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 Former member 2013-10-09 13:10:49


SSM School
Chrompet branch online admissions are closed except XI class.
Perugulathru branch closed the admissions for JM1 &SM1.From SM2 to X class admissions still open.


 Former member 2013-10-21 12:50:30


Approximately when they going to issue the applications?
Is there any chance to opt for 3rd std admission FY2014-15?

Radhika2207 2013-10-21 15:37:09


I assume you are asking about MVM. Application forms will be issues from December 1st week. School authority informed me to call them by december 1st for more info on exact date and time to collect the forms.

Radhika2207 2013-10-21 15:42:32



Do you have any idea if bus facilities will be extended til Gowriwakkam?

ramsvalli 2013-10-22 02:36:49



Could any one please share your review on Maharishi vidya Mandir Polachery.


Radhika2207 2013-10-22 11:10:24


Hi Ramanathan,

I first got reviews from Akila in this blog, who shared good comments about the school. And later I heard from family friend of mine who has admitted her kid there. She was also very happy with the school and said she could see positive changes in her kid and kid loves to go to school. There is a healthy parent teacher communication and also got positive reviews for hygiene factors in school.

 Former member 2013-10-22 17:52:30


Thanks Radhika.

subhavijayasri 2013-10-28 11:22:52


Been to MVM campus at Polachery.

The play ground appears insufficient - however construction is on & might be ready for next academic yr.  They seem to have very few computers in the lab - will it suffice for the growing strength?  Also, they have a composite science lab - is it sufficiently equipped for the higher secondary students?

Could someone please provide views on the following:

1. Academic coaching by teachers for classes VI and upwards - how good is it? Do they explain well in english and are kind to students asking doubts?
2. The experience of teachers matters much - how do they handle a) subjects b) the higher secondary students?
3. Do they give any special coaching for olympiads?
4. Do they conduct science exhibitions / take the students to participate in state level / national level science exhibitions?
5. Do they conduct / participate in inter school competitions?

Thanks in advance.  Really hoping some kind parent of higher secondary students would provide their views on the above.


Radhika2207 2013-10-28 12:45:38


Hi Subha,

I don't think there are any parents in this specific chat room whose kid in higher standard. I would suggest you to meet parents who come to pick up their child from campus. You can hear comments LIVE from them. And can you let me know where exactly is the campus?

 Former member 2013-10-28 14:05:46


DABC apartment. From Rajkilpaukkam Signal to Approx. 12 Km's.

Last year only started this school.Chetpet branch I got very good reviews but I’m not sure about this branch. Couple of week back went this school. Some construction going on and they are going to issue the application on month of Jan’14.they provided one register to register your kid details maybe they will get back to you.

Even I’m also looking for LKG admission for my daughter. I’m planning to meet some of parents at school/bus stopping point based on parents comments I will decide.




Radhika2207 2013-10-28 15:51:52


Ok. So do we have to visit the school and register somewhere? i keep calling them now and then and latest update was admission process starts by january. 

Yes, Vidya Mandir is one of the best known schools in India and I hope this school will catch up the standard in couple of years. So far I have heard good comments over all from my friend whose kid is in this branch and from few other outstation students as well. 

subhavijayasri 2013-10-28 16:39:05


Thanks Radhika.

Yes, Most of the parentree comments are of kg admission only. 

Wish there would be more parents and views on all classes. 

Of course srihamsa's views on KFI and the different systems of education available in India are very clear and most helpful. 

1. Regarding MVM, there is not much available near the school by way of accomodation, etc.  I looks as if the nearest viable area for stay would be Madambakkam which is nearly 10km away from the school campus.  They do have bus facilities but would this be continued far into the future too?

There was some talk of restrictions in area covered by transport for a school last year.  If that were to apply  - say a few years down the line, many might be affected.  Any takes on this?

2. Not quite easy to get LIVE views of parents at the MVM campus for people outstation and looking to shift to Chennai next yr.  Hoping someone would highlight the pros & cons of higher secondary education at MVM polachery on this site.


Prabhakare 2013-10-28 17:01:05


Just called MVM Polachery, @ 956623 2222 
The person said admission would be open in first week of Jan'14.. better to call end of December to know the exact date...
Application will be issue in person and not online !
And also No Transport facility for PreKG children, it start only from LKG !!

Nirudra 2013-10-28 17:11:53


@Prabhakare: Do they have pre-kg in MVM, i thought it starts from LKG only. Do you know the age criteria for pre-kg ???

Prabhakare 2013-10-28 18:00:35


@Nirudra... I dont have much details... I was surprised to hear that PreKG admission open in Jan..
You can call the phone no i mentioned above to reconfirm the info... 

Nirudra 2013-10-28 18:38:19


Thanks Prabhakare.

Radhika2207 2013-10-29 10:41:44


Hi Subha,

Reg. the transport facility, I stay at Gowriwakkam and the school incharge informed that they have buses til Rajakilpakkam. Route via Medavakam - Koot Road - Santhoshapiram - Gowriwakkam and anotehr route which ends at the same spot via Madambakkam. And on south side, they said they are operating till Orapakkam.

subhavijayasri 2013-10-29 21:40:59


Thanks again Radhika.

Could you also please tell me what books they use - i.e which publication.  CBSE gives the broad syllabus and leaves it to the school to choose the books - it could be oxford publications or macmillan etc.  The quality of books followed by school may also matter to a certain extent.


Sadan 2013-10-30 13:15:46


MVM ,Chetpet is directly run by the Maharishi trust .But polachery School is run on Franchise basis only and as such the quality and standard won't be on par with Chetpet school.The school infrastructure is not sufficient at the moment and they will be having difficulty in finding good qualified teachers to work in a remote location like polachery.

Radhika2207 2013-10-30 15:08:45


Hi Sadan,

Did you get to meet any parents whose kids in this branch?If so, pls share the reviews. I personally have spoke with 2 friends of mine whose kids are in this school and I have received very good feedback on all the check list items like teachers, communications to parents, cleanliness.  I am yet to visit the branch personally but I am sure it will not be fully completed by now. 


Please share your current reviews as well. 

Akila25 2013-10-31 14:04:46


Hi.Radhika...As per your request I share my views..
Opinion and Expectations differs from each and everyone. For me I am satisfied in all aspects. I am a working women i cant spend more time with him for doing his home works or make him study, but i got his Quaterly report he scored "O" (Ouststanding) grade I am totally amazed. He is telling Crow story, Ramayana all are new rhymes (not the one we had at our age) I am suprised to see my son telling all those without error. So which means the teacher student interaction and the way of teaching is good because of that students capture all those, i could to see many changes on him day to day and he is very much interested to go to school that is most important. At this age this is enough for him i felt.
+ves which every parents expects
1. School bus good condition and the drivers, ayyama's are very good.
2. If in case student not feeling well immediately they will call us else they themselves take to hospital if necessary and send us the precriptions.
3. Every friday if we wish we can meet them after 3pm.
4. Normal fee structure compare to other schools.
Many be if in case the higher studies not good by the time i can take decision for change of school.
As per one's comments that lab facilities are lacking, yes it is lacking now because this is the second yr for the school it will take atleast 3yrs to develop, though  enter to LKG now obviously expected to be fine in 3yrs to 5yrs on missing aspects as well. 
Hope for the best!!

Radhika2207 2013-11-01 10:27:07


Thanks much Akila. We have also decided about my kid enrollment in MVM. I definitely believe the facilities would increase in time. And for LKG till primary classes it doesn make a difference having a lab. Thanks very much again.

Prabhakare 2013-11-01 13:27:20


Hi Akila25, Many Thanks for sharing your opinion about MVM.... Where you are put up and can you also brief about the transport area's covered as i stay at Madambakkam... do they have bus covering the area.. thanks in advance

tinavivek 2013-11-01 14:59:39


Hi Akila,
I am new to this group, I am shifting to Perumbakkam by Feb 2014. I am in search of a good school for my son's LKG admission. I have been reading the reviews from you(aboutn MVM) and "mylkg seat" quite some time. I am interested to put my son in MVM.
I have also registered in HUS and got application form from Pon Vidyashram Injambakkam(closer compared to other schools). My 1st choice was PSBBM, but right now no vacancy, so 2nd preference would be MVM. I agree with you that any school would take 4-5 years to meet the minimum expected standards.
Just wanted an information about the number of sections available(especially for LKG) and the class strength? Also, some of the schools ask for community certificate, whether this is a must in MVM?
Also, any reviewes about HUS and Pon Vidyashram Injambakkam would be really helpful.

ramsvalli 2013-11-02 00:56:03



I have been Maharishi Campus and met some parents from HUS stating that they are not happy with the school and faculty/teachers coaching for nursery.

About Maharishi - Hearing positive reviews and they start admission from Dec. it seems.


Sadan 2013-11-02 07:23:52


I have bought a property in Ponmar and will be relocating there soon .I have been to MVM several times but unfortunately I am not satisfied with this school .I did get positive reviews from parents but those reviews doesn't look genuine to me.It is more like the existing parents are trying to sell this School on behalf of the Franchisors to bring in more students .I do not deny the fact that this school might turn out to be good in the long run but with limited infrastructure this school is not good enough to move on to the Higher secondary level.It looks more like a Pre-School.

They had difficulty in getting admissions last year and they had to advertise in Newspapers,put up Advertisement banners in Tambaram railway station,Mambakkam junction etc but this year the school relies on word of mouth publicity by the existing parents.

Currently i reside in a community where in most of the students either go to SSM or Kanchi Mahaswami School,Rajakilpakkam .There is literally a competition between parents of these Schools to prove to others that their Wards school is the best and others is not.Finally it comes down to individual's choice and affordability.

subhavijayasri 2013-11-04 15:10:39


Hi Sadan,

Am looking for admission to 5th and 7th for AY 2014-15.  To which Std/ class admission r u looking for?  Other than affordability, i am looking at the following:
1. Quality of teaching in hr secondary - how good are they in explaining the concepts and to get across the meaning to the kids in the class.
2. Lab infra matters - since lab work would go a long way in understanding concepts - MVM has a composite science lab - single stop for chemistry, physics and bio.  Would it be sufficient for hr sec kids?
3. Books followed and standard of english in the school - i feel this matters since the kids take in what ever we provide - intelectually too.
4. MVM ponmar is a franchise - others have expressed concern as to whether they will keep up the quality / standard as in chetpet - the question remains with me too.

You have mentioned SSM - could you please provide any kind of feedback that you might have recd. about the school - am getting reviews only for primary - none at all about the hr sec students there.  Same for MVM please.

competition among parents / kids - i prefer the kids competing with themselves to excel every time. 


Akila25 2013-11-04 15:49:34


Hi Sadan...
As I said opinion and expectations differs. For me I am happy becos it satisfy my expectations...for what I pay, when compared to other schools I am ok with this fee structure and happy my kid is getting educated with good habits and other stuffs.
There is no use for spreading +ves on the social networks no benifits...I have giving my reviews becos i was in the same situation before 2yrs thinking which school will be the best in all aspects if all suits fees cannot be affordable for me atlast got this school with not much of +ves because they were only 1yr old when i admit my son last yr. And most of the parents will not give reviews if they admitted there kids, only some parents really what to say good or bad abt the schools will comment so that other parents can plan and decide...

Prabakare..Now shifted to Pudupakkam 5months before i was at madambakkam ALS nagar and my son travelled to school from there for first month i also travelled with him in the school bus for first two days as parents are allowed to travel with the kids, I am not sure where the bus starts but it came from sudharshan Nagar then ALS nagar, sivan koil and catches the ponmar route hardly took 30mins. Drivers will give their mobile number so that we can also get in touch with them if the bus turns late or any emergency.

You plan, analyse and decide!!

  • ALL THE BEST :-)

Radhika2207 2013-11-04 17:53:26


Hi Subha,

Many of my friend's have thier kids in higher secondary in SSM and I am sure the reviews from them are positive. Off-late, I have started hearing complaints for primary section only. Recent comment I heard about SSM was 'SSM is not maintaining the standard that was 2 years back. mainly due to the montessori structure'.But many good habits and extra curricular activities are inculcated to kids which is a big positive factor of the school. 

And regarding Kanchi Mahaswami, it doesnt worth a talk at all. I was very confident in enrolling my kid in LKG in this school seeing their wonderful infrastructure and I was shattered with the comments my very own sister gave me (Her kid is in LKG in this school now). School lacks hygiene factor completely, no communication to parents. Higher Secondary day scholar students end up in missing their books, shoes etc every day. 

St. Johns is also another good option for now.

subhavijayasri 2013-11-04 20:17:12


Hi Radhika,

Thanks v much again.  Quite correct in stating that SSM hr sec parents have not given -ves.  Am looking at about 3 schools right now - SSM, MVM, VM - not necessarily in that order.  ur views today have given me a new perspective of SSM.  Could u also please highlight whether SSM allows parents to meet teachers directly reg. kids performance etc. (feedback from ur frnds pl)- some state that no communication is allowed at all for any reason and even during parent meets, no discussion / questions from parents are encouraged.


Absolutely true that parents may not come forth to give their views once their kids are admitted and r doing good.  That's what makes the comments from u folks even more precious to us that keep searching.  Thanks.  Do let me know abt SSM / MVM / VM - views of hr sec. parents if u know any.

Any takes on points raised by me earlier?

thanks again.



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