Srimathi Sundaravalli Memorial School, Perungalathur

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ASHOKKUMAR2T 2018-11-13 17:28:07



Looking forward to apply for my daughter next academic year (2019-2020) for 4th Std. How is the performance of SSM, was hearing about the recent incident of Mr. Santhanam's arrest. Do they allow students to join at 4th Std.

turbo 2018-11-21 10:59:33


Apply Online if vacant there ( I think admsn going upto 8th std)
Performance - as Usual /nothing change after Santhanam Issue.
But check the fees & caution deposit part before admsn.

 Former member 2018-11-21 12:22:46


I pulled my kid out after just one month of joining.. I would avoid ssm.. Now they are talking about having 2 sections.. One with current available facilities and other sections with only govt proposed ones..

Shanmuga1979 2018-11-21 17:24:15



I would like to join my son for 5th standard for next academic year(2019-2020). Can you please explain the admission procedure and which apartment community will be near by for this school.

Please help


Shanmuga1979 2018-11-21 17:38:36


Hi Vani,

Did you join your kid in this school? We are currently in USA and my kid is studying Grade 4 here, his date of birth is 22 Dec 2008. Can you please guide whether i need to apply for Standard 5th or Standard 6th.


turbo 2019-01-21 13:17:35


Online registration for Parents going to start 23rd Jan 2019
for 2019-2020 admissions

198285 2019-01-24 16:42:42


Any one applied for PREKG admisison ?

7022017 2019-01-25 22:35:38


Yes applied

198285 2019-01-28 12:11:28


Hi , have you got a call letter for your kid madam.

If you have any idea about school education standards..etc. Can you please share your thoughts on school.

I got call letter, and 2nd Feb they are calling parents to come school.

If it is ok can you please share your contact no?



6666Sakthi 2019-01-30 08:04:01


Hi I got call letter for prekg.. parents meeting on Jan 4 at 4pm

198285 2019-01-30 11:35:51


Hi Sakthi,

Myself Suneel. I got call letter for my baby admission. But the date is Feb 2nd . 

Sakthi have you enquire about studies at SSM school. How about spoken english skills for the students..etc. if you know some information please share with me.


 Former member 2019-02-06 01:52:30


Really surprised you guys are still interested to join your kids in that school after last years drama. I pulled my kid out got my refund and ran. Any school whose mgmt trustee actually bad mouths parents over the school intercom system, stresses the kids because he id in financisl crisis is a big no.. And the way parents were treated when they requested clarification over the increase in caution deposit.. I am sorry if you know the whole story and want to join in tjis school you are cuckoo

ASHOKKUMAR2T 2019-02-06 09:47:07


Sir, Thanks, can you suggest good school in and near Tambaram/Medavakkam. If you don't mind can you please confirm which school you have put your kids.

6666Sakthi 2019-02-07 09:44:17


Sir Can U suggest best school near Medavakkam and thambaram...It will be very useful for us to put our kids...

198285 2019-02-07 11:33:24



have you attend the parents meeting on 4th Feb? If yes , please let me know what did they suggest and given information to parents.

have you got an opportunity to see JM1 classrooms and facilities that SSM providing?


Thiaga 2019-02-07 18:00:32


SSM is still an excellent school in south Chennai. SSM management has efficiently manged the some situations few months back. During that time also, they cared about our kids safety, eduction, discipline, etc. Who knows SSM they can understand. 

 Former member 2019-03-03 01:20:03


Hi , Please anyone tell me the school timing for jm1 students in ssm, perungalathur

Sandhya16 2019-03-18 11:59:56


Hi.. I have applied online for registration for my son for JM2.. Have called on 18th march.. Can anyone share more about the pros and cons of tge school

turbo 2019-05-07 18:40:52


2018-19 Results of CBSE 10th & 12th both out, and looking for views please 
12th this is the second year i think 



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