics. Kid will b able to read by UKG. No homeworks. Everythn taught in school itself. Grt exposure fr students thru der 2 annual functions. Hope dis helps.

prakashjk 2017-05-18 09:09:46


Any one Visited their medavakkam centre that's come up in Ruby elite building? My friend is looking to admit her daughter and wanted to know how the infrastructure is compared to the chrompet outlet that my daughter studied

DHIVSAT123 2017-11-16 17:34:11


Yes. My kid had been going there for the past 5 months. Don't be carried away by the fascinating class rooms and cleanliness. Beyond that, attention to kids and parents are of primary importance. Due to the institution's attitude towards parents, I removed my kid. They don't like independent, like minded parents to be part of their institution. It's highly unsafe to send my kid to such an institution which has no values, politeness. They are totally arrogant towards hearing concerns. Issues: 1.Managements attitude - arrogant, naive , insecure, misinterpreters, Egoistic 2.Frequent change in teacher (4 teachers in 5 months) 3.More of video classes rather than motor skills 4. Biased by sensitive factors 5. Quiet expensive Good: 1.clean and sophisticated class rooms

07aviayu 2018-03-14 16:00:53


Which class was your child in

07aviayu 2018-03-14 16:03:24


My kid is in Pre kg...I am quite happy and satisfied wid her overall development.Hence asking which class u r talking abt.Coz in Pre kg there has been no teacher changes..Nd the teachers are very polite and co operative.I am thinking of continuing for lkg..hence asking.

Jerry85 2018-04-26 19:25:10


Hello 07aviayu, Same kid studied der fr d past 3 years..overall excellant complaints..ppl hv strted askin us wich school he went to aftr seeing d chnges.

Megh123 2019-12-14 15:00:50


Can anyone provide reviews abt good schools in Chrompet. Visited BMIS already. What are the other good options. How is Jordan preschool and ID playschool? 


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