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Sadan 2013-11-04 20:36:04


Hi Akila,

My comment was about the parents in general and not directed at you .Should you feel offended I apologise for the same.

Sadan 2013-11-04 20:51:04


I am looking at 3rd and 6th standard for Academic year 2014-15 .

1.It is difficult to get good quality experienced teachers to come and work in such remote locations.So at present Quality of teachers are ok but they have got a lot to improve both with the teaching methodology and communication skills.
2.Current Lab infra is not enough for Higher secondary students but then they may ramp up when they add higher classes.
3.I am not sure about the books followed but will let you know soon .The standard of english is not good at the moment.
4.Yes MVM,Polachery is a franchise .Anyone can get this franchise if they have sufficient land and money .

SSM,Chrompet - This school has been in existence for long time now and there is no need to worry about the quality of teaching here be it primary,elementary or higher secondary.But Academic and Transport fees are very high here.

SSM,Perungalathur -This is a branch of SSM Chrompet and they have classes upto 8th std at the moment and from next year onwards they will add 1 section each in 9th and 10th standard and they have already obtained CBSE affiliation for the same.The latest news is that they will gradually wind up their operations in Chrompet and will have fully functional school in Perungalathur only.They have acquired several acres of land in Perungalathur for this purpose.


Radhika2207 2013-11-05 10:32:01


Hi Subha,

I will let you know the publication followed in MVM and SSM today.

Reg. the two way communication in SSM, it is definitely there. And one more I wanted to highlight is they are very strict about parents participation. They emphasize more on educated and non working mothers. They give a big lecture to parents as well before they admit the kid in their school.  So if you have enough time and if you can participate very well in all your kids activities, I would recommend you to opt for SSM. And looks like recent notices that was sent across to parents were little rude.

1. Kids of divorced parents should take TC and leave the school.
2. If parents not willing to send across the kids by school bus can either relocate near to school or can take TC and look out for another school (This was after the Vel's school incident)

Yes. As Sadan said, they are going to relocate fully to the new Perungalathur campus. Admissions are no longer made in Chromepet branch. One more way to get admission in SSM is to book a flat in SSM Residency. 

Subha - For which class you are seeking admission?


subhavijayasri 2013-11-05 10:53:31


Hi Radhika,

Am looking at 5th and 7th.  When u say two way communication is difinitely there - i would be very grateful for a detailed view - since am getting -ves for this - it seems they do not allow parents to contact teachers either during school hours or later - any communication shld be only to person incharge through email only and get ans also thro mail alone- q's have been raised by others too reg. how one single incharge person would know of how a particular child performs / probs. in each & every class?  + only one parent meet p.a. wherin they do not allow a one on one communication.  this is bothering me.

Of course the other pt is they have only NSO and no IMO or other olympiads - no extra competition with other schools, no science exhibitions etc.  IS it so?  How come so little importance to mathematics?  Science without math!  - i am not sure.  & if kids have only internal competitions and are not exposed to other schools / competitions / national quiz or olympiads, their all round development would be affected in my view.  i am unable to get any feedback on all this - if you could throw some light on it - would be grateful.

with respect to MVM, sadan's points are valid. i am still trying for a clearer picture.  Do help out.  Thanks.

Radhika2207 2013-11-05 13:26:02


Will get back to ur queries as early possible. hmm.. seeking 5th class and 7th class admission is definitely more serious than KG admissions. You have no option to relax @ this point now.

And, have you got the application forms in SSM?

Radhika2207 2013-11-07 12:31:04


Hi Subha,
 Two way communication in SSM - As you had sad, there is always one phone number to which the parents should reach out to. But, I heard the person is very responsible and obviously a parent does not use this source to communicate anything related ti kids studies. Any personal emergency needs to be communicated or any info needed from school, this channel can be used.

PTM for this year has happened once so far. Notice is sent across to parents before hand itself, and they can write their queries and send it across. These queries are read in PTM and solutions are discussed.

SSM, in short I can say apart from education, they concentrate more on values and co curriculars. Hope you are aware that they let kids to choose a art and a filed event and train them on it. But for now I dont have much info on why a scholl of SSM calibre is not supporting external competitions.


subhavijayasri 2013-11-08 11:31:33


Hi Radhika,

Your feedback is very clear - thank you very much.  Yes, i know they do encourage art and field events-  but not external competitions? - wonder how so many parents have not raised this pt. - i have recd another veiw point - SSM's education is good, can safely enroll girls in the school, safety of all kids is taken care very well, where kids get above 90% the schol permits enrolment for IIT training.

I am still a worried parent - will let you all know any further info i may come across abt SSM or MVM.  thanks again. My mail id is


Radhika2207 2013-11-08 12:48:45


At this moment I can tell you SSM is more established and safe option than MVM. Having kids in Higher Secondary, you cannot wait for school to develop now. For KG sections may be MVM is a safe bet. 
And have you got the application forms? Forms were issued last month. 

subhavijayasri 2013-11-11 10:18:56


Guess u r right Radhika. 

Krishna123 2013-11-11 13:40:27


I got the feedback from some of parents about SSM School. They said 2 years back school follow good curriculum now a days they are going very commercial and more focus on their SSM Nagar real-estate.

Earlier years within 3 days admissions are closed for all classes. Here still admission is available for SM2 to X STD. Even some of parents already applied for JM1 &SM1 and planning to withdraw their admission and some of existing parents also looking for other schools

Any parent could you please elaborate the reason


Radhika2207 2013-11-11 16:26:27


Hi Krishna,

May I know where you are kids are put up? Yes, one generic comment about SSM is that school is not doing the same they were 2 year back. But even with this standard other schools are not posing a competitive challenge to SSM. What so ever we talk, we end up in telling SSM looks better than other option. And that i  a major concern now. 

Krishna123 2013-11-11 16:50:59


Hi Radhika,

My kid going to eurokids and looking for PreKG admission.


7705 2013-11-11 20:17:46


Hi All,

I am planning to admit  my Kid in Pre-kG  in this school since it is nearer from my Home.

Could you please share your feedback/comments about the school?


Sadan 2013-11-12 07:24:26


Still i would rate SSM as one of the best school in South Chennai .I am surprised to know that there are vacancies from SM2 to X Std which is far from the truth .Even today SSM school admissions get over within a few days .Those vacancies arise only when some parents choose to move out their kids due to transfers and other reasons.This year some more parents will definitely take TC for their kids as SSM has increased their Academic and transport fees by a big margin .Those parents will not have anything good to say about this school for obvious reasons.

Yes.It is true that SSM management got their attention diverted because of their real estate venture "SSM Nagar" and i believe they are facing problems in finding buyers for their project ,so they might have thought that by increasing the transport fees parents might choose to book a flat and pay EMI rather than spend money on transport fees.

Krishna123 2013-11-12 12:34:37


Almost one month completed still admission are available for all classes includes JM1 &SM1.Earlier years within 3 days admissions are closed for all classes.
why parents not much showing interest in this school.
As per Sadan mail, One of the best school in south chennai still admission are avalable means maybe some other reason parents not showing interest.

7705 2013-11-12 12:40:27


Hi Sadan/all,

Can you please let me know the info like teaching,coaching and extra curricular activites at  Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir,Rajakilpakkam.

I like to admit my kid in pre KG this year. I am looking for few pros/cons about the school.

rsp82 2013-11-12 14:04:40


@Krishna123, you also have to acknowledge the fact that 3 years ago, we do not have schools like BVM - Bollineni Hillside, MVM â€" Polachery, SJPS â€" Medavakkam etc. Now, parents in surrounding areas of these schools would target them only instead of SSM.

Views of individual will vary based on their priority and affordability. So don’t rely too much on the views shared here. Do your ground work and ensure you are convinced to choose a school.


Krishna123 2013-11-12 14:20:58


Thanks rsp82 for your reply

Till last year those schools are there but SSM admissions are closed within 3 days.

Why this year admission is still available?

Only fees is high is the reason?

Or any other reason likes security precautions, academic curriculum, extra curriculum activities, inter school competition exams/games & any pressure to buy the flats in their society?


rsp82 2013-11-12 18:54:25


On the point of "last year, SSM admissions are closed within 3 days.", I am not sure who said this info and not sure whether you personally verified that the admission is closed within 3 days for all classes or only for JM1. Having open seats shouldn't be too much concerning unless there is a -ve feedback on curriculum, extra curriculum activities which I yet to hear for higher classes.

To my knowledge, there no pressure to buy the flats. Fees are on-par with whatever school at this level (BVM - Bollineni Hillside, MVM - Polachery, SJPS - Medavakkam, DPS - Nallambakkam).

I too heard that SSM is not supporting inter school competition exams/games etc. but that is not a major concern for me. I would prefer to check with the school for the reason behind this.

Again, there can be many reasons for withdrawing admission or not choosing SSM like new schools nearby, individual view on teaching, curriculum priority etc . I would recommend to check whether your priority are in-line with SSM.

I do have some concerns like increase in class timings for JM1 and awkward process to discuss with class teacher, adamant to open account in BoI, Chrompet branch etc.

Btw, I am not vouching for SSM, but want to ensure that right information is shared and my views.

Nevertheless, there is already a discussion going for SSM in

Let's not mix SSM here, will discuss only about MVM.


Krishna123 2013-11-12 19:30:11


Thanks rsp82...

Sadan 2013-11-13 18:44:25


You may find details about Kanchi Mahaswami in the following thread.

The  main purpose of this school is keep alive the Vedic studies and teachings which are getting neglected in today's world .They have started Veda Patashala for children from poor Brahmin community to impart Vedic education .They are providing fee education,hostel,food everything free for these students .

Also they have a CBSE School which is open to All.The fees is on par with other schools and i heard they are demanding donation for CBSE Admissions.

7705 2013-11-13 20:01:37


Thanks Sadan.

I am not finding difficulty to donate an amount for admission.

I have gone throught the threads and got confused.

Do you have any idea about their teaching and other stuffs. 

Radhika2207 2013-11-14 10:22:45


hi 7705.. You acn find the comments abt Maharishi in my previous comments in same blog. Again FYI, I have heard negative comments only abt this school .Mainly on hygiene factors and communication with parents. And ONLY 2 parents I knew who enrolled their kids in LKG last year are withdrawing their ward out of school this year. Not worth the 50k donation plus 35+ yearly fee. 

DRNOB30 2013-11-14 10:42:39


Hi rsp82,

I agree.  Another reason SSM still has vacancies may be because of Perugalathur branch being opened recently - not all classess all sections are full there.

Would you like to share your priorities/ criteria in selection of a school.  Would be useful to have different perceptions for all parents - pts i may have missed might come up and set me thinking. 

Thanks in advance.


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