Srimathi Sundaravalli Memorial School, Perungalathur

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Avisa172223 2020-09-15 13:27:27


Lagging behind a lot in providing education. No online live classes. Hope they have started for classes from VI grade from the month of September where most of the schools have completed their first term exams by then. They must be capable of adapting to the new way of teaching when even government schools are trying to give students their best. Till now no online classes for students up to grade V. They give assignments, but who teaches the students? Teaching must happen and that is why schools are there. If they want parents to do the job, then home schooling is sufficient. No transparency and no one is there to answer the queries of parents. I had no complaints till last year in their teaching. But this year, no teaching is happening. Also they have distributed ncert publication books, which has no content but full of stories. Don't know why they want to tarnish the good reputation of their school.


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