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preithig 2013-02-11 16:04:27


Hi All,

Applied for Hindu School LKG 2013 admission and waiting for call letter. Mean while ,

Howz the shool with regard to curriculam & co-curricular activities? Parents of kids in this school pls responsd. Also let us know about their KG sections, do the teachers handle thte crowd well (50+ students) ?


Thanks in advance

preithig 2013-02-12 15:22:54


Got call letter today. Anyone on this school and way of teaching?


queenoflove 2013-02-12 18:36:02


Good preithig,

even i applied in hindu but didn't get call letter,but anyhow iam not interested in Hindu.when is the interview?

All the Best!



queenoflove 2013-02-12 18:39:04


Hi preithig,

Have u applied in BVM? do they charge for application and registration?

i heard forms are issued from 1st to 15th feb,planning to get tomorrow.


Anthi 2013-02-12 19:10:39


 They do not charge for registration. They are not giving application now. They actually call it pre-application and it is free of cost.

This is to register your child for the enterance to be conducted on Feb-23. This is for LKG to IX (not sure if X is included)

They said they will call for enterance only based on vacancy. For which class you are looking for?

For Pre-kg they are givig forms on mar-6


SowymaChennai 2013-02-12 19:15:33


Congrats Preithig

I know many parents who are happy with hindu but for the class strength.However it is a good school in adyar area and u should go for it if you get it. Last year Abilash or abinav from hindu secured 1st rank in cbse chennai region along with 2 other guys.

Anithi - i dont think Hindu has pre-kg.



Anthi 2013-02-12 20:32:21


 @SowymaChennai, I was answering to queenflove and i as referring to BVM. Sorry for not being clear.

@Preithig, I know parents who take admission in Hindu and later switch to other cbse schools of their choice. I also know parents who's kids study in Hindu. They claim that if we keep meticulouly interacting with their teeachers, Hindu is fine. Classrooms might be congested b'coz of the strength. You should also make decision based on your kid. If you kid is highly distractive (like mine) she can easily get lost in the crowd - meaning not following the class etc etc





preithig 2013-02-12 21:07:04


@Anthi,  "I know parents who take admission in Hindu and later switch to other cbse schools of their choice" - For what reason they change the school? Is it becoz the stregth or way of teaching?

"If you kid is highly distractive " - how to find out that?

She wants attention. Even now I have to persuade her to get into her pre-school daily. She is fine starting from home but once reaching there, have (myself and the teacher) to convice her to go inside. And she wants me to sit outside till her class is over (She actually thinks I do that). So am little worried about HIndu. WIth the crowd she may not get the attention needed and may dislike school altogther. Or may be she will cope up with the crowd. Dont know whats gng to happen.


preithig 2013-02-13 08:20:25


queenoflove, I know of ppl who didnt get call letter from Hindu. We have to wait. Can you tell me y ur not interested in HIndu, is it to class stregth?/


queenoflove 2013-02-13 21:11:10


hi preithig,

they have the highest strength,50 to 55 students per class and mugging system,no proper teaching,i did my 9th and 10th there that time itself teaching was too bad,most of us went for outside tution.

it might have changed now but the same VP is still there.

it's upto parents choice.


queenoflove 2013-02-13 21:13:27


Hi Anthi,

do they conduct exam for LKG also,my son does not know to write at all,he is ok with oral(depends upon his mood).

will they send the intimation or should we go to school and find out.


vystem 2013-02-13 21:26:09


Hi All,


Even I have also applied on Hindu, worried only about the class strength. I hv nt got the call letter yet..

@Preethig  - when is ur interview date



preithig 2013-02-13 21:38:15


@queenoflove,, Heard from parents that the since the past 2 years, teaching is improved in Hindu. Whichever comes first will go with it. Just hope for the best !

For BVM, they will post in their website by the end of the month the list of selected candidates for getting the appln.

@vsystem, For which class have you applied? I know of a parent (sibling quota) who haven't got a call letter, they went to the school and were given a slot. You can wait for another day or two and do the same.

Our interview is on 21st Mrng slot.


vystem 2013-02-14 10:03:51


@preithig - I have applied for LKG in VM, sankara and Hindu. Thanks for the input, I will do that for Hindu


preithig 2013-02-16 18:03:50


Didnt get into sankara. So any other info abt Hindu ?


saigee 2013-02-16 18:54:29



As far as what I've heard from my acquaintances Hindu seems to have lot of extra curricular activities compared to Sankara.Children/Parents do not seem to be too intimidated. The only drawback seems to be the class strength but if the Parents interact well with the school/teachers shouldn't be much of a problem! I think right now all the CBSE schools seem to be much in demand in Chennai!

If you opt for a smaller school the transition may be easy for the child but you might have to go though this process all over again at a later stage!Many schools do not really issue admission forms except in LKG or unless they've vacancies at a later stage.


Delayaraja 2013-02-16 22:40:36


 Any reviews about st johns besant nagar pls...

which is best st johns or hindu school? i have only these two options with me.




queenoflove 2013-02-16 23:45:37


Hi Delayaraja,

i would say st.john's is better than hindu.



Anthi 2013-02-17 01:14:55



Why parents chose Schools like Hindu and  opt out....

Just imagine yourself sitting in a crowd of 60 people for the whole day  and attend some session? How would you like it? or just imagine handling a cround of 50 students for 40 mins? How well do you think you can manage?

In my opinion having strength beyond 35 in a class is not acceptable.  But why are parents still opting for such schools then?

It is because of cost obviously. I have heard a parent say, I do not want invest too much now for my kids at this stage.  I really do not have anything against Hindu senior sec school. It might be a good school. Providing good quality education at low cost. But if you are going to ask me if I will let my daughter sit in such a crowded class. No I wouldn't

BVM charges 1.5 lakh as capitation fees would be around 40K, NPS does not get any capitaion but they charge around 80K annually. So along with books commutation etc etc cost would go to 1 lakh. How mana parents will be able to afford it?

So here the decsion for most parents is purely based on affordabilty.

Still there are some schools like Sankara which are giving quality education with less crowd in each class. But the seats are limited so more competion and lesser chance of getting seat.

There are still schools like Chettinad Vidhashram which have strength like 60 per class. Their LKG classes alne start from LKG-A to runs till H, Not sure if it goes beyond. I walked only till Class LKG-H . They run the school like a university.

There they have a sepearate teacher (something like HOD in college) to monitor other teachers.

So these are the kind of options avaialble it is purely based on your personal preference.

How to find out if kids are distracitve

In my kids case, She is never attentive in class. Always keeps chatting with her neighbour and distracts them as well when the teacher is teaching. She can make any silent kid talkative   I am seeing this as both a talent and drawback in her. Very difficult to get her involved in activity that she is not interested in. One of her playschool teacher commented she is an over confident, adamant child. She will do somethin only if she likes, you can never get her to do some thing she is not interested in. As she grows she is changing, so hoping all this is just a passing cloud for me . I do not want to divert the main topic beyond this.




Anthi 2013-02-17 01:16:24


@queenoflove, There is a separate thread running for BVM. Let us spare this for Hindu. All your questions are answered in BVM thread


preithig 2013-02-17 16:08:18


@Anthi thanks for the comments.


Anyother parents attending interview in Hindu School for LKG?


vystem 2013-02-17 20:26:15


I hv still not got any call letters... I visited the school on saturday and had a conversation with the office staff.. He asked me to call tomorrow for the status... So dejected by sankara rejection :(


preithig 2013-02-18 07:21:30


@vystem, atleast the Hindu staff are willing to share the status of your appln unlike other schools


deadlock 2013-02-18 10:12:59


Hi all,

My own sister daughter is studying in Hindu from LKG. and now she is doing 3 rd.

The only drawback I could see in Hindu is the class strength which sometimes shoots up to 58. So I would better suggest if your kid is completing 3 by march, april etc I would prefer any other school with class strength less than 35 or even  pre-kg would be better

I have the same plan for my kid who is currently 2 years and 9 months old though I got the call letter from hindu for LKG



preithig 2013-02-18 11:37:58


thanks @deadlock. my kid will be 4 by this july


deadlock 2013-02-18 11:43:29


You are welcome.

You would better enroll him in Hindu if you donot have any other choice.

Also I would recommend you to keep touch with his teachers  often (may be once in a week) to make sure he gets the teacher attention.

Also encourage ur son to participate in all event.so that after 2 years they will call ur child automatically .

 That is how my sister did. and most of the annual day my sister daughter will perform


vystem 2013-02-18 13:16:01


Thanks @Deadlock , Ur Feedback Is Lil Relieving




preithig 2013-02-18 13:30:08


In whch school are you planning to put your kid for LKG?


preithig 2013-02-18 13:35:15


@deadlock, in which school are you planning to put your kid?


deadlock 2013-02-18 14:51:14


Preithig- GOK (God only knows) is the answer for ur question.Just kidding

Since my son dob is 6 april 2010  he is not eligible for LKG in almost all cbse school in Chennai except Hindu, St.johns Besant nagar.

Also I live in velachery and I personally he will be too young to travel that distance

Have applied for pre-kg in  few schools and planning to shift near the school whichever we get. so far nothing clicked.

He is currently going to play school near by.If I donot get into any pre-kg , then I am planning to continue there itself. Then try LKG in Sankara, hindu, St.johns etc next year as I feel 4 years will be better to manage himself with the crowd.

Also have decided to take up Hindu only (if next year) as my sister daughter is there and my neighour daughter (in 5 th std) and son(1 st) are also studying there.so that my son can travel with them

I would also say it is good school only except for the Class Strength

.And even myself is little familiar with teachers.




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