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Amirthababu 2012-11-07 18:09:07




We have joined our son in SAN academy for the next acaemic year 2013-14..

now he is studying in DAV adhamabakkam..where the pressure is  high.

now i just need to know..whether SAN is doing good..and about pressure.. also how

they would treat the 1st grade kids.. at the same time whether they wud make the kids to be more individualistic.. also wats their plan after 4th grade.. if any parents whose kids are in 1st or 2nd grade..plz help me out..






shoby 2012-11-09 10:31:06


hai amirthababu,

my kid is studying in SAN for the last 2 years, now he is in 1 std., i know some of children who go to DAV adambakkam, compared to them i feel my son doesn't have that much pressure,

from 1 std, the kids shd learn to be more independent and individualistic, they will also have FA and SA tests, the portions sometimes might look heavy, but if they study everyday and u/s the concepts and then write the exam it will be easy, there is no place for mug-up writing. 



Amirthababu 2012-11-09 21:32:46


Thank u Shoby, but i dont get the clarity.. 


1. whether SAN is having FA n SA methods?

2. Also do u see the sylabus of DAV? how abt the comparison between DAV n SAN?


pls clarify.. whether my decion of changing from DAV to SAN is right?


shoby 2012-11-10 12:45:13


 hai amirthababu,

1. yes, SAN follows FA and SA methods from I std onwards as they follow cbse curriculum. all cbse schools follow that way.

2. i have not seen the syllabus of DAV, from what i have heard, in DAV, for UKg, they have tamil and hindi and Q&A, in SAN language is from I std and also Q&A.

i can't compare SAN with DAV, its' upto each parents' ideology of what their kids want to study.

if u wish, u can come to SAN on a weekday evening at 3 and u can meet some of the parents of I std and also refer the books, it can give u a better idea.



Compuravi 2013-01-03 12:21:07


The school campus is very small, childrens have very little space as play ground.


ssbstalin 2013-10-14 18:10:02


Hi...I am new to this forum. I am looking for Pre.KG admission for my daughter for next academic yr 2014-2015. We are staying in Pallikaranai. We visited SAN Academy, Pallikaranai today. Not sure if the fees (25+ 60K +3.5K) is worth. Also,we need to pay the first term fees 20k and admission fee now itself. Can anyone suggest?  Will all the established schools have a similar fee structure?

YazhGanesh 2013-10-14 18:23:34


Hi All,,
Possibly I will put my daughter UKG in SAN acadamey Velchert this Saturday. As far as I researched and analysed, this school is good in terms of coaching. Very very student & parents friendly. The concern's I have are : 1) the school hasn't got the CBSE approval yet which means it is just an affiliated. 2) the fee structure (20K+60K+3.5K) for the year which is way high. 3) the school has a very small playground. 4) After 5th grade will they give admission to our kids in Palikaranai branch without any hassle? 5) UKG timings is way lesser hours than other schools.

srivig 2013-11-07 22:06:22


I have enrolled my kid for the year 2014-2015 (UKG).
Anybody with specific feedback,plz help me out

Sweetmom123 2013-11-08 03:06:58


Hi All,

Am new to this thread and watching this forum silently for the past one month.Am having a plan to join my kid in SAN for the next academic year.

Hi YazhGanesh,
Have u joined ur kid in SAN?I have a confusion in the fees.In the thread I came to know that fees for velachery is different from pallikaranai as pallikaranai branch is an upcoming one.For velachery the fees is (25+27(9*3)+10)K.But u have mentioned the pallikaranai fees for velachery.Can u plz clarify on the same?

Sweetmom123 2013-11-08 03:11:52


Hi Srivig,
For which branch u have enrolled ur kid?

sanaash 2013-11-08 08:07:04


 Hi I am new to this . can anyone update about the pallikaranai San fees. Is it same compared to other schools?

charulatha 2013-11-08 14:51:45


@Sanaash- Since I have paid fees for UKG, I can share this fee details: Admission-20k for 1 term(totally 3 terms)+25K donation+5k for Stationery and other charges.

sanaash 2013-11-08 18:49:44


Is it 20 k for the full year divided by three or every term 20k. Coz the annual fee will differ based on this. Is it 50k for the whole year. This 25 k will not be repeated every year right?

srivig 2013-11-08 22:39:56


Hey Hi
I have joined him in Velachery branch

sanaash 2013-11-09 07:44:23


Please share the fee amount for one year

charulatha 2013-11-09 12:21:41


@sanaash, 25k will not repeat ,only once at admission time as a donation.
20k tuition fees is 3 times a year .(60k/year)

ankur83 2013-12-12 14:46:02


Hi Everyone, I have visited San Academy for admission of my 2.8 years daughter in Pre-KG. They are charging 25K (admission fees) + 23.5K (1st term) + 20K (2nd term) + 20K (3rd term). 
Please guide me about the following - 
1. About the school 
2. Is the fees justified ?? 
3. I think the 25K admission fees will not be charged from next year onwards i.e. LKG. Any annual fees from next year i.e. LKG.
4. Any other good school in less fees structure than San Academy.

PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks.

prabhu12 2014-04-23 17:19:40


We just returned from USA and got our child admitted in UKG in SAN ACADEMY PALLIKARANI. She has completed first 2 years in US.
1)This school doesnt have the minimum attitude towards handling children which i doubt how the children will shape up morally and how their attitude will shape up.
2)The teachers mainly seem to be home makers who doenst have the basic command over english and i doubt whether they are certified ones.
3) As my daughter is very social and accepts chnages easily,she did not have any problems adapting but the school doesnt seem to be exciting as learning should be. All the teachers and others are very morose which does not give a warm environment.
4)Its just 3-4 days of school and the child who doesnt even complain of going to school comes back home dull and sad which shows the attention and care givne by the teachers.
5)This school basically seems to be money minters and giving blush hifi looks rather than concentrating on academics and buidling up the child morally and emotionally.

If anybody intrested in buiding up your child's lives....STAY AWAY.

kiransdusk 2014-09-10 19:31:04


I also felt the same. v r also very much concerned abt the quality of teachers.  and abt language tooo.. 

rose0511 2014-09-13 19:03:46


what is FA n SA methods?


subha12 2014-10-01 11:37:45


Hi Everyone,

i am planning to put my child in SAN .... Please share review about Pallikaranai_ SAN


coffeeday 2015-02-21 11:06:14


i have got Sr.Kg and 5std admission for my kid in San Pallikaranai ..i have to make the payment on Monday

Existing parents kindly provide comments on the school and your kid performance ..

Your feedback will really help me to admit my kids in this school


design 2015-02-21 18:58:01


kids are happy to go to is very save..n care ,principal is very cool an very active,
lots of activities are happening..


jagan1983 2015-08-27 14:21:48


Hi prabhu12 / sanaash,

I am planning to put my Kid in SAN Pallikaranai for UKG next Year (2016-2017), Can you please share your experience/review. 



SavithaAnand 2016-02-05 18:03:11


  I read a lot of mixed reviews about SAN Academy, Pallikaranai. I am seeking admission for Grade 4. 
Appreciate if any parent could provide me more details to help take decision-

1. How is the quality of education in Pallikaranai branch now? Do they have enough faculty?
2.Until which standard do they have? What is the strength of each class?
3. How is the school timings?
4. What is the fee structure like? Does each kid in the class pay different fees, every year. I see this pattern in other schools.
Appreciate response from Parents of Primary school kids.

pgram 2016-02-10 00:28:29


San is not good in teaching. money oriented. Teachers are paid less salary due to which standard is low. Management is not ready to take any actions on parent concern or school improvement. Still not got CBSE affiliation.

murugan75 2016-03-14 15:04:32


Yes, it was doing well but its a history now. I feel this is the worst school in Velachery now. Now all the activities, programs they conduct focuses only on promoting their business to attract new parents by conducting annual day, sports day, etc. rather than the academics. CBSE syllabus is followed but they haven't got accreditation from the central board. They think kids and parents are like their brand ambassadors to promote their school conducting various events to take photographs, videos, etc. But failing to teach the kids on their academic studies. For 1st standard kid, the syllabus is very heavy and if any parents ask/complaint the management or the teachers. They will start isolating that kid in the class room and target to put them as a non performer. They never care for the kids education and they are money suckers now ... Be careful and choose wisely.



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