Choice between Chennai Public school and SBOA

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Heljo 2013-01-24 16:17:40


Hi All,


Kindly provide your comments on what to choose. We have been selected at CPS and have been asked to pay the amt by tomorrow.

We have taken interview at SBOA and Chnmaya and waiting for the results.

Should we pay the fees at CPS and goahead with it or wait for SBOA..


We dont have any guarantee if we will get at SBOA or Chnmaya.Kindly advise if any of you are in the same situation and have made up your mind


KFC 2013-01-25 10:44:25



you have got admission to which std. lkg or higher classes.


Heljo 2013-01-25 12:46:04





Schoolhunter 2013-01-25 15:06:22



Hi,   We are struck in the same situation. Chennai Public School admission is ready for my daughter and they wanted us to pay the fees by Monday (28th). SBOA - meeting with the Principal is done and results are awaited, the school said that they will intimate us in about 20 days. We are in a dilemma now not sure if we could give-up CPS and wait for SBOA or admit our child in CPS and drop SBOA. I would like to discuss about the pros and cons of each school and request other parents to post their valuable opinion.  SBOA:Pros: Huge campus, experienced teachers, one of the best rated and highly respected schools in the city, mixed group of students (middle, upper middle and high class) Cons:  1) Transport is the biggest concern as they have only point pickup and drop and the nearest point is about 1 kms from our place. For private vans the school does not take responsibility for the safety of the children and these vans are not allowed inside the school campus. I heard that while coming back from the school, our children will have to identify their vans and board them of their own. 2) The number of students in a class is very high.  Chennai Public School:Pros: Classrooms are very modern with LCDs and projectors. The maximum student strength in a class is 35, excellent transport with 2 attendants in a van and door pickup/drop, I heard that the teachers are very friendly to the students and adopted innovative teaching techniques where byhearting the book is not the focus rather making students understand is.   Cons: Very small play ground. My primary concern is about the teachers – from the feedback that I got about this school from various site is that the teachers keep changing frequently. Since this is a private and non-government aided school the salary paid to the teachers may not be in par with what a government school teacher get (my opinion) and hence I’m worried about the quality of the teachers.  I request your feedback about these two schools which will be helpful for me to take a decision.  Thank you

priyashiv 2013-02-22 12:53:27


so what did yu both finally do?bcos i ws in the same situation quite sometime ago..but have actually opted fr cps..and hv paid the fees as well...


caldera 2013-03-15 10:38:53


chennai public school and sboa both them are private schools. When years back when sboa started also the school was started with teachers available at that time and later now over the years it has reached present state.   Over the next ten years (ie by the time present kid who joins lkg when they come out of school) there may be changes in the scenerio. Hence it up to any one to select either chennai public school or sboa. It looks chennai public school may be better option.


SaiKrish 2014-04-02 16:05:38


Hi what is the current fees for ukg here ? 

AishuAdi 2015-10-10 00:46:21


Hi... Can u plz tell in which school did u put ur child finally??? Is it a gud decision???


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