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shenu 2010-01-04 12:37:01





I just want to know howz Kanchanapaati Day care /play school ,the Nungabakkam branch !! does anybody has any idea !! I work in nungabakkam and we stay in Royapettah !! IS there any better day care/play school .PLs Let me know


Thank you,



devil 2010-01-06 10:00:41


Hi Shenbagam,

Wishing you and your family a very happy new year.

I use the services of Kanchana Paati My Grandma's Place... My son who is 8yrs old and my daughter who is 4yrs old go to Kanchana Paati for past 9 months.

It is a wonderful place for your child.. There is absolute care for your kid . It is a homely environment.. they have trained staffs and they serve hot homemade food. what else do you need?

So go ahead with ur decision ...

For details you can call me on 99410 87689



































jaya79 2010-01-06 10:09:02


Good to have day cares like Kanchana Pati in Chennai. But, I had heard some bad feedback on Kanchanapati in Mogappair(Spartan Nagar).

If anyone is sending their kid to Kanchana Pati at Spartan Nagar, please give your feedback.

I will need some good day care in and around Anna Nagar/Mogappair for my 3 yr old kid soon.




charulatha 2010-01-06 11:20:33



I have 10 month old boy baby,tharun..I put him in kanchana paati's for 2 days as my mom went outstation and me to got imp work in office. As per the good name reg. security wise ,i decided this creche..But few small concers..

Though I told them sunggy make him heat they put it very tight instead of loosing that.

another..I gave my food chart..timings ofcourse they cant keep up based on my baby activities..but i asked thm yo give only 2 biscuits..but 3 they used..this is not good as ihave started only now..he was in constipation also.

another--only for 6 hrs..i left thr..i prepare fruit  with milk ,eg.soup for lunch at 1.00 and biscuits  with milk ..for evening..mean time he slept for sometime they said..i found cerelac was lesser in quantity..

if thiis n buiscuits are shared to some baby ..its good..but unwantldy without proper observation of our baby they shd not mechanically do this..

even for one day..they shd allow parents to interact with aayas who take of him..so that morning we can give details an evening we can collect info from her..

only this i felt...saftey wise ..trustable..


charulatha 2010-01-06 11:22:47


by the way shenbagam,me too was working in isoft  place near palmgrove..now moved to other building pkt near lic.working in csc...living in t.nagar...wat abt u..


devil 2010-01-06 15:37:13


Hi all,

Individual experience may vary.....?? There are about 80 children part of Kanchana Paati Nungambkkam. They come in different time slots. As far as i know my children are very happy over there...

They run an organisation and not a stand alone day care.They have their system and processes in place.

A child is safe in a professional setup ... Just imagine your baby staying with a maid or a person who runs a daycare at home ... there is no binding or accountability.

At Kanchana Paati they have a a customer care cell where the issues are addressed within 4 working hours.

Generally Kanchana Paati is a diaper free environment.They keep the child on diaper only on Parent's request. It is quiet surprising reading your comments on diapers....??

Generally , babies take some time to settle in a new place? Just imagine you being in a new place ...like african rain forest ?? and amongst some tribes... how would you feel?? The same thing applies to the babies. New place , New people and lots of new things...??

Mostly , the baby will start crying if they are in a new environment... they refuse to eat , sleep and they only look for their loved ones.

Inspite of this the staffs there are trained to handle a crying baby...

This is my pratical experience... My daughter was 3yrs when i first put her at Kanchana Paati.She refused to stay there ..?? She used to cry the whole day.. But they were able tackle the issue and today she loves the place like anything..Pls.note My girl  was a Premature baby... and had a few health issues too...

So dont worry... I trust Kanchana Paati the way 80 other parents trust..

What i suggest is drop in to Kanchana Paati... enquire...have a look at the place .. ad staffs... and then decide.

Babies are Babies and not toys to act accordingly... So it takes some time for them to settle down.

I feel amongst  the research done for childcare KP was the best and no comparison till date..

Start doing the research and you'll realize it....











shah 2010-01-06 16:50:07


Devi, can you pls. let us know the cost at Kanchana Paati. And how that compares with other day care centers? I'm also interested to know if they have a single day/single week and a single month package as that's what I would be interested in. And do they have a minimum age criteria for taking the kids. Thanks.


shenu 2010-01-07 09:54:41



Thanks Devi for your valuable inputs!! it was really nice to c ur mail ..thanks once again !!

Hey Shah !! 

Compared to other day care centers its expensive ..i went to few day care centers ..out of all Kanchanapaati is the expensive one .by the way if ur kid is less than one and half years they charge around RS 3750 per month  and the package depend on how many hours u leave ur kid there the above mentioned Rs 3750 is for 6 hrs .which branch of kanchanapaati r  u trying for  ..may be you can call or visit once u find time .




devil 2010-01-07 10:03:23


Hi Shah,

Wishing you and your loved ones a Very Happy New Year !!

At Kanchana Paati ,they charge you for the no.of hours of services you avail ...

Say if you're looking out for 8 hours of service they might charge you Rs.4750/- per month. This includes the noon milk and snacks ; lunch and evening snacks and milk.

My sincere advice... when you are deciding something for your child pls. dont decide based on the cost. First go have a look at the place.. then compare the services and then decide.

After all more than money your kids safety and care is more vital. Isnt it so??

So anyway all the best and happy parenting...

Hi shenba!

Thanks for your mail ! and happy parenting!!






charulatha 2010-01-07 14:10:39


Hi shen,

Nice seeing the informative comments.

Have this info too..For babies less than a year they are charging Rs.2500 as non-refundable deposit and again as seen in this blog for 8 hrs Rs.4250.

Shen like you, even me was in search of feedback of this creche as I had a plan of putting him after 1yr their.. Since like you I also received both positive and negative feedback. But compared to other creches, I found this good as I heard from many of my circle that our baby will be safe and their are nutritionist,doctor etc.. still my collegue said ,they didn't listen to baby's body. They just like that giving milk if baby cry and after some hrs they are feeding rice etc.. like this.she had bad experience and withdrawn.

But unfortunatly I happend to put him their and got these negatives. I'm not against this creche or a blind supporter. My suggestion is watever the good or bad comments we have, its upto us to experiance and continue based on the happenings. This is the reason some parents are asking the video CD's from the creche. Even kanchanapatti's have it in some other branch. We have to think though this creche have been very popular in cities and advts. and positive feedback, why this has been asked by parents.

Since they are our life, we have to query and clarify, in and out personaly. All the best for you search. By the way the creche people was praising me about my baby as he enjoyed being with other age group kids. Me also will be putting him in this creche after 2 months but requesting them to take care of my concers which I had earlier..

Also reg. diapers I particulary checked with them as my baby's body produces heat,,but they requested me to get few diapers as they will take care of. As I told them the next day about the tightness of diapers and baby's uncomfortability, then they asked for cloth nappies.

Have a nice weekahead.



devil 2010-01-07 14:35:52


Hi Charu,

Nice to hear from you! Kindly call Kanchana paati - customer care - 97909 30970 and inform them about this diaper issue they will surely resolve it without bringing up ur name. We generally find very few daycares like KP so we as a working parent ensure that their  processes are followed at all levels or else bring it to the notice of the management if it is not followed as promised.  Finally we pay for their services...

Since you have plans of looking at KP in future i suggest you talk to the customer care . I think we working moms have very few options to take care of our child.. so daycare options like KP is like a varam for us . so we can also take our role to make this as a better place. One good thing about KP .. is they take any complaints in a positive stride and address it immediately.

Lets make KP a better Place ... and join KP Club








Nagulu 2011-01-13 17:18:41


Hi friends

pls provide your valuable feedback on how KP is functioning now.  Is Nungambakkam branch better than T Nagar.  Alternately, pls also suggest some good centres.  thanks



dhivy 2011-01-14 10:15:51


u can try in sweety pies, 10 avenue road, nungambakkam. They have daycare+play school. my daughter is studying in play school there but i don't know about the day care fees. As far as, teaching is concerned it is very best i feel.  it comes around 23000 per year.(play school till apr)


Nagulu 2011-01-14 12:01:14


Hi dhivy - thanks for your response.  How old is your daughter.  My daughter will turn 2 years this April, so iam planning to put her in good playschool and learn something new. Also do they have music and arts classes?


shenu 2011-01-14 13:29:14



HI ..

I have started this thread a year back ...

I have put my son in Kanchan paati Nungabakkam since then... ofcourse since they r all kids some hiccups will be there ..but i feel this will happen in any day care /play school ,but otherwise to my opinion kanchanapaati nungabakkam is good .

so dont worry Nagulu  ,the center is clean ,with playthings for children and good environment .. i still feel that i have chosen the right place for my kid .

happy pongal,



shenu 2011-01-14 13:30:09





Nagulu 2011-01-18 10:52:00


Hi Shenu

thanks for your feedback.  would give a thought about this.



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