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R1Ma 2020-01-22 08:16:00


@iamsam...did u ask for bus fees also...but anyways NPSI is a very very expensive school. My daughter being an ex-student. And since we have relocated back to Chennai....trying for NPSI again. But seems to be difficult. As if for grade 1 it's 1.67 much they will be asking for grade4

R1Ma 2020-01-22 08:17:28


I even applied for babaji about a month ago. But yet receive a revert. Rest of the schools in n around perumbakkam area are not that great.

iamsam 2020-01-22 23:32:19


@R1Ma - Bus fees is separate and I think it will come around 25k from pallikaranai and additional cost for books & uniforms which I feel would take roughly 4-5k. Totally, it gets into 2lakhs per year.

With 10-15% year on year hike, I'm afraid it would be very very expensive. I believe they have increased fee due to the construction of ground & other areas. I have seen Proposed Auditorium & Play ground pics in the office.

I'm really confused with this and I have Hindustan International School & Vista Billabong as other options and both of them would come and close around 1.30 lakhs all inclusive.

Pl provide your views..

R1Ma 2020-01-23 07:00:45


Visited NPSI, Babaji JS Global and Tatva yesterday. nPSI arranged for a. Test .....even Babaji asked us to come on Friday for test. But then we liked JS global as well... let's see how things fall in place.

R1Ma 2020-01-23 07:04:14


@iamsam...yes NPSI is a very very expensive school. My daughter is an ex-student, yet there is no concession on that...for Grade for it may come up to 1.8 lakh n then other expenses. We have to have other options

radsrisri 2020-01-27 18:16:16


Anyone has got admission for grade 3 and paid the fees?

Vedhmom26 2020-03-03 23:29:00


@R1m how about JS global? Could you please provide your reviews?

Vedhmom26 2020-03-03 23:30:38


@iamsam, how about vista billabong I heard it€™s yet to get affiliation? Could you please provide your feedback about that school?

R1Ma 2020-03-04 09:23:13


JS Global is comparatively a new school. igcse board...whereas NPSI is ICSE. We have visited the school... quite good. It's a hard core international school. the curriculum n the teaching methodology everything is how it is done in abroad. One of my friend's son is in UKG...she happy with the school. U must visit the school once

Vidiya 2020-03-04 10:12:16


Hello Parents,
We recently got admission in Babaji Vidyashram, does the school bus comes till embassy residency as the distance is lil long?

Daddycool88 2020-03-04 13:53:53


@Vedhmom26 : My child goes to LKG in JS global school. As R1Ma mentioned, it is relatively new and purely an IGCSE school. Infrastructure, safety and hygeine is excellent. There is an empty land parcel adjacent to the school which is the proposed playground. Right now there is basketball, badminton court, cricket nets inside the campus. As for academics I can't say much since my kid is only in kindergarten. This year they have upto 8th grade. All teachers come across as friendly and well read. Teacher student interaction is quite good. Fees is on par with most other IGCSE schools. School bus connectivity is good. If you are keen on IGCSE board then you should consider this school. Visit the school and see for yourself if it suits your requirements.

Vedhmom26 2020-03-04 18:17:25


That€™s good, I will visit the school. thank you for your input. How about the fee structure? 

gkumar 2020-03-06 15:12:36


Most of the new schools, never stick to their commitment to Parents and also to their own staffs. Bças of this kids will experience the frequent staff changes.

Choose a well-established school with good staff retention rate. I knew few schools in OMR and Medavakkam area with very poor retention rates which includes principal as well :) 


Vedhmom26 2020-03-06 19:33:12


That€™s abosolutely correcf gk sir.. if you find a good one please let me know! I€™m new to Medavakkam and I couldn€™t find a reputed schools around my area. 

gkumar 2020-03-09 10:33:07


Unfortunately, there is no good schools in Medavakkam area. However, neighborhood has few schools. I would suggest NPS, Babaji and APL global schools which has practical proximity from Medavakkam. 

Also, There is new Sairam Leo Muthu Public school in Medavakkam starting this year. Considering their history, perhaps this school also shines! Finger crossed though!  Visit all the schools and choose based on your priority. Good Luck!


sen9581 2020-03-09 10:36:11


any feedback about Alpha international school Sembakkam. 

gkumar 2020-03-09 11:19:34


 sen9581; Its OK kind of school. CIT nagar campus is good i heard.

rravi 2020-03-09 20:28:16


How about Vista billabong in Medavakkam?

gkumar 2020-03-10 11:04:00


@rravi: Its Franchiser and Franchisee type network school and its all about how franchisee is managing that particular school branch.          I visited to school sometime back and dont feel school ambience. I am not sure whether they converted residential apartment as a school. Literally no space for playground! May be a good choice up to kinder gardens! Since its a new ICSE school, I dont have an idea about their academic and teaching reputations! I havent applied to this school after looking at their campus :) 

0920 2020-03-15 20:18:09


I have been to vista billabong school , they follow icse syllabus , till 4th they mentioned that dey follow billabong curriculum( igsce+icsce+ cbse), and later icse.. they have a good curriculum , and teachers , principal and supporting staff are professional and approachable . Ground seems to be small .. they do offer swimming, karate , music , dance extracurricular activities. After checking npsi, babaji , orchid.. we finally chose Vista billabong.. my daughter z in 1st grade . Fee is reasonable wen compared to other schools.. one time payment - 20k And annual fee- 107000 ( includes school uniform, books, bag, shoes ) transport extra .

0920 2020-03-15 20:19:42


Babaji , insists to shift near to school with a proximity below 3kms.


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