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ganeez 2013-01-09 22:09:43



I got the call from the school yesterday for prekg and attended the interview today. They didnt even had a word with my son. They just verified about my qualification and job details and most important salary part. Interview over and been selected. I am staying 4.5 kms from the school and they dont bother about the distance. We need to pay the fees of 55K by tomorrow morning 9 AM to the principal.


Sinju2010 2013-01-09 23:30:46


 Thanks Ganeez for the update.  We r still waiting for the call. Is the fees 55k?? No negotiation? And can we ask time to arrange for the money?


ganeez 2013-01-10 09:36:59


Fees is 15K but the capitation fee is 40K


ganeez 2013-01-10 10:40:46


no time given and payment should be on the very next day. No negotiation possible since people are waiting to pay even more than this


vijay22 2013-01-10 21:22:30


 HI Ganeez


Did you go through some reference?? 


Sinju2010 2013-01-10 22:41:12


 S vijay, I hv the same question to Ganeez. Any recommendations Ganeez?


ganeez 2013-01-11 09:41:34


nope. i dont have one even


vijay22 2013-01-11 12:47:50


 are you from TCS, Wipro, Infy or CTS by any chance?


ganeez 2013-01-11 13:33:04


i am not from IT industry. I am from banking


vijay22 2013-01-11 14:56:10


 just  thinking on what basis they are calling for interviews.. getting no clues 


vijay22 2013-01-11 19:19:36


 HI ganeez,

what address proof did you give for the school? DL? or ration card?


Sinju2010 2013-01-11 20:03:15


 Vijay, u attended the interview rite? Whts the feedback? I didn't even get a call frm them yet.




Sinju2010 2013-01-13 18:59:23


 All, any info on Tiny Toddlers? When r they issuing forms? Any idea?


vijay22 2013-01-15 12:58:22


 Hi Sinju,

I was told intially that they will get back to me after 1 week.. I have been visiting the school every now and then.. they now say after pongal.. i hear people paying fees.. so i have a doubt now only God knows!!


Sinju2010 2013-01-17 11:44:05


 Sindhi admissions for prekg is over, I am told. We have applied but we didn't even get  a call from them for interview and asked to wait for our turn after Pongal. But when I called today they say all the admissions were over. 

They initially told tht every applicants will be called for interview. I was expecting their call each day from November. Totally disappointed today :-((((((((

Another parents who didn't get call/ admission in Sindhi? 

Wht ant u Vijay?

I have to check other schools nw. any suggestions?



sandyhr 2013-01-17 12:19:57


hi sinju

We are sailing on the same boat.  same with me too. my son was not even called for interview in Sindhi.

in Office, when i enquired,they dont even know the selection criteria.




GaneshRaj 2013-01-17 12:33:40


Just now I called the Sindhi model school and they informed admissions are closed. I hope they will get more money and close the admissions as they did on Kola saraswathi.


Sinju2010 2013-01-17 22:42:16


 Yeah...think they give more pref to community. Whatever may be, all the best to those who got admission.

Sandy/Ganesh, which other schools r u trying nw?



sandyhr 2013-01-18 09:18:33


hi Sinju

good morning

i have MVM prekg in card now. how old is your kid?

whats there in your list?




Sinju2010 2013-01-18 12:49:28


 My kid's DOB is 3.3.2010. Wht abt ur kid?

When is tidy toddlers issuing forms? Any idea?

Am planning to look out for VV perambur LKG , SBOA prekg or TT prekg. Is there any other option? Whr do u reside?


sandyhr 2013-01-18 15:15:18



my son rohit is 04.03.2010

he is presently attending play school in kilpauk garden(tats where we reside too)

i was about to ask that question, your place of stay also matter to suggest if




sandyhr 2013-01-22 09:10:57


tiny toddlers finally picked up my call, responded saying they will issue application in march for pre-kg.

for your information please





Sinju2010 2013-01-22 13:01:47


 Thanks sandy. So we hv to wait for march now.:-)




Sinju2010 2013-01-22 13:02:29


 Vijay, wht abt u? Wht abt the admission in Sindhi?  Got it?


Sinju2010 2013-01-22 13:03:36


 Wht abt u Ganeez? U got admission, hv u paid the fees?



sandyhr 2013-01-22 14:27:47



pls suggest me some more schools which are closer to kilpauk garden. since our kids of same age group you know our requirements better


ganeez 2013-01-22 14:45:49



No i have not paid the fees. i am awaiting for PSBB results.


Sinju2010 2013-01-23 00:02:45


 Sandy, r u looking only on cbse? If so, we hv to wait till next year for LKG adm in Chinmaya, sboa,Bhavans.

Otherwise, ewarts, doveton courie  are all good schools.

Whts ur opinion? And wht r the schools in ur mind?


Sinju2010 2013-01-23 00:03:36


 Ganeez, have sindhi accepted ur fees delay? Till when?


ganeez 2013-01-23 09:22:29


i have not informed them yet. May be if PSBB results is not favoring me i will again approach sindhi



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