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kpn 2014-02-28 13:58:31



Congrats !! No donation. Fee between 70-80K.
Keep us updated on how it goes .
Which std are you applying ? What is the age of your kid ?
Were you asked to get your kid also for admission ?
Can you please ask them about Montessori admissions when you meet them in person tomorrow ?

Thank a lot. 

1908 2014-02-28 15:15:37


Can you please update which standard for you got a call from?

manigopi 2014-02-28 15:28:22


Hi bujulu... Happy to hear.. May I know for which grade u have applied? We have applied for Montessori... Kindly reply

manigopi 2014-02-28 15:32:06


Hi all, just now called NPS... I enquired about Montessori admissions.. They told that they r shortlisting the candidates and shortlisted candidates can expect calls from tomorrow.

rakesh1984 2014-02-28 15:45:22


Thanks Mani,

Any news on the age criteria for Montessori ?

1908 2014-02-28 16:46:15


I am poor on this regard.Montesorri includes LKG/UKGs? Pls advise.

rakesh1984 2014-02-28 16:49:10


In NPS, Montessori - Pre KG, then they have LKG and UKG.

rakesh1984 2014-02-28 16:51:07


LKG is called as - KG1 and UKG is KG 2

1908 2014-02-28 17:04:46


Thanks a lot Rakesh...started feeling like a parent of yet to study going kid...:-)
By the way any calls for KGs do u aware of please?

rakesh1984 2014-02-28 17:10:27


Think the calls will start from tommorow if its shortlisted

Bujulu 2014-02-28 17:13:33


We have applied for KG1. 

rakesh1984 2014-02-28 18:36:13


Hi Bujulu,

May i know the Date of Birth of your KID ?

Nirudra 2014-02-28 19:21:25


Got a call from nps for a discussion tomorrow. I had applied for montessori.

rakesh1984 2014-02-28 19:28:04


Hi Nirudra,

May i know the Date of Birth of your KID ?

manigopi 2014-02-28 19:59:57


@nirudra thanks for the update... May I know when did u submit the application.. I mean .. On which date?

Bujulu 2014-02-28 20:02:53


Daughter birth date is Nov 10 2010

1908 2014-02-28 20:07:10


I guess mine is not short listed...didnt get any call yet...:-(

rakesh1984 2014-02-28 20:09:52


@ 1908 did you apply for KG1 or KG2 ?

1908 2014-02-28 20:16:30


@ rakesh198 actually I was very new while she advised me to select both...he is 4 and 4 months as of now and will be 4 n half by June 1st...

kpn 2014-02-28 21:00:28


Montessori and KGs are completely different.

Montessori is a way of education and it is a 3 year curriculum. Children from age 3-6 will be the same classroom and learn together.It is a mixed aged classroom. ( age criteria is 3 )

KG1 is similar to LKG ( age is 4 ) 
KG2 is similar to UKG. ( age is 5 ) 

at the age of 6 , all these children will move to 1st std together.


rakesh1984 2014-02-28 21:15:36


The age criteria is still not very clear as Bujulu has got a call for KG 1 though his kid is born in Nov 2010 which means he/she would have completed only 3.8 months as on June 2014 ?

Nirudra 2014-02-28 21:27:27


My kid will be 3 yrs by jun. @Manigopi : I dont remember the exact date when we submitted, it was around the 2nd or 3rd day they started receiving the applications.

Vidyuth 2014-02-28 23:08:53


Received call frm NPS for interview tomorrow aftn.We had applied for montessori.My son would be 3 by July end.

manigopi 2014-03-01 12:31:13


hi all, if anybody gets call for montessori .. pls update.. i tried to call today but nobody picking up.. so tensed

rakesh1984 2014-03-01 15:28:29


@ manigopi i did call them in the morning today and they told that shortlisted kids for monttessori have already been called for discussion today afternoon , so probably we were not called beacause we did not meet the age criteria ?

KokilaSridhar 2014-03-01 18:06:28


Hi, is there anyone who has applied for KG2. Please update if you have got any call from the school.

manigopi 2014-03-01 21:11:04


Hi nirudra... Hope u had discussion for Montessori today... I didn't receive call today.. Can u please explain.. Is the Montessori admissions are over? Shall I expect call on Monday? I don't know in which criteria we lack.. Becoz my son also turns 3 this June.. Am so tensed.. This school is my only hope.. Pls reply

1908 2014-03-01 21:11:38


Hi All...I got a call for my son but to join KG1...they got age criteria cut off month as my son is 4 n 11 months by september and m advised for KG1 only...hv to follow if I want...

Nirudra 2014-03-01 21:30:57


@Manigopi : yes we had our discussion today and we were asked to pay the fees by wednesday. I am not sure if montessori admissions are over. You better go to school in person and check with them incase they dont pick up ur call. I saw few parents today enquire abt the age critiera in the school, so chk with the school . Do not loose hope, they shud be able to help you.

kpn 2014-03-01 21:41:16


hi all , i too got a call and finished our interaction for montessori today.Our kid will finish 3 years before june. I recommend other parents who have not yet got a call to personally  visit the school for updates. I saw the admission co-ordinator give the same suggestion to another parent who was at the school today.

Other details :
-Fee is 77250 . No donation /admission fee. Fee for uniform and books extra. 
-Not much questions asked during interaction. Just a informal casual chat. No interview for the kid.



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