Srimathi Sundaravalli Memorial School, Perungalathur

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11ik 2019-05-16 23:59:29


9 to 2.30

Divi1603 2019-12-05 17:18:18


Hi.. Is your kid studying in SSM. If yes, please let me know your suggestions on the school

Dharu1 2020-01-08 09:30:43


Hi i want to know if i pay 5000/= for registration,will the admission be confirmed?

Babukannan 2020-01-12 13:30:39


Dharu 1, No. 5000 application fees only. Need to under go exam

Dharu1 2020-01-12 16:24:19


Oh...ok.thank you Babakannan

110616 2020-02-14 21:51:38


Hi anybody who got admission for jm2 How about English skills for them

7200062162 2020-04-25 09:13:10


Please say how the admission number starts for jm3 class for the academic year(2019-2020)

8600041010 2020-08-13 17:30:18


Would suggest you to go for other options, SSM used to be best school but no more, take suggestions from others as well.


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