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MeeraS 2009-02-12 08:44:47




Anybody's kids studying in maharishi vidya mandir among our chennai group.  my son is studying 1 std in maharishi.




keshav 2009-02-21 07:18:41


Hi Meera,

Can u provide some info on the school.Whether there is KG Classes?Whether the Kid's residence is to be within a distance of the school son is 1.5 years old and iam residing in perambur.

Good day





MeeraS 2009-02-26 09:20:49


HI Keshav

School is pretty good., after two years of struggle - trying to get an admission in a good school, i was immensly satisfied with maharishi.  the curriculum is very good, they really take care of our kid as well as treat the parents very good.  they also have lot of activities., 

The classes start from only LKG i.e 3+, your son is only 1.5 now.  you can try at an appropriate time., they say for lkg they hv to be within 5 kms., but school buses go till perambur, icf, villivakkam and all. 



deepbind 2009-03-20 14:23:40





how abt the school ?is it towards academic side..or any extracurricular abt their personality development skills.

do they charge very high annual fee structure.

thank u




MeeraS 2009-03-20 17:55:56



there are lot of extra activities.... u can choose from a list and they cover it in the school hours itself., eachday they alot for one activity.  thursday they do bhajans, daily they have meditation classes., and from 4th std they have regular yoga classes also (which is very good for kids for healthy life)

fees are very nominal only as they are in the other schools.,


Chinju 2009-05-18 12:41:51



I would like to know the age criteria for LKG admission in this school. My Daughter is born Jan 2007. Will she be eligble in 2010 in LKG?




LakshmiSundar 2009-07-23 23:29:23


Hi Meera,

My child is studying in LKG and I am thinking of enrolling him in Maharishi Vidya Mandir for UKG. It would be great, if you could help me by answering to my below queries

1.  During which month admission happens?

2. Do we need any recommendation / have to pay any donation?

3. Are they following Montessori method for the KG Classes?

Thanks in advance..

Best Regards,







Pavith 2009-08-18 17:36:30


Hi Meera,

Please guide me yaar. I need to seek admissions for the coming academic yr. How about the quality and fee structure?




MeeraS 2009-09-04 18:37:11


Hello lakshmi & pavithra.,

sorry i could not reply you earlier., i hv posed a review about the school in parentree review page., you  may kindly go through it.

For LKG they usually give forms during october, i think i shall enquire and tellyou.  For other classes, you have to enquire with the school.,   



LakshmiSundar 2009-09-07 11:31:33


 Thanks much Meera for your detail review about the school.  It definitely helps us to understand about the school from the parent's perspective.





santhimohan 2009-09-11 21:11:49


Hi meera,

This is Santhi,am planning to put my son in maharishi for LKG,when do they start giving application form.

i want to know about maharishi school.

do they are to acadamics side?

will they give homeworks for practice

how many students r there in a class.

is the rest rooms are clean?

is the admission process too tedious?

please reply me




MeeraS 2009-09-16 10:01:40


Hello santhi,

The admissions for LKG will be around october ithnk., i shall enquire and let you know.  They concentrate both on academics and over all developement with extra curricular activities., home works are very less.. infact, they practice only home work note for the main subjects and the text books are kept in the school., and sent during the weekends., to avoid loading the children with books and notebooks.,

students strenght are around 35-40 but they take well care of the children.,

Hope this helps.,



SUK 2009-11-24 21:10:02



sub:maharishi vidya mandir

Hows the schools culture,will the curriculum support overall development of the child..please let me know it will be helpful





Laksimi 2009-11-24 23:18:32


hi meera

is this a CBSE school and co-education school?

as per ur comments, i think issuing application forms wll be over as of now

can u pls confirm whether is there any possibility of getting appln forms



Chinju 2009-11-25 07:51:20


Hi Laksimi,

Yes this is a CBSE School and co-education school.

Application forms will be given Dec first week(i heard as Dec 2nd) for LKG.



SUK 2009-11-25 22:20:16



My kid was born on 6 jan 2007,will she be eligible for 2010 LKG ADMISSION





Laksimi 2009-11-25 22:31:14


Thanks chinju

my kid was born was 26th dec 2006, she is completing 3 yrs 5 months as on june 1st 2010, will she be eligible for lkg?


Chinju 2009-11-26 07:52:47


Hi Laksimi,

Yes your kid will be eligibe for LKG. As per the information i got 2006 kids will be eligible for 2010.


I am also in the same boat, my daughter was born on Jan 2nd, 2007...not sure if they are eligble.




MeeraS 2009-11-26 10:35:57


Hello friends.,

LKG application forms are issued on December 2 at Maharishi from 09.00 a.m to 12.00 noon.  this is what the circular they have sent.,




chennaimom 2009-11-26 11:56:55


Hi Chinju/ Suk,

Your kids will be eligible for LKG during 2011-12, but I would say take it positively as it might seem difficult right now but not over the period of next 16 years. It would infact work greatly in interest of your children as they would be better of to take the pressure when they go to classes 8th upwards.



animaddy 2009-11-26 13:06:39


hi meera


do u hav any idea within how many day  do they call for the interview in maharishi after submission of forms.  Because i am relocating from delhi and have to plan my travel accordingly.





Laksimi 2009-11-26 22:59:13


thanks chinju

is birth cerftificate necessary for getting application forms?

only parents shd go to get the application forms?



sathiya 2009-11-29 21:28:43


hi my son born 02/03/2009 in chennai   my son name is aryaa  admission in Maharish  in 2011 /12   


sathiya 2009-11-29 21:31:39


thinking you


Pavith 2009-11-30 11:03:13


Dear all,

Maharishi is issuing their appln forms for lkg on dec 2nd before 7.00 A.m. and a copy of birth certificate should be shown as a proof of age..

so r v ready to sleep on the road?????????????





Laksimi 2009-12-10 22:52:51



is there any chance of getting appln forms now?

unfortunately i missed getting the form

i have been thinking that my kid is not eligible for lkg. now only i recollect chinju's comments that my kid is eligible for lkg since she is 2006 born kid.

pls help me out



prashant10 2009-12-11 15:24:25


Hello deepbind,

What is the fee structure and donation criteria for  maharshi ?



vrsrb 2010-01-23 21:46:17


i see lot of positive comments about MVM ? Could you tell me what are the top three things that excites you about MVM


sripoo 2010-03-28 16:25:13


Please let me know whether buses are available from Velachery to Maharishi vidya mandir in chetpet, chennai?


dheeru 2010-03-29 14:59:37


My son is going to start his 11th std in MVM.  What about the facuties and the previous year board exam results?

To whom we have contact for foot ball coaching to the office people or directly the coach himself ?

Do they have school lunch service ? If not , what about the canteen?

 I would like to be connected with the parents of 11th std Science stream students




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