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kpn 2012-10-29 11:12:49


Hi ,

I am looking to admit my child in pre-kg next year.

I have shortlist ed HLC and BVM bollineni

HLC this year charges 1L non-refundable fee as admission fee and 60 as school fee. 

BVM is yet to update this years fee structure  and will start the admission process only around mid-november.


Can you please give feedback on the following


2) is HLC school worth the fee they are asking ?

3) taking care of children , which is better

4) locality of both the schools

5) extra curricular activites 




brave 2012-10-29 11:29:16


but where do u live

hlc is very far off


brave 2012-10-29 11:32:08



be sure that u would be in places where there wd be igcse continuity of the same syallbus is important

igcse will not have any indian languges but supposed to be good because it is more analytical learning than the cbse.


Gopinathj 2012-10-29 12:00:15


 HLC has only one class per section and their student teacher ratio is far better than any other school..

Currently HLC has got better infra than BVM..

HLC takes care of kids in a better way..

Location wise BVM is comparitively better than HLC..

Did you visit the school? Visit the school and make the decsion..

Even St.Johns fees and RBGS fees is 60k.. So comparing with these schools, fees seems to be OK if you will continue your kid till higher classes..




kpn 2012-10-29 12:12:13


 hi all ,

thanks for your suggestions.

yes , i did visit the school and liked the campus and the people there.

i am yet to visit BVM as they said i can come only the day of appointment / application day.  they didnt give me an appointment to visit the school earlier. 

i stay near vengaivasal , so both these schools are a lil far for us. However , roads to HLC seemed better whereas the roads near bollineni were bad . 


Akila25 2012-10-31 12:08:57



Does BVM Bollineni started issuing forms? Please advise. Because i called then they told to call after Nov20 is that true?


kpn 2012-10-31 16:09:33


i was told that BVM will issue forms on 15th.

i guess it is better start calling them up from nov first week to get more accurate date. 

any idea about what the fee structure will look like in BVM ?? 


Akila25 2012-11-01 09:31:30


 Last yr I inquired they told us Deposit 40K+Tution fees 20K+Annual fees 40K. In which Deposit is refundable. No idea about this yr fees structure. If any one come to know about the current fees structure kindly update.

Thank you...


Lakme 2012-11-23 16:28:12


hi gopinath,

are your children studying in hlc? if so, can i have ur contact number or mail id. I wish to interact with u to know more on HLC.

how far is it from adyar, any idea???




Gopinathj 2012-11-23 17:26:16


 @Lakme: No.. my kid is not studying in HLC..


Lakme 2012-11-23 18:13:44



Any idea of how far is it from adyar. I dont know the exact address of HLC by the way.

Is it either in seevaram or karanai ? Please clarify me.




Gopinathj 2012-11-23 18:25:52


@Lakme: Its around 19kms.. Check out the link:



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