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MGS 2013-01-03 10:17:05



Currently I am located in Perumbakkam, chennai.  I am seeking LKG admission for my son.  I have applied online pre-application in BVM Global school. 

I heared that National PUblic school would be functioning from Acedemic Year 2013-14.  But when i enquire about that in National School - gopalapuram, they said that We will start from 2014-15 only. 

Anybody can clarify this.  

would you refer any good school nearby this place.  ( except PSBB-Millinium and SJP ), since PSBB M closed the application formality.  and SPJ is asking 1.2Lakhs for admission.  



MGS 2013-01-06 11:35:48


Any update about this ?


Gopinathj 2013-01-15 09:48:31


 Ohh NPS coming in Perumbakkam.. its a news for me.. 


tinavivek 2013-11-19 11:46:46


Hi All,

NPS has almost completed the construction near Global Hospital. Good infrastructure. I called NPS Gopalapuram, they are sure to start for the academic year 2014 and 2015. But they are not sure when they will be issuing the application form.


Gopinathj 2013-11-19 12:23:11


yeah true.. They are telling that they'll be issuing application only in jan or Feb..

anupmom 2013-11-19 14:28:11


hey any idea on age criteria in NPS for Pre-kg?

LionCub 2013-11-19 16:22:09


Also till which standard they are going to open for the academic year 2014-2015?  

tinavivek 2013-11-21 12:40:05


Visited NPS yesterday. The infrastructure is really good. Called NPS Gopalapuram, this year they will start with Montessori, LKG, no idea of upper class limit, depends of the enquiries I guess. They will do the electrification testing in the month of Jan. If everything goes well, they will issue in Jan if not they will postpone. Whatever it is they are sure to start for the year 2014. The fee structure will not be similar to Gopalapuram it seems. As usual 1st preference is to Embassy residents.
They have taken down my number. They will call me once they start the admission formalities.


Radhika2207 2013-11-21 17:51:43


Please share the contact number of NPS

Adiboy 2013-11-21 18:18:30


hi can someone guide me through how the NPS of gopalapuram been ? since i am looking forward to approaching NPS of perumbakkam for my son.

bhasen1980 2013-11-25 20:48:55



Is there any update on NPS Perumbakkam. Has anyone seen the campus? How is it? Do they have playground?
Are they planning to start this year and till what classes they are planning to start. When are they planning to give the applications?

Please let me know if you have any details on it. Thanks.

 Former member 2013-12-10 15:18:12


I have called NPS, Gopalapuram last week and asked about NPS in Embassy Residency. They have asked me to get in touch with them on January. Anybody have update on this?

bhasen1980 2013-12-10 20:20:22


I also called them and they told to get in touch in Jan..

seenu123 2013-12-10 20:26:44


Is there any Good CBSE school around Medavakkam

vardheep 2013-12-11 10:55:13


Ravindra bharathi global school has opened a branch in Medavakkam.They have already started issuing applications. But the reviews are not so good. Any thoughts ?

seenu123 2013-12-11 19:27:36


 NPS,perumbakkam  is CBSC school?

RameshC 2013-12-17 11:22:02


Does any one know about the fee structure of NPS Gopalapuram?

Usharani 2013-12-27 10:12:25


Hi tinavivek,

Please do initimate if the admission starts for Perumbakkam branch, my email id -

tinavivek 2013-12-27 12:41:46


Sure. I am planning to call them by 1st week of Jan, 2014

Usharani 2013-12-27 16:37:28


Hi Tina,

Do u have any idea on the fee structure, an approximate figure?

Gopinathj 2013-12-30 12:36:54


thats still a question.. :(

Aparna13 2013-12-30 13:49:02


anybody who knows the fees they charge in gopalapuram

tinavivek 2013-12-30 15:25:36


In Gopalapuram it is 75/year. When I enquired in Gopalapuram about NPS Perumbakkam fee structure, they mentioned it might be above 75k a year. Even they are sure about the fees.

RameshC 2014-01-02 12:42:00


I have called NPS gopalapuram today. They said the application will be available through online in another 10/15 days. It seems the age criteria for montessori is the child should be at age 3 on Sep-14. Anybody have any idea on age criteria for montessori?

Saidi 2014-01-02 19:43:55


I too called them today and they are saying the applications will be issues after 20th Jan'14. I will keep you posted the status as soon as I receive some update.

Kindly let me know if any further update you have before 20th Jan'14.

gkumar 2014-01-07 12:17:21


I called them today and they ask me to check after Jan'20 2014. Sounds like application issue date not confirmed yet.

nithyav82 2014-01-16 14:30:31


@ Ramesh C - 14 days before i could see your comment application form through online in another 10/15 days.
Have you got any further update on this and any official contact number for NPS Perumbakkam Branch.
Please let me know the admission process.

Any Idea on the fee structure


ashraf 2014-01-16 16:05:34


Friends, Today i called NPS and they told me to call them again by this month end, around 28th Jan and the concern person told me that they will start admission by Feb 2013


Saidi 2014-01-17 17:46:51


Hi....can any one suggest about the fee structure for 1st Std at Perumbakkam branch...

cravi4u 2014-01-20 22:58:11



I am also looking for admission for my son. Can you please share the details regarding the fee structure and other relevant information..


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