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Ashvini 2013-08-11 00:41:38


Hi All,

I am trying to put my daughter in JM1 for 2014-15 acadamic year.

There is no reply for my email. When called , i was asked to contact by this month end  or by sep 1st week.

Please let me know if admission forms are issued.

Is there any registration forms issued before the admission process? I heard admissions will be granted only to those who have already registered their child's name. Also they need an appointment letter at the gate to enter into the school.





RKAZA 2013-08-13 10:23:29


Hi Ashvini,

Understand the pressure you are in.  

Hope you are mailing to the following e-mail id:

Also try mailing to addressing The Correspondent. 

Kindly keep calling the school numbers every other day. Shall also keep you posted once I get to know, as current students are also informed about the admission dates.

Wish you all the very best.






Ashvini 2013-08-14 00:16:09


 Thanks a lot  Rajesh!



sansubbi 2013-08-16 14:10:53


HI Rajesh,

Can you please inform me also. Today I went to SSM to check the application form issue date. They told me like Novemeber 1st week. I think they might issue before that also.

I wil update in case i came to know the application form issue date.







RKAZA 2013-08-16 16:01:48


 Sure Subbiah!!!!


PrakashTA 2013-08-19 10:52:45


Hi Parents, First I thank you all for sharing the information.

I am looking for my daughter's admission for SM01 (2014-15). I had visited Perungalathur premises on 12Aug2013 and was told that Application Forms will be available online by mid October'13 or starting November'13.

However the dates are tentative and we can expect that to be earlier too.

Request parents of SSM students to provide updates regarding admission for 2014-15. Also I will provide updates as and when I get any.

Thank you all.



sansubbi 2013-08-19 13:29:31


Ok sure, Even I am also looking SSM school admission for my kid.


PrakashTA 2013-08-19 16:15:15



I had just called the school at 044 22792095 regarding admission for 2014-15 and was asked to call again after 01Sep2013.

Let me try again in regular intervals and provide updates.




Elango16 2013-08-20 18:53:44



Can you please inform me also about the application issue date.




sansubbi 2013-08-21 11:27:31


Thanks for the update Prakash.


 Former member 2013-08-22 16:20:21



Looks 2014-15 onwards only JM1 (PreKG) admission only available in SSM.There is no admissions in SM1 and other classes.


 Former member 2013-08-22 16:52:53


PreKG (2014-15) - SSM School, Perungalathur

 1. Born between 1st May'10 to 30th April'11 are eligible for JM1 (PreKG).2. Application is normally will be issued on Month of September'13.3. School provides the Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Milk/Horlicks.3. Application Fee: Rs.1000/-4. School Fee - 4 terms * Rs.11000/ = Rs.44000/-5. Transportation (Optional) - 4 terms * Rs.6000/ = Rs.24000/-6. There is no fresh admission other than JM1 (PreKG).

sansubbi 2013-08-22 18:34:41



I have Called SSM on last week, they have updated me like born till 30th Nov'11. Can you please confirm this one. Let me know who updated till 30th April'11

Thanks & Regsrds,




Akisha 2013-08-22 23:29:03


Eligibility criteria for JM1 for 2014-2015 i think is 01-May-2011 to 30-Apr-2012


doffodil 2013-08-23 14:26:12


I am also looking for admission at SSM, kindly do update the application date if anybody knows


cselvamca 2013-08-23 16:42:55


 That's right Akisha... Age criteria for JM1 as of 1st June 2014 is between 2 years 2 months and 3 years 1 month.


sansubbi 2013-08-23 18:24:37


Hi All,

Thanks for your clarification.Please share me the application form issue date.




WorkSmart 2013-08-26 12:15:08


Hello Parents

FYI, I just called the SSM school regarding application form for 2014-2015 JM1 admission, they asked to check on sep 2nd week.

If anybody comes to know the application issuance date, kindly let me know.



 Former member 2013-08-26 13:15:57


Small Correction:

Eligibility criteria for JM1 for 2014-2015 is 01-May-2011 to 30-Apr-2012


Wanna 2013-08-27 14:51:24


I am writing this post to provide food for thought to those parents who are sucked into the hype surrounding SSM School. I am one of those parents who bought into the favourable word of mouth from others in this part of Chennai(Tambaram to be precise). But what they don't know is how the school is turning bad in the last couple of years especially the much hyped MLC. It might have been good in the past but certainly not good any more. Though there are many bad things about the school, I am just going to focus on few things. First, the strength and ratio of students in MLC. Till last year, the ratio of students in JM1/JM2/JM3 was about 8 each with a strength of about 20-24. This year, there has been a steep increase in admission in JM1 which has resulted in a ratio of 8-9 each in JM2/JM3 and 18 in JM1 with an average strength of about 36 in each class! Just think that in one year, there has been a jump of about 12 students in a class. And all these 36 students are supposed to be handled by one teacher and one care taker. This ratio might be ok for adult students, but when you deal with young children just experiencing outside world for the first time, the ratio has to be lower as the young kids especially the JM1 kids need more care and attention. Another problem is that by not maintaining the equal ratio between  the different age groups, the school distorts the montesoori system.In fact, montessori system suggests the senior students take up mentor role to junior students, but for such a scheme to work the equal ratio among the students is essential. The skewed numbers also force the teacher and the care taker to spend more time with JM1 kids thus limiting the attention to senior students. The scary part is this problem is going to increase further in coming years. Even at current rate, there'll be about 18 students each in JM1/JM2 and about 8-9 students in JM3. So the average will be about 45. To me it seems, SSM MLC functions as a glorified day care centre now rather than a true MLC. Even today there are lots of issues arising because of the increased strength, but the management turns a blind eye and passes the buck to the teachers as being responsible.

Another thing that upset me was SSM admitting special children. While I have nothing against these children, they need special care and expertise of professionals who are trained to handle them, something which SSM totally lacks. SSM teachers are not even montessori trained and many are just freshers. How do you expect them to handle children with special needs? But if you ask the management, they'll simply reassure you that they'll take care when reality is they are hardly equipped to do so. To SSM managemnt, baby sitting seems to be equivalent of montessori training. Did they ever tell the parents that special children are also admitted to the school? Hyper active kids tend to cause injury to themselves and others. If ever your kid came home with an injury, chances are that it was caused by one of these hyperactive kid. Again the issue is not with the kid, it is the management's fault as SSM teachers are hardly equipped to deal with them.

Any parent who are lured by the MLC charm, please think if you still think SSM is good enough for your kid. SSM might have been good in the past, but it's living off it's past glory. Certainly not worth the huge fees that they charge...


PrakashTA 2013-08-27 16:18:25


Hi, Thanks for sharing your thorough knowledge and care for all the kids. I agree with you but hope this is not the only school to be viewed like that. As parents we have no choice as almost all schools are similar fashioned. Truly, if we sit back and think, why would we pay a huge sum of money for early stages of education. Because we ourselves convince that our child gets better than the best. And as usual we follow other parents who are well ahead us. Again we consolve or convince ourselves and this is a routine every year for every parent seeking new admissions.

Whatelse a parent can do when their focus is only to give the best education to their child. And we don't find any school matching our criteria (a good school that caters all good possibilities like nominal fees, innovative learning, special care, good nurturing etc).

Please suggest any good schools in and around our city. This is what every parent is longing for.

Now a days schools sell the admission seat unlike in yesteryears. So we have the option to choose less of the evils when we don't find any good one.


Wanna 2013-08-28 16:09:15


Hi, I beg to differ with your generalization of parent's mentality. It is for each parent to think long and hard about what they want for their kid. For my kid, the priorities are discipline, value system and safety above all else. Even if my kid fares average in education, I can live with that for I don't think marks alone is everything. Sadly SSM seemed to fit my expectation when my kid joined there, but on closer look things look much different now. I feel this is a recent phenomenon which can be rectified if the mgmt cares. Whether this is a temporary blip remains to be seen...

As far as suggesting good schools, I refrain from it as I feel what constitutes a good school is highly subjective on the part of parent's expectation. For some marks rank high on the priority, so they prefer Namakkal type of schools. I'll never put my kid under such institution as I have already listed what I would like for my kid.


ArunChennai 2013-08-29 18:02:34


Hi Vikram,

I too planning to put my kid in SSM School for JM1 for 2014-2015. Could you please let me know when you got the forms for Admission?

Also could you please share the email Id which you sent?



attili 2013-08-29 19:37:37



Fees is never high here, please check the services the school provides. To start from logistics, you cant spot any bus without a conductor, an attender and an aunt (as they say for class room teacher) and you would not find any kids standing and stuffed inside seats, and yes the driver too, all the buses have 4 members (very specifically i had mention to them who are backbiting) and who is paying the cost, its WE, we alone but the services are top class...

I had visited school, visited class rooms, every class room has an aunt (teacher), a co aunt(for assistance), and an attender(say to help kids to eat properly and to assist for nature's call). I found 20 - 25 different lively workshops around the class room and i saw my kid performing 4 - 5 events in 30 mins when during parents day.  The school also has also got Grand parents day....:-)

The amenties the school has got is all lively, the swimming pool is crystal clear assisted by young and competent coach, two attenders, showers, towels  etc etc etc...foot ball ground, children play area has got many many events and even that is classifed for JM and SMs.

Tangentially, I had to patch up the joint between road and my home as it was uprooted due to road-drainage construction...for just 6 sq feet the masion is demanding nothing less than 7k...the cost have gone up dont get a green leaves for less than Rs.10

I suggest lets not through the blame onto the school like that....they are steadily growing up...we must encourage this belt i found only this school to be best in class...

To add on to services vs cost...On an average the school SSM organises four to five events staring from Vijayadasami (Golu), Deepam (Karthikai festival), Parents Day and Grand parents day where it invites all parents, depedents (granda, grandpa, closeby and nearby). The foodies and beverages they provide would not cost less than 10lac per event. If somebody is under the opinion that the cost i have put is high i can further explain about the food and beverages i got served and for the masses that turn out...

There are many more examples which i can share where the school has demonstrated ownership and handled very occasion empathetically...

Admission is not a big deal. i resay what i was told when i got my kid admitted... the educational officer very politely said we dont look at any recommendations (may be a regular dialogue) she also said you must approach the school when it announces admission and the process is very simple...Dear all: i had visited two times for admission and the school organises even that very well...and even that is a great show...the way you are guided two streets away from the school (ie from the main road) itself is a perfect example for an ISO certification...

this is my second reply, on this thread, this morning i had replied to few people on their grievance they doubted if i could be from school them i am from IT heading HR for 2000+ manpower, i know the challenges making team perform industry is ultimately a different ball game...and SSM is consistenly performing very very well...

I dont find my previous reply on this thread now...i am worried that the facts are not reaching the public (rather the people who wants them)... i had spent more than 40 mins for this reply....who ever reads this...please be assured the services are good...and will remain as far as Mr Santhanam Correspondent...remains healthy....the way he administers you must watch... he drives the value...he is not that educated...he took VRS from a Govt job when he was young...if i am not wrong he is a civil engineer...his passion towards building / reforming school education practices has made SSM now....i wish each and every member of SSM a very happy living and all the best for their Medical College Project, which is coming next to the MLC school... They are good yaar, lets be with good people growing with them...we might not witness the growth immediately, like an art which is getting painted....i remain...thanks for reading...excuse me for the errors...


attili 2013-08-29 19:39:35


Call the school after 10am in September 1st week for admission...good luck


ArunChennai 2013-08-29 21:43:49


Hi Attilli,

Thanks for the information



Wanna 2013-08-30 17:59:09


Hi Attili,

    I think you haven't grasped the essence of my post. In my post, I mentioned about the fees only once at the end and it is not my main concern.But if you think it is the parents, who complain that the fees is high, think again. The mgmt itself tells it staff that they have to put up with the tantrums of some parents(some of the parents are unreasonable too) because they pay huge fees to the school! If what you get is for what you pay, the conscience should be clear. And you are trying hard to justify it by quoting an example. Funny, nowadays it's not the seller who has to justify the cost but buyer themselves are trying hard to justify why they have to spend so much.

 You seem to have formed opinion about the school based on your few visits to the school. When a guest visits our house, we at least ensure the house is clean. So, why would a school behave differently when the parents are visiting it? They would do everything possible to get positive feedback from the parent. For example, you mentioned that each class has an aunt, a co-aunt and an attender. Wrong! Each class only has two persons as a norm, an aunt and an attender. Third person is available only in exceptional circumstance like hyperactive children need to be controlled. Clearly they have sold you a dummy here...

 I am not trying to malign SSM Mgmt or Mr.Santhanam. The essence of my post is I am trying to point out that they are beginning to lose it as far as planning and execution is concerned.I clearly said, SSM might have been good in the past but not any more. In your post you have mentioned 'they are steadily growing up...we must encourage them'. In normal situation, I would agree with you. But is that what is happening in SSM? I mentioned in my post that the strength has gone up from 20-24 to nearly 36 in JM classes coupled with skewed numbers in JM1. Nearly 50% increase in the strength in each class is a recipe for disaster which is not rocket science..Would you still say this is steady growth? Could not educationalists in SSM see this as a problem? What is the motivation behind increasing the student strength by 50% other than money? And this is not going to end here. At this rate, each class might have 45 students next year. Yes, this is steady growth!

 I'll quote another incident that happened in SSM recently which'll give some idea about their planning and execution skill. Till last year, JM students were having food in their class room. This year all students were asked to have food at the lunch hall newly constructed in the 3rd floor. This is based on the correspondent's thought that classrooms are temples of learning and having food in classrooms is polluting it. Noble thought one has to say, but if you think about it there are lots of practical difficulties in executing it. Just focus on the plight on JM1 students alone. Imagine 2.5-3 yr old kids being asked to use stairs on 3 floors and using elevators. Even for parents to ensure their 2.5 yr old uses the stair/elevator safely requires lot of attention. Imagine 18 such kids being made to do that for 3 floors under the supervision of 2 people. There were near incidents but fortunately things didn't turn bad. Before you try to justify this, SSM mgmt itself has abandoned this idea for JM1 for the time being. It's this sort of goof up at every turn that makes me question the planning and execution skill of SSM. They are trying to grow faster than they can handle.

        Finally, I repeat that I don't have anything personal against SSM or Mr. Santhanam. In fact, I admire the correspondent and his emphasis on value system and was one of the reason I chose SSM for my kid. But I cannot absolve him or SSM mgmt for beginning to lose it. I simply can't understand what made them to increase the intake of JM1 by so much. Hope this is a temporary blip and a course correction is taken.

        It is not about whether you or I who is correct. Reality cannot be further from truth and it'll come out in due course. Let the parents do their own research and come to their own conclusion. If my post helps in tempering some of the expectation and hype surrounding SSM MLC, then I would be happy, for I feel that is also one of the important factor in so many admission to JM1 this year.



vidhyasri 2013-08-30 23:39:55



We are looking for admission in SSM for Pre-KG 2014-2015. Please let us know when would SSM distribute application form for admission



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