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kdhas 2012-12-01 19:43:00



I am also palnning to put my kid in BOAZ . Same answers I got from the school that they will update the form issuing dates only in DEC first week.

Also i heard that during selection process there will be an interview where both mom and dad have to be there.working parents have to plan accordingly  . They will announce the date of interview once we submit the admission form .

Please post here if you know the date of form issue is known


vmprarthana 2012-12-03 11:17:35


Hi Frnds,

I called up Boaz this morning.. they asked me to call again by next week.. :(

Did anybody else rang up and inquire them..? Let me know if you get any other info...



Pazhanivel 2012-12-03 12:15:51



I also contacted them this morning. Ths same answer they told. did u get any review from others about the school? I heard some review, these are not good. They teach very theoratically and much of leaves. 



vmprarthana 2012-12-03 12:31:59


@Pazhanivel: I have asked one of the parents, they said that they are good and the student are good at studies and in their languages.. But the thing is Parents are not allowed inside the premises and not of much extra curricular activities..I am still enquiring.. I will let u know all if I get more info..


NambiRaj 2012-12-03 14:11:57



  I have also called today morning, they told the same answer call again by next week. But, i have some additional info, they told they have the plan by giving the application on Feb 2, but still not confirmed. Thats why again they told to call by next week.


saiki 2012-12-06 11:17:40



Has anyone got good feedback about BOAZ school? I am not able to get any info.. How is teaching and communication of teachers? Will the kids develop good communication skills?

Which one is better SSM or BOAZ?\

Thanks in advance


vmprarthana 2012-12-06 11:59:02


@Saiki: As far as I heard, Teaching and communication is good in both.. But not of much extra curricular activities in Boaz as like SSM.


NambiRaj 2012-12-10 16:18:01


I have called today morning to BOAZ school, they told will give application on Jan 5th. Age criteria for LKG is 3 years should be completed before 31st May 2013.


 Former member 2012-12-11 11:22:20


Hi NambiRaj - what about the PreKG application forms ? any info on that ?


NambiRaj 2012-12-11 18:51:10


@balachandar: They are issuing the PreKG application also the same date only. But i don't know the age criteria.


vmprarthana 2012-12-12 12:00:22


@Nambiraj: In Boaz, I kept on inquiring from last 3 months...they were saying till last week that till 30 of June is ok for LKG. As soon as I see ur msg and rang up to them, now they are saying that 3 yrs should be completed on or before 31-may-2013.. My daughter is 3rd of June 2010.. I am very much upset since I was on hope...


njraman007 2012-12-12 13:21:45


kindly go in person on Jan 5 and see whats the criteria

one time they say 31st mar,next 31 may and 30th june

dont go by their saying in phone...



SumathiSenthil 2012-12-13 15:25:39



my son is completing 3yrs by 14th there any possiblity of puuting him in LKG???

any feedbacks about MAV?


SumathiSenthil 2012-12-14 12:20:08



Morning i visited to boaz and asked them...they said they are issue applications on jan 5(one day only).....and eliglibility for lkg is 3yrs by may 31st.....

lkg they have 120 seats and pre kg 40 seats...

any info plz share


 Former member 2012-12-14 15:11:58


when I went there, they told the age limit for pre KG is 2.5 years by Jan - I was totally confused that time - may be they had told me the LKG unknowingly. There is no proper updates on the age criteria - getting different replies every day. it is better to check one week before - I was told a notice board will be placed in the main gate by 31 Dec providing all the info we seek for.


vmprarthana 2012-12-17 11:20:01


Did anyboby else call them up and checked the age criteria? Any confirmation on the age criteria?. I heard by someone that the date for distributing application form  is Jan 4th but when I inquired they said 5th of Jan.


Rajivvk 2012-12-18 11:46:16


Hi All

Just to share what i know

Age Rules

As per KV norms the recommended age creteria is 5 years completed for 1st std by 31st MAR ( year of admission). Having said that to enter LKG it means 3years. As its a recommendation and not a rule , schools are free to set a age rule.  So some CBSE schools set the age creteria as 3Y6M by 1st June (eg:- Kanchi Mahaswami Vidhya Mandhir- Sembakkam , PSBB-OMR, PON Vid) .  3Y3M by 1st June ( MAV-Sembakkam, Alwin-CampRoad, BOAZ-Gowrivakkam, Bharathi Vidhyalaya-Perumbakkam). Hope this will give some help on age creteria.

Application form at BOAZ

Past few years BOAZ give out application on the 1st Monday of the year-  4th Jan 2010; 3rd Jan 2011; 2nd Jan 2012. so this year should be the same 7th Jan2013 or rule changed i dont know , will watch...

Age creteria will be clearly stated on the notice board on the day they issue application form.

I dont know about the teaching standards and extra curricular activities at BOAZ. 


Rajivvk 2012-12-18 11:52:26


 Bharathi Vidhyalaya-Perumbakkam has relaxed the age limit to 5years by 1st June.



vmprarthana 2012-12-27 10:58:06


Hi All,

I heard today that Boaz is giving the application form on 2nd of Jan. Nobody picked up the call as they are in holiday I suppose. Do anybody have idea about the date of issuing the application form.


vmprarthana 2012-12-27 11:11:05


Dear All,

Visit the below website... you might get the result for the queries about the schools in and around Chennai.... it is really informative...


LionCub 2012-12-27 12:32:16


As per the latest update Boaz School gives the application form during the month of Feb. Not during the Jan 2nd.


 Former member 2012-12-27 14:50:18


 feb 2 2013 to be precise. There is a notice board in the gate from last weekend. 


vmprarthana 2012-12-27 15:05:09


@gdbalachandar: Thank you for the info. I will check out by tomorrow. Any confirmation on the date for the age criteria...


anusai2008 2012-12-27 22:23:50



yeah its on  02/02/2013 from 9.30 am onwards



MadhuB 2013-01-02 14:56:41


 I heard Boaz does not conduct any annual day, sports day etc. Do they have any extra activities within the school atleast? Please share your views.


anusai2008 2013-01-02 15:54:03


 hello madhub

i too heard the same frm one one of the parent...last two her son is studying and she hasnt gone inside the school even once.....moreover all classes are there on the upstairs.children made to go their respective classes by themselves climbing the stairs....



MadhuB 2013-01-02 17:14:02


Thanks for the quick response Anu (anusai2008)..

I am looking out for LKG admission for my daughter in schools around medavakkam... Boaz public school, St Johns public school, Bharathi Vidhyalaya..However I am sceptical to join her in any of these as I am hearing more -ve points :)

What you guys have decided?!


anusai2008 2013-01-02 22:05:03


hi madhu

Am also looking for Lkg admission.My criteria would b

1.within 5 kms

2.half day for kg class

3.saturday n sunday must b a holiday

4.not much home work

so would opt fr such a school only



SumathiSenthil 2013-01-03 18:18:16


Hi anyone share the views about MAV....My neighbourhood son is studying there 3rd std...she is giving positive feedback...also xtra curricular activities....ur views plz


Rajivvk 2013-01-04 09:56:18


Hi All

My Son is doing his LKG at MAV. If i mark score from 1 to 10 with 1 as worst and 10 being the best here it goes.

Teaching = 6;Discpline=3( no regular assembly, morning prayer, evening prayer); Home work = 4 ( kids over loaded) ; Extracurricular Activities=8( Swimming, yoga, - for LKG) ( Karata and dance for UKG) , Frequent field trips , camp fire , festival celebration, class room movie ;  Teaching materials=2( they try to save cost by giving Photocopies of text book pages for daily revision and practice); General Safety in the school premesis = 8; Health Safety=5(stray docs roam around in the campus and event of skin diseases reported) ; Safety of mischief young ones to others = 7,   School hrs for LKG & UKG - Too long 9.00am to 3.00pm. Quality of Standard study materials = 5 , daily Oral and work sheet practice = 5 ( At times kids are really loaded). Communication=4 (Teachers hardly speak english fluently)

Parents are not allowed inside the school campus, but can wait outside to share and discuss with teachers after hrs.

My opnion, if your house is near by and planning for kids in LKG,UKG 1st 2nd then its a OK school.

Importantly the school has just started 2 years back and there is a severe attrition of principal. For those planning to put the childern at higher schools 5th and above, a word of caution is that it is just a CBSE pattern and yet not approved nor affilated to CBSE board. 

YES BOAZ is affliilated 1930171 till Mar 2016 and granded until 10th standard CBSE affliation. Also ALWIN-camp road too

Sri Kanchi mahaswami vidhya mandir Sembakkam is also in the approval status and still not granded CBSE affliation ( provitional nor permament )

The above are purely my experience and views.

If interested to have the complete list of approved and affliated  CBSE schools click the link below

Select state wise and then give tamilnadu and chennai and see for yourself. 




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