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saman 2009-12-07 19:18:21


 Hi everybody,

I am new to parentree and residing at perungudi.I have a 2yr old daughter,planning to put her in a school.But the  problem is ,if i go in for a reputed school,they ask for at least 40000-50000 in the name of admission fee.And so for a person who is not looking in for a long term residence at chennai,what are the best options  regarding the kids admission.

Please parents help me out.

Thanks in advance

Saman khan

kg3 2009-12-08 09:36:50


Hi Saman,

Since your daughter is only 2 yr old, you can think of putting her in a playschool for now and then based on your residential status next year you can start applying for junior KG. Many playschools do not ask that kind of money as admission fees. Putting your kid in a playschool for 2-3 hours will definitely be the first step towards socialisation for your kid.

Try this out and check if it works for you.


chennaimom 2009-12-08 11:16:23


Hi Saman,

As rightly said by Kg3's previous post as you are not planning to stay back in Chennai for a long time you can send your daughter to the nearby good paly school.

Play schools dont ask for ine time deposit kind of huge money of 40K-60K. They would just take admission, registration fees etc...There are many good play schools in & around Perungudi from play group till UKG. You can select best suitable after visiting them... Few names are...

Eurokids Perungudi  9884498398, 9884196981

Kanchna Patti Perungudi 9677040970, 9791036970

Ignites Play school Perungudi 9841637754, 9841121561

Vatsalya play school Besantnagar 66247091

There are many more....

All the best...



saman 2010-01-09 15:28:04


 thanks parents for ur suggestions.I am extremely obliged for ur help


Saman khan



rajudhika 2010-01-12 10:55:47


My child also 2yrs wht is the age eligible for pre kg in CBSEE schools, preferably PSBB, DAV, other near kk nagar schools.

help me out



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