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best555 2014-01-08 16:13:38


raman..try with Velammal , mambakkam

saravana4u 2014-01-08 16:50:16


Velammal seems to fine around Mambakkam,Their kick off is excellent and I had a discussion with Velammal principal.
From his voice, I understood that they have very good hopes and aim to make this branch as the best in short span.
At the same time i met few parents too , they told that Velammal will be strict at students,Only the -ve i observed.


krishhnaram 2014-01-11 14:01:25


Hello Parents,
You must understand that the neighbourhood is very important when you look for schools. These schools are located far away from the city. The schools recruit teachers from the near by localities. The teaching staff has excellent qualification like M.Sc, M.Phil, M.A, M.B.A etc. But their language (English) is horrible. They don't really know the difference between present tense and past tense. These teachers move from one school to another around Mambakkam area.
If you are looking for good school, try to be close to City. Or you have to move closer to Tambaram. There are some good schools nearby Tambaram.
If you are not worried about the language, I would suggest to go for Government schools. They have very good experienced teachers but the medium of instruction will be Tamil (though they call it English medium). Atleast they will not speak bad English. Its better to learn good English at a later point in time rather than unlearning bad grammar (taught in these schools) which comes as habit. I am saying this because I also studied in Government school.
Some teachers are weak in their subject too!!


saravana4u 2014-01-12 23:14:29


Hi Krishnaram,
Well said

raman007 2014-01-12 23:42:00


Hi Saravanan,
Thanks for suggesting us the velammal.
We visited the school and very much impressed on the way they received  and clarified our queries.They have Principal and Sr.Principal
at this branch, were talking very nicely, answered all our queries.We are very much impressed.
We got the complete details, we hv to decide on the movement.

Hi Krishnaram,..I agree with you..we have to consider one main point here.
Teaching is an art.That won't come with language or degrees
The teacher will become good teacher, great teacher when they taken teaching as passion not as a job.
Coming to MVM,we are not worrying on the teacher qualification or their language.
They are not planing properly on daily classes,activities ..etc
Here at MVM polachey, Managment is very poor in managing.

ramsvalli 2014-01-12 23:50:51


@ raman007 When I went to admit principal @ Velammal was told he is busy with admission.
Can you please share few of the discussion points with the principal.

rpr79 2014-01-13 12:10:01


Hello Krishnaram,

Can you suggest any of the good schools closer /nearby to Tambaram. CBSE if possibly.

nithyav82 2014-01-16 14:09:09


MVM anyone from medavakkam got admission for Pre- KG. I am looking for parents who got selected and opting for private van facility.
Please let me know so that Madhavan Private Van Driver 98844 99446 ready to arrange van facility.


nithyav82 2014-01-17 12:50:35


Anyone from medavakkam area got admission for Pre kg in MVM ponmar and looking for private van/bus transport facility

rpr79 2014-01-20 00:37:45


Hello Nithya,

How much is the Transport person asking for from Medavakkam to MVM ???



best555 2014-02-04 11:54:50


Hi raman007,
In Velammal still admissions going on..?
I heard that there is no proper classrooms and furniture .!
Is it correct..?

selvi7 2014-02-04 13:41:38


Hi best555,

Yes still admissions going on Feb 15th is the last date it seems.Call the school once to confirm.


ksr80 2014-03-04 10:01:13


I'm looking for private van facility from Siruseri(near to IT park) to MVM. Pls share me, if anyone arranged it already or planning to arrange?. Schoool buses are there, but it'll reach only main roads. I'm in need of pick up drop from flat which is around 1km from main road. Thanks in advance... 

subhavijayasri 2014-03-06 20:02:12


We decided not to admit our kids in MVM Polachery.  My observations of the schoold when we were present for the entrance test -

1. The reception of parents for submission of application was not well organized.  Though there was no long queue, there was confusion as to where to submit the form and whom to approach.  The teachers / staff present did not immediately respond and seemed very pre-occupied with their work.

2. Met many parents �â'¬" both new and existing ( existing parents had come to collect their kids in the evening).  Existing parents gave mixed reviews �â'¬" gist of it was the school is �â'¬ËœO.K.�â'¬â"¢.  Some stated that the work given was very heavy.  Not much strength in the higher classes �â'¬" to be expected from any start up school in the initial years.

3. One old man and a young lady were standing with a child for a very long time.  They did not seem very educated.  Ultimately, they were turned away stating that their application was not with the office staff �â'¬" however it was their contention that the application had been submitted and they were waiting for the call for test.  The way the staff handled them and turned them away without courtesy was pathetic.

4. Heard one staff shouting loudly into the phone to refuse TC to an existing parent �â'¬" she stated that she could not give TC when original TC had not been submitted to the school at the time of admission of the child.  If the child has been studying in the school for some time, how can the staff refuse TC?  Even if they are correct, shouting into the phone rudely in public does not solve the issue. 

5. The teachers we met did not speak good English �â'¬" with the exception of the science teacher.  With English as the language of communication every where and also for understanding subjects in an English medium school, good language would go a long way in helping the students do well.  It has been my personal experience that bad English, even in subjects such as science or social, can throw a child off track in understanding the subject.  As another parent has correctly mentioned, it is better not to learn a language rather than unlearn bad grammar.

6.  We were not allowed to meet the Principal though we mentioned that we were from outstation.

7. Laboratory facilities seemed at the minimum �â'¬" single room for all the sciences �â'¬" we could not see any instruments or other facilities �â'¬" assumed that the same was under lock and key.  More rooms might be added in the years to come.

8. Library was sparsely furnished �â'¬" not sufficient number of books for the enquiring mind �â'¬" situation may improve over time.

9. Kids sailed through the written test and interview �â'¬" but no communication received from the school until this week.  We too chose to keep cool and not enquire since we were looking at other options. 

Though it is stated to be a branch of MVM Chetpet, we understand that they get support for syllabus and course content from Chetpet branch but the ground operation is left to the Polachery management. FITJEE coaching is stated to be integrated in the syllabus content itself.  However, the question that remains with me is �â'¬Å"how is this content being delivered to the child in the classroom?�â'¬


Radhika2207 2014-03-10 10:44:46


Hi All,

Got call from MVM that school commences on April 10th and would be functional till April 30th. First week of school timing wld be 2 hrs and parents shd take care of pick up and drop for first week alone. ANy one else gt call?

selvi7 2014-03-10 13:57:49


Hi subhavijayasri,
We too agree with your points and we have more concerns, our kids were studying here and planned to move to different school now.


skneya 2014-04-04 14:34:18


Hi Radhika and all,

Me too got a call that the school will commence from 10th Apr and parents has to drop and pick the child for the first week and no school transport will be provided eventhough we prefer school transport. In addition, for the first week the class timing for LKG will be from 8.30AM to 10.30AM for the kid to get accumsted to the new environment. They also said on the first day, further instructions about uniform, books and transport fee will be communicated.

Till 30th Apr school will be open and May will be a summer holiday and the school will re-start from June.

I also got a chance to read review about the school (as a parent of a child studying in MVM, Polachery) in the other thread of parentree which i would like to share it in this thread for the benefit of others. This is not to show case but i would like to stress on the fact that perceptions vary and I personally feel this school tis not money minded when compared to others surrounding this area. Parents are rushing to schools eventhough there is no class rooms built but for the brand name! Every new school will have a initial teething problems and as a parent we need to have some patience to allow the school to improve. Switching schools often is not a good practice for a child (child need to adjust for the environement everytime and loose friends, rapport with the teachers and more importantly varying teaching methods) whenever there is a new school advertisement pops up in news paper! Understanding the potential of the areas like Medavakkam, Santhoshapuram, Perumbakkam...and other southern sub-urbs of Chennai every branded school management is opening a branch like opening retail showroom and parents should be cautious about this fact and plan for a better future of the child.

The above view is my personal opinion and and not to hurt anyone. As I said earlier, everyone may have a different views and expectations about their child's education but rushing and frequent switching of school should not become a practice every year!!!


''I went through the postings here about MVM Polachery. I am a parent of this school. I am satisfied with the coaching  given here. Every month some people from Chetpet school  come here for inspection to check the academic  performance of the school . ( This information was given to me by my kid). They are doing many activities based on the syllabus in all the subjects and for that grades are given.  Science exhibition is conducted on Science day and all children exhibited their projects. According to my observation the teachers work for more hours even  after the school time.  If the child and the parent cooperates with the teachers it is a better place for  any child to improve. All extra curricular activities such as music, dance, yoga, leap start (a part of P.T) , OSLA (Only success  leadership academy) , Gymnastics, Karate are given importance here. Mainly Transcendental meditation is emphasized for all classes from Std III (which is the special feature of this school). I came to know from the school authorities that Chess and Robotics classes  will also be included from next year onwards. Regarding language of teachers ,the parent might  be speaking about the Language teacher. How can you expect the Tamil teacher to speak fluently in English? I know many teachers who are hard working and speak fluently in English. They are searching for talents in children.  A Child  is given all possible opportunity to exhibit  his/her talent. Here IIT coaching class is conducted by Chaitanya Techno School , Andhra Pradesh from class Six. The fees charged for this class is minimum when compared to other schools.  Even in the second year of its commencement a few children are selected  to participate in the second level of Olympiad Exams.(IMO and NSO). This is a great achievement of the school. The school is organizing camps (Scouts and Guides) according to the age level of the child in any of its branch  and children are encouraged to take part in that.This will improve the social behaviour of the child.  They stay there for three days and learn many activities.  After every term  they ask for parents feed back and all their queries are considered . Also according to me the school Management is not money minded. No  donation is collected from parents like other schools. The fees is nominal when compared to other schools which is affordable even by middle class parents.They focus on the all round development of the child which is very important in today's competitive world. Also the transport fee is nominal and it can be paid term wise which will reduce the burden of the parents. The  safety of  every child is taken care by the Management during transportation. I am very happy  and proud to say that my child is studying in MVM''.


Sadan 2014-06-15 20:35:31


MVM Polachery is a new School and needs to be given sufficient time to prove itself .Parents should raise any shortcomings with the School Management so that they could act on it .Parents also need to play a crucial role in developing a newly started School.I hope this School will only get better in the days to come.


RameshPranav 2014-11-13 20:55:58


anyone please let us know when they will issue the application form for LKG admission 2015-16 batch?

Yaami 2014-11-16 02:38:36


Hi everyone.. they are issuing application from 15th of December 2014.

isai 2014-11-16 10:22:30


Is it for prekg or lkg?

Sadan 2016-01-06 07:04:27


Tatva is coming up with a new School at Polachery near DABC Orchid.This School will follow the IGCSE syllabus and has classes upto Grade 5.
Admissions have started for the Academic Year 2016-17 and you may contact the School for further details.This School has received very good feedback from Parents and Students alike.

Telephone number: +91-44-42022153

Mobile number: +91-9941904491

Sadan 2016-01-06 07:15:01


Vels Vidyashram has Started Admissions for the Academic Year 2016-17 for Classes upto 8th.Which is around 3 kms from Ponmar and 2 kms from MVM Polachery.



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