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Akisha 2012-09-13 23:22:08



Does anyone have feedback on roots to wings , rajakilpakkam branch. do any of ur kids go to this playschool. how is the playschool environment, teaching, hygiene, and fee structure. Any feedback regarding this is appreciated. also is this better than eurokids , rajakilpakam branch?? kindly advice.

anusai2008 2012-09-14 07:51:10


 hi my son s studying there. the school fees hygiene is all ok...we choose this school coz we are staying close by.




JayaramC13 2013-12-01 06:04:22


A feedback of Eurokids Rajakilpakkam.
Don't waste your kids life by joining in this branch.
It was OK in Pre-KG and it was worst after that. Either it was due to bad curriculum or bad management. They know how to impress the parents by sports day and annual day but nothing in academic, and I feel its completely a money minded institution.
The kids will suffer when they move to school.
Pre-KG was ok but had very bad experience with LKG curriculum. As he was frequently ill, we wanted to put him somewhere nearby and so enrolled in Eurokids instead of a regular school for LKG. V shifted him to SSM for UKG and we notice a remarkable difference. We now feel very bad for enrolling him in Eurokids last year. 
I wud advise u to consider Eurokids for playschool but strictly not for LKG n UKG. I ahve given below the problems I faced.
1. The ambassador that they use for transport is heavily stuffed. There r almos 15 kids stuffed into a single car n they charged 1.2k per month2. Teachers r highly inefficient. Moms of kids r brought in as teachers. And staff keep frequently changing. I was shocked at the parents teachers meet when the staff cudnt even greet us in english.3. They dont follow any syllabus. The class notes that they give during the end of the year were only half completed. Hindi wasnt even thot in school but they kept on giving homework.4. They concentrate only on their annual day n sports day rather than studies as its the way to market themselves.5. Dumping too many kids within the same building.6. No safety for kids. My son broke his tooth in school and no first aid was given to him. The helper had just cleaned him up and the staff werent even aware of the incident. When v enquired closely, v understood that there were not even a single staff in the premises and they had gone out for some annual day purchase and 2 helpers were managing sround 120 kids.

Many parents complained last year and the management didnt even listen to us. Its only the brand name with which these people r surviving along.

JayaramC13 2014-02-24 08:18:38


Although I paid the admission fee for my kids with Eurokids in advance, later I realized the badness of my decision. Fortunately we came to know about Root to Wings from a parent in Jains with a good feedback.

My son is going to RtW for the past 2 years with 0 complaints. Its run by women and they were able to understand the pain of a mom.

The curriculum is good.
Home work is only based on curriculum. [Home work activities are not given to test mom's strength and showcase them for admissions]
All the syllabus are covered [No out of syllabus or language]
All activities are carried out in school as a group.
The staffs and teachers are jovial to kids, my son is a fan of his mentor.
Safe Transport.
The very important thing is, they hear what parents say and open to change.

I am neutral to good about RtW and if anyone is considering Little Millennium its their own decision.

The only + Eurokids has is, Sports and Annual Day to emphasize parents.


Gopinathj 2014-02-24 10:37:27


@JayaramC13: Can you tell me whose feedback you have posted two months back? Is that your own?

Gopinathj 2014-02-24 10:39:23


I'm very happy with my son's progress in Eurokids.. Teachers listen to us and take necessary actions immediately.. Anyhow opinion differs :) 

JayaramC13 2014-03-01 20:02:15


"A feedback of Eurokids Rajakilpakkam"

Its the feedback of many parents which I came across different forums that voice my mind & its not mine. My kid wasted a complete year in LKG and struggled a lot to cope up after moving to school. We are very upset with the response we got from mgmt during 2011-2012 which led me to take my kid out of Eurokids.

Its purely my and other parents opinion who suffered due to it & I thot to enclose it here for awareness.

Gopinathj 2014-03-03 12:23:52


Hi Jayaram.. May be the school has changed a lot now.. My son is currently studying there and happy with his progress.. And also happy with the way teachers respond.. Am sharing my own experience only here.. :)

jeevar 2014-04-18 23:11:56


can you please let em know review about little millenium in selaiyur and rajakilpakkam. which one is good.

JayaramC13 2014-04-19 08:45:37


Jeevar: I am not sure about other branches,may be someone already engaged can give the feedback.

But I am satisfied with the performance of Rajakilpakkam branch where my son is studying for last 2 yrs.


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