CBSE Schools in Kolathur, Perambur, Periyar Nagar

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skneya21 2012-11-29 12:04:16


Can some one provide the list of best cbse schools in an around Kolathur, Perambur, Periyar Nagar? Any parents with the review of those cbse schools will help new parents to decide the schoold for their kids.

barathi 2012-11-29 12:43:47


vivekananda vidhyalaya in kolathur


skneya21 2012-11-30 00:29:46


Thanks Barathi. Is your kid studying in vivekananda vidyalaya, kolathur? It would be great if you can share your views on below points...its a great help for parents

1. Academics
2. Teacher's Standards and expertise
3. Student Teachers ratio
4. Infrastructure
5. Fee Structure
6. School's interaction/behaviour with parents or treating parents
7. Communication standard (Teacher & Students)
8. Extra Curricular Activities
9. Field Trips - places and frequency
10. Transport
11. Positives and Negavtives you feel

How about Everwin Vidyashram, Vivekananda vidyalaya in perambur?



Sinju2010 2012-12-01 19:35:50



Im also in perambur, trying for prekg admission. March 2010 born. 

Vivekananda vidyalaya is good, hv to try when they issue forms. 

Dnt knw ant ever win.

Which other schools are u trying?


skneya 2012-12-02 21:18:49



My daughter is Feb 2010 born so she will not be eligible for LKG for coming year. I am collecting information about various schools for LKG admission in 2014.

Vivekananda vidyalaya, kolathur don't offer pre-kg. I checked with tiny toddlers, kilpauk for pre-kg (group school of Maharishi Vidya Mandir with 50 seat quota) but their main criteria for selection is distance (home should be in the radius of 2km). Moreover there is no guarantee that if we got seat in tiny toddlers will get admission in maharishi. But it increases the chances of we getting addmission in maharishi.

My cousin's daughter and son are studying in everwin and the feedback is good, but they haven't got affiliation yet. They will get soon it seems. Fee structure is also nominal, I heard.

I am also looking at Sindhi model school, kilpauk, Chinmaya Annanagar, maharishi, vivekanada vidyalaya, perambur, velammal vidyashram, surapet...

Distance is the main thinking if a shift is really needed for schools with high demand...

What's ur plan?


Sinju2010 2012-12-02 23:11:02


 Neya, I think we r sailing in the same boat.

1.i am not opting for vivekananda vidyalaya,kolathur, since vivekananda vidyalaya perambur is nearer to me.  VV perambur issues forms in January. I guess vivekanda perambur(CBSE) admits children of 3 yrs for LKG.  So age will not be a problem here for us.

2. Tiny toddlers: as u said there is no guarantee for LKG in Maharishi, inspite of us travelling long with our tiny toddlers for the whole year.  Anyhow, they said they issue forms only in January, after Pongal.

3. Ever win.. No idea.

4. Sindhi model...have u submitted form? I submitted on 30th. Waiting for their interview call.  Keep posting me.

As u mentioned, we are also on look out whether to shift or not. Whr r u put up?



skneya 2012-12-03 12:17:55


Sinju, I reside in Agaram so I am between VV kolathur and perambur. My neighbor's kids are studying in VV, perambur. Their feedback is everything is good except washrooms.

I am not preferring to put my kid to LKG this year eventhough VV, perambur is fine with 3 years for admission. Being mature than others in the class will give the kid advantange if you put ur kid in 2014. This fact is also supported by a reasearch, I read. Moreover this is the age kids will enjoy so i decided to let her enjoy for one more year...after that 16plus years of study waiting...

I haven't tried sindi this year due to the distance and thought of trying for LKG (hope they will admit for LKG). If i get then I can shift to the nearby locality.

This weekend I may go and check with tiny toddlers if they are ok provide admission if I shift after the admission. If they are ok then I will make a move there (not sure if they say ok for this).

Most of the parentree discussions are concentrating more on bhavans, MVM, chinmaya, psbb, etc..only popoular schools. so it is very hard to get information or feedback on other local schools! This is very sad...


skneya 2012-12-03 12:20:30


Sinju, another thing about admitting in 3 years is, it will create problems in appearing 10th exams. CBSE look for the age eligibility criteria to attend 10th exam only. One of my friend's relative got impacted due to this reason and school asked her to study 9th std one more think about this aspect as well


skneya 2012-12-04 01:07:35


Sinju, I had a look at VV perambur website and understand they will not accept students for LKG admission if the age is over 4 years. In our case, if we try next year for LKG then we are not eligible. Moreover website says only on april the online applications will be wat u have decided?


Sinju2010 2012-12-04 10:37:44


 Hi Neya, sorry for late reply.

Yes, as you said early, it will be better if we put our child later next year as most of the school's age criteria is also 3.6yrs. 

VV perambur has no problem in admitting kids of 3 and as u said kids more than 4 yrs are not given seats in LKG there. There is no need of repeating classes/standards to write 10th exam, since many students in my neighborhood are studying there, it's a well known fact. 

Dont knw why other schools hv fixed this 3.6 yrs criteria!! May be to get matured enough, I guess. I too agree its good to start school with all younger ones around:-)

My only worry is if we wait for other schools, will we be missing VV? 

I am thinking of getting form in VV (I'm told they will issue in Jan2013, will let u knw for sure) and try for LKG in 2013. Let him study there, and if needed we shall shift to others next year..


vishrutivmom 2012-12-04 15:50:45


Hi Sinju,

                    We have even applied for sindhi model for our daughter's LKG admission. How are you training your kid for the interview? did you get any notification from the school? abiding for your reply


skneya 2012-12-05 14:52:52


The same confusion we have!!! I did called VV, perambur and they asked to check the notice board! I wonder how come a parent will get to know there is an anouncement in VV's notice board. But my neighbor told me she will inform when they'll issue forms since her kids are studying there. She said they have 5 sections with 40 students in each so totally 200 seats and 50% of it alotted for sibling quota and the remaining will be for general public.

In the meantime I also thought as you did, putting the kid in VV now and moving next year...but will it create problems in admission process. I am not sure...

I am also checking Tiny toddlers refer the below link; It gives some positive feel.

Lets hope for the best...



Sinju2010 2012-12-05 15:42:54


 Vishrutimom, I hv applied for prekg in Sindhi due to age criteria, I don't knw will there be any interview for prekg kids!! For LKG , u can train ur kid for their name, the color of their dress, parents name and few simple questions. 

My kids at this age tells more than 25 rhymes, colors,names of birds, animals etc. but I doubt whether they will open their mouth at the time of interview! They just wont even look at the strangers. I don't kw why schools conduct such interviews for prekg.lkgs. ( I hv one idea, will they accept the recordings taken at home?heheh)

I am yet to get call letter from Sindhi. Pls inform me when u get it.



Sinju2010 2012-12-05 15:59:06


 Neya, yes, if we admit our kid in VV this year, then Maharishi admission will be a prob next year. We need to decide it now,whether to join in Maharishi or other schools. But apart from Maharishi, there are chances of us getting LKG next year in Chinmaya,SBOA,DAV,Bhavans or any other cbse schools. 

If only for Maharishi, we need to shift this year and get admission in TT.  I'm not very comfortable in shifting as we r in own house. So I don't knw how r things going to work.

vishrutivmom 2012-12-05 18:13:50


hi my daughter is september 2009 born and she is reciting everything with us at home but when she is out of the home, she wears the mask of shyness. Can somebody help me out to help her to get rid of her shyness, well before her interview?


vishrutivmom 2012-12-05 18:14:34


Hi sinju couild you say me where u reside?



skneya 2012-12-05 20:43:39


Oh! All these schools are considering distance as a criteria. Either big recommendation should be there or need to shift where the school is. This is the big debate going on in my home...!!!


skneya 2012-12-06 09:16:48


FYI...called VV, Kolathur now and understand siblling quota will fill the seats available so no seats for general public. If any seats left then information wil be shared via notice board.

Age criteria: Must be 3 yrs as on March 31st and over 4 yrs considered as over age hence not eligible for admission.


Sinju2010 2012-12-06 15:10:17


 Vishrutimom,I reside at perambur near reliance. 



Sinju2010 2012-12-06 15:10:38


 Neya, so what's ur decision?



skneya 2012-12-06 15:53:31


Thats the big head ache now Sinju. The options i think are:

Either shifting to the locality for school or residing here itself and put my kid in any of the schools closer.

I am not convinced to put my daughter in LKG in 3yrs itself but fortunately or unfortunately the VV, kolathur and perambur said they will not admit the child over 4yrs (by the time 2014-2015 admission). Velammal Vidayashram, Surapet is also fall under this category. So the last option closer home is 'Everwin' and i did called them now to check the age criteria but they asked me to come in person. So i will meet them on saturday. I have also checked their prospectus online and seems to be colorfull (with lot of paper cuttings) but am not sure about the quality. Most of the neighbours are saying Everwin is fine, they will get the cbse affiliation so no need to worry about it. Not shifting home to other locality for school will save money in terms of rent and other expenses. So that is also become a key criteria.

I am very keen in MVM or Chinmaya but i have to make a shift closerby to get a sear. So I have checked with Tiny toddlers (for MVM) but am not sure if they will accept if I can make the shift after the admission is confirmed. My family says do we need to stress this much for a school? This much hype is really worth?

I heard, to get an admission in sindhi model school we have to visit correspondent regulary and convince them that we are really interested in their school. Additionally money is also another factor it seems. So I am not looking after that.

So wat i have decided is to wait and watch - wat everwin & Tiny toddler say. If TT is ok with shift after admission I may then take a decision to move near kilpauk or everwin need to confirm their terms. Based on this i have to take a decision.

What is your decision? Any suggestion to me?



Sinju2010 2012-12-10 00:12:31


 Hi Neya,

Did u visit ever win? Wht did they say? I second all your opinions.

Its better to put our kids anywhere near our home for prekg rather than shifting home.

TT issues forms in Jan , rite? So we hv time to make a decision till Jan.

Whts feedback from ever win? Wht do u think of thy school?


skneya 2012-12-10 17:14:02



Here you have my views on everwin based on my visit to the school and discussion I had:

Age Criteria:
They consider the age of the child should be 3 yrs as on Apr 1st, hence they asked me to put my kid in LKG in 2013 since she will be 3.1yrs as on Apr 2013. But I am not convinced with that and am only planning for LKG in 2014.

School looks ok. There are 3 buildings they have for CBSE stream, one for KG. One duplex house inside the campus where 3rd std sections are put on. The last one is a big building where rest of the classes (upto 1, 2 & 4, 5 & 6th). All of the class rooms are air conditioned. From next year they are adding 7th in CBSE. The KG class rooms are fine but the washroom is inside the class room which I don't like it.

They do have a big play ground with the total of 8 buildings for both CBSE & Matric.

Curriculam & Extra-Curricular Activities:
They have upto 6th std in CBSE and upto +2 in matric. During my visit there was a programme on how we learn for KGs. Children were dressed like, bharathi, avvai, vivekananda, thiruvalluvar etc and saying respective tamil poems. Like wise there were various programmes running and childeren were actively partcipating in those.

CBSE Affiliation:
They said they are awaiting for the affiliation since they have already got the NOC from govt and applied for affiliation.

Student - Teacher ratio:
As of now 9 sections in KG classes. 30 to 35 students per section with 1 teacher and 1 helper.

School's interaction/behaviour with parents or treating parents:
They were polite in terms of interaction with parents and easy approachable. But no much details I can share about the class teachers and their expertise since i didn't had chance to interact with them.

Communication standard (Teacher & Students):
Teachers talk in both tamil & english but they stress more on talking in english.

School Timing:
For LKG & UKG is from 9AM to 3PM, which I am not comfortable with. But they said they utilise the full day with various activities for kids so they don't feel tired. Parents can send the lunch or can come during lunch to feed in the kid.

Fee structure:
If you choose term fee option - around 35k/year
If you choose one time payment - around 31k/year
Another plan is very unique I heard is , pay around 100k for LKG, UKG & 1std as one time payment then after the 1st std they will refund the amount you paid!

Transport fee varies depend on the location where you are. For me its around 4k/yr (Jawahar nagar). You do have option to choose ac or non-ac transport. But I missed to check if the above said fee is for ac or non-ac.

Feedback from other parents:
My cousin's kids are studying there in CBSE, and she is fine with the school. My friend's kid is also studying in the same school but in matric, his view is generally upto 5th std everwin is best and after 5th they are bit of linient with the students interms of academics i believe. I feel that's ok, since not to pressurise the child on only academics and marks is good.

During my visit, a kid was distributing chocolates for his b'day and they did gave him a small gift, which is good.

I have also got the prospectus (you can download from their website which contains lot of pictures and news cuttings about their achivements, infrastructure etc, which is very attractive).

You do check with neighbors and friends and share if you have got any further views about the school.

My wife is much satisfied with the school but I am 70-80% ok with the school and yet to take a decision...


Sinju2010 2012-12-10 23:00:51


 Hi Neya, thank u very much for the detailed info. It will be useful for all the parents who consider everwin. 

Looks like pretty school, my neighbors are ok with the school too. Since it is a new one, it will hv some teething problem, overall it's good.

Me too yet to take a decision...........


SSM12 2013-03-22 14:24:33


Any idea about Smt. Durgadevi Choudhary Vivekananda Vidyalaya in Kolathur? Hw it is compared to Bhaktavatsalam in Korattur?


vishrutivmom 2013-03-24 11:00:15


Hi SSM12, this school so much better than Bhaktavatsalam, Korattur and Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Perambur. Eagerly waiting for the issue of application form in that school. Please share if there is any updation abt application form  for LKG. 




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