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chinnu85 2014-02-26 11:22:47


@SGBL: Sorry its 28000 and not 20800. Typo mistake.

SBGL 2014-02-26 14:17:35


chinnu85 Thanks for the response.

Which schools have you shortlisted?

chinnu85 2014-02-26 16:19:45


@SGBL: We are trying in Arsha vidya mandir in guindy, Chettinaad in RA puram, Hindu in adyar.

Shivaranjani 2014-02-27 22:54:17


@chinnu85. No extra fees for books and Uniform. Nor any other misc fees charged. Once you paid the fees, then you have to pay only for transport, if you want to have that. No other charges extra.

2013ot 2014-02-28 10:47:40


can anyone say,
whether BOAZ is worth for this huge amount.
becos 1 lakh is not a small amount.
but we can bear it if they give the best education.

do the " students -students" and" student -teachers  "communicate in english ?

2013ot 2014-02-28 11:34:30


Boaz's infrastructure is not that much good.
I guess the classrooms are stuffy and dark.....i just guess

Ranishree 2014-06-20 12:39:17


Hi All,

Im new to this group, staying at santhosapuram. I have put my child in LKG this yr. I dont have any contact of parents whose kid belongs to this class. i just want to join in such a group. is there any parent whose kid is studying in LKG?

sivu 2014-06-26 15:43:48


Application distribution:
Distribute application form during the month of February OR you've to keep on calling the school to know the application Distribution date. You've to be outside the school main gate { in the road itself}  in the queue one day prior to the day of application distribution. Lot of rush. 
Admission criteria:
1. The student resident should be within around 6-7 km radius of the school
2. 2.5 yrs {current year -  March month} should be completed for pre-kg 
3. Parents should be well educated. They should be working in chennai location.
4. Interview is not much difficult. Just checking whether the kid is able to speak / understand.
5. Application cost -   500. Capitation -  58,000.00. school fee {one term only} - 25,000.00  {2013  academic -  L.K.G}
    I think this year they've increased the Capitation fee more than 20%
6. Year on year fee will be increasing.. Bus fee is separate

School / Education:
1. School toilets are unhygienic. 
2. Not much extra curricular activities.
3. Lot of Home works daily. Week end its more. Even parents also have to spend more time on home works. That too on week end its horrible. We can't plan for long outing on week ends / leave days. Students will be fully loaded with home works on leave days.
4. Teaching is average. Not upto the mark. But hype is created more for this school.


Shivaranjani 2014-06-26 19:33:54


@ sivu
Most of the above mentioned comments were incorrect and inappropriate.
1. Yes we have to wait in a queue for a whole longs day to get the application. But its not the process followed by the school and the people have created it. Scholl distributes form on first come first serve basis. And the forms are limited. If the requirement is 30, then they will distribute 35 to 40 forms. That too are backup and in waiting list. If the first 30 got admitted then the remaining will not be considered. So inorder to get that form we people forming the queue. Dont blame the school for it, since you dont need to wait after submitting the application and you will come to know whether you have seats or not with in a week of time. 
Also application distribution date kept changing this year since govt has decided the date of application distribution for CBSE schools.
2. They will keep a board in front of the school regd Application distribution a week before. 
3. As far as i know its not true that Parent should be well educated and working in chennai location. Becasue i have seen some parents whose kids living here but father working in another state were present and got seats.
4. About the interview process they check whether kid is speaking and responding to their questions or not. This is for KGS only. For other classes as like other schools they have an entrance exam.
5. School fees seems to be like package. Fixed for KGS. and a fixed amount for classes 1 to 3. Like wise this goes on. No comments abt capitation fees as it is decided by the school.
6. Students to teacher communication is in English only.Students to students  communication depends on them.
7. Not sure abt the home works becasue my kid is in KG only. What ever it is if our kid gets benefited out of the homework then there is no point of blamimg the school.

Comparing to other schools i dont think Boaz is not that much worst and doesnt deserve the comment mentioned by you Sivu
I have visited many schools  around that area before deciding and i feel this school is worth for the money we invest and not that much high. Dont give false comments without knowing anything.


sivu 2014-06-30 17:10:43


i'd mentioned about the interview process for KG standards. Not for upper classes.
At the time of joining, my kid as well my wife were attended the interview, since i had been in on sight for quite a period that time.
My kid got rejected and been told the fact is that; father location is not in chennai. Hence i got a letter from my HR stated that i'll be back to chennai after few days as well my work location will be in chennai {permanent} only and i sent that letter to my wife.
She had submitted that letter to the school. But they said that as soon as ur husband returned to chennai, ask him to contact office.
After my return i went to office and met the responsible person and informed about my return. I got the call from the school on next day to come and pay the amount..
Fee depends on the standard. 


Shivaranjani 2014-06-30 23:01:03


Got it. During the time of attending the interview both parents should be present. If any of the parent unable to present, they should produce the necessary document, so that they can allow. But this was published a day before the distribution of application. So most of the parents might not aware of this and they cant get the document on a single night. This might be the reason that they have rejected your kid. Which class your kid is studying?

sivu 2014-07-02 16:48:24


@shiva, He is in U.K.G. How about ur kid?

emmanuelleorn65 2014-09-13 11:35:07


Hi , 
My name is Emmanuel Leorn and I got my daughter admitted in boaz public School in April this year for Pre KG..... The classes are ok but there dont seem to be sufficient fans available in the classroom for all students atleast for the higher classes , there seems to be a Projector attached for each classroom , not sure as to how much they are used or is it just a Mimick to fool parents like me !!!! The restrooms or toilets as we call dont seem to be neat enough , the Aayaas are damn Lazy and they dont seem to take the trouble of taking small Kids to the toilet !!!! the teachers however seem to be competent enough and my daughter creates a ruckus if she is not taken to school even for a day !!!! Worst thing is they collect all the fees at the beginning of the year and they dont allow us to enter the School to make sure our children are taken to their classrooms !!!!! Ive even heard parents complaining that they make children of 1st and 2nd standard climb 2 floors to reach the class and there is no one to make sure that they reach there safely or if they slip or fall!!!! 


RaziaRafi 2014-10-15 21:53:46


can anyone give feedback about Boaz school?
Planning to get admission for my daughter in june2015
My daughter will turn 3 only on june 7 ? will they admit her in for LKG

Ashwin2012 2014-11-21 20:09:44


Hi All,

I am residing in East Tambaram and I am planning to put my kid either in Vivekananda, Chitlappakam or Alwin? Is Boaz a good option to consider against these two? Please suggest.


Nandhu123 2015-01-13 08:50:16


Hi Frnds,
I'm looking for 1std admission to my Kid in BOAZ school Gowrivakkam. Please let me the know your opinion about this school. As far as i know this school is not bad when compared to high level schools in terms of Fees and education.
Any information on extra curricular activities and communication..........

23nimmu 2015-09-16 09:31:45


Can anyone tell about the fee structure & school timings of both Boaz public school & Alpha International school? 

23nimmu 2015-09-16 09:32:40


For L.K.G..

nithik 2015-09-24 00:30:49


Hello any reviews about Boaz school from parents who joined their children this year... Im planning to put my son lkg in 2016_2017... Im little confirmed about mixed reviews... So want to clarify... Thanks in advance...

agnar 2015-10-05 14:12:37


The school when compared to other schools in the area score pretty much the same. On a scale of 5 they would be rated between three and four. The General student community is good meaning you kid will get decent social exposure. They might lack in teaching higher other thinking skills which is fast going to be a prerequisite for kids to be competitive. But this is the case in most schools in this area. You will have to resort to some after school math and reading programs to supplement or parents themselves have to supplement to compensate for this lack.

ssundari1234 2015-11-02 13:22:47



Can any one share your experience with BOAZ school, their way of teaching, caring the students and fees so that it will be helpful for new parents like me.

Thanks in advance!


Mast2510 2017-02-06 10:32:29


Hi, I too planning to put my kids in Boaz Public School (3rd and 7th class in the year 2017-18). 
Could someone share the feedback about fee and teaching methodology. 

18manu 2017-12-31 07:52:52


Hi any parents whose kid in BOAZ school Need reviews on the school Please help


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