Admission for Pre-KG 2013 at DAV adambakkam or Velachery

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 Former member 2012-10-03 08:27:12



hi all,

i am kumaravel from madippakkam. i need a information about application issue in DAV Adambakkam or velachery  for Pre-KG 2013. can you pl any one share, the date of application issue....


Kumaravel M


 Former member 2012-10-09 11:00:45


Hi Kumaravel

When I reached out to them, I was told, after Oct 15, they will provide details on when the applications forms will be given in Nov 2012 for 2013 Pre KG Admissions.

Thanks, Balachandar


 Former member 2012-10-09 14:05:38




  Thanks for the info. also let me know the Cbse school in and around velcherry,Adambakkam and guidy.




Hymma 2012-10-09 15:37:28



Thanks fo information. But can anyone say which is best CBSE school??


AryaK 2012-10-27 13:21:43



I enquired in DAV Adambakkam last week Friday. They told me to contact them post puja vacation i.e. 29th Oct 2012. For Pre KG , DOB must fall in the year 2010.


CharanyaT 2012-10-29 12:29:50



When i called up DAV Adambakkam, they asked me to call by November 1st week. By the way, is all of your kids in playschool..? If so, which play school have u joined them in Velachery. My kiddo is born on Dec 12th 2010. I have not yet joined her in any of them.

DAV Velachery, they will post advertisement in Hindu. Check on sundays in late december of January. My kid will not meet the age criteria expected in DAV Velachery.

Both the schools follow CBSE standard.



Hymma 2012-10-29 15:24:09



Thanks for info..

My kid born on Aug 13th2010 I didnt put in play school.  If you are planing to put your kid in LKG its mandatory for playschool.. if preKG its not a must as per school norms.. 

If you people come to know the date of issuing for PREKGapplications in both DAV inform in the blog... It would be helpfull for all.

Thanks in advance


AryaK 2012-11-04 19:50:46


It seems there is no PreKG/LKG admission this year 2013 to 2014 in DAV Adambakkam .( As per School Associates)Can anyone let me know , if it is true...


kohi 2012-11-04 21:05:17


Yes, there is no prekg admissions for 2013 as enquired last week.

I was following this school from october, now they are saying that Seats are given to siblings who studying in their school and the seats are filled Like SSM in chrompet.

I don't know why they can say this before itself and what is happening??




 Former member 2012-11-05 00:46:27


I want to admit my daughter in 1st standard "DAV adambakkam" can any one let me know when they would issue applications for lateral enterants'?


SKay 2012-11-05 09:24:40


For DAV Adambakkam, lady in office room informed that seats for Pre K.G were already filled by siblings. Not sure how far its true.


kumar75 2012-11-05 14:14:41


yes, i also enquired and the same reply i got as this year pre-kg admission is only for siblings. please any one let me know about DAV Velacherry and Ravindra Bharathi Global school(new one) at keelkattalai.


AryaK 2012-11-06 10:05:14


DAV Velacherry - when I enquired , they told me to check the Hinu paper of last sunday , dec 2012.

An info on Navadisha or Arsha Vidya mandir...



Rajavel 2012-11-06 15:14:27



When i approached DAV Adambakkam for Std. IV admission for my son, they said no admissions for Std. IV.  Is there anyone like me trying to get admission for middle classes? 



Rajavel 2012-11-06 15:16:42


Have u got information regarding issue of application forms for 1st std.?



Gunju 2012-11-20 17:40:33


  Dear All, Can you Pl Suggest / Guide me When are the Admission strating for 2013 L-Kg Batch at DAV Vellachery. I am seeking Admission for my Daughter.

Kindly Guide me

Abilash Pai



AryaK 2012-11-24 14:59:17


Hi Gunju ,

Mostly last week of Dec need to check Hindu paper.


Kanishu 2012-12-07 12:53:35


Dear Parents,

Last week it was posted as No admission for this year in notice board. But today wen I went Pre KG admissions are going on in DAV adambakkam ? Ppl can utilize this chance


 Former member 2012-12-07 13:29:19




  thanks Kanishu for the update whether we can go directly for admission. 


 Former member 2012-12-07 14:47:58



I contacted DAV, Velachery for Class I admission. They had asked me to check 'The Hindu'..mostly, 2nd sunday of Dec 12 ...(for all classes) .. I am not sure, if there are not any openings for Pre KG or LKG ...

Arsha Vidya Mandir will be issuing applications from Dec end for Pre KG .. for other classes, Jan 1st week .. it will be updated in their website...

Ravindra Bharathi, you can directly visit the school (9AM to 4PM) ..The principal will meet the child and check the eligibility ..  If your child is eligible, then you can collect the application form.   [[ In my case, my son would complete 5 years and 4 months in June, while they had asked for 5 years and 6 months in March ..Hence, a screening was done ...they asked him to write alphabets, number names, etc ...Since, he was not taught cursive writing in his current school, he was declared not eligible for Class I and was told, if we are interested, we could get the application for UKG...]]   FYI :-Application form is Rs.1000/- (non refundable)...tuition fee is Rs.60,000/-(per year) + transport - Rs.20,000(within 10kms), Rs.25,000(10-15kms) + books, uniform, shoes, socks - max Rs.10,000/-

Hope this was helpful ...

Any inputs on Sishya, OMR? How is the school? Teaching methodology, etc?


 Former member 2012-12-07 14:55:47


Hi Dhivyakarthic,


        Thanks for the information. Whether  Arsha vidhya Mandir have prekg. do clarify on this.





 Former member 2012-12-07 14:59:47


Hi Nithya,

I dont think Arsha has Pre KG. I will anyway confirm this from my friend, whose kids study there. 


 Former member 2012-12-07 15:07:45


 Thanks Divya. where do u put up. Also want to know age cut off in Arsha vidhya Mandir. My son is now 2.7 yrs. whether he is eligible?


 Former member 2012-12-07 15:13:17


I think your child should be 3 years in Feb, so that he is eligible for LKG in June .. When I talk to my friend, I will ask her this too ..


Kanishu 2012-12-07 16:22:59



Did u tried any other schools ?


 Former member 2012-12-08 11:41:25


 Hi Nithya,

Arsha does not have Pre-KG. To apply for LKG the child should be 3 years old as on Feb 28th of the year.



Rajavel 2012-12-08 11:44:59


Hi Kanishu,

If you come to know about the issue of application forms for IV Std. in DAV Adambakkam, please let me know.

This will be a great help for me.  I have shifted my house to Adambakkam(own flat) from Mylapore... so i am forced to change the school of my son.... When we approach the school they are saying NO ADMISSION for this year ...............

With regards,





 Former member 2012-12-08 13:40:50


 Hi Kansihu,

   Yesterday  went  2 DAV adambakkam and tried for prekg.they told that this year they don't have prekg and not issuing any application.  Thanks 2 Divya for replying abt Arsha vidhya Mandir.

Also want to know any other schools issuing application.





 Former member 2012-12-10 10:45:10



 Any updates on DAV velchery Application issue?



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