PSBB Milenuim,OMR Vs BVM Global, Bollineni

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Aj25 2012-11-19 07:17:00



I staty in and around Medavakam area and looking to join my kid this year in Pre Kg. I have narrowed down on two schools - PSBB Milenuim,OMR or BVM Global, bollineni .

I would like to know reviews of these schools and comparasion of them would help to take a better choice.

Gopinathj 2012-11-19 10:57:17


 As far as I know..

Fees is lesser in PSBBM..

Currently the infra is better in PSBBM but there is a proposed high school for BVM not sure when they will commence..

From Medavakkam BVM is closer..

I think Student - Teacher ratio is less in PSBBM, not sure..

Both schools have got very good reputation..

I think, if u r getting transfered to Blore, then you can get your kid seat transfered to PSBBM blore with less hassle.. but not sure check it out..

Robotics is taught only in BVM..

Its your choice.. :)




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