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winy1984 2012-08-27 15:00:57



Thought of this for quite a long time....Is ther a mom-kid gang/grp already prevailing in chennai. If yes, i would like to join:)....

If not, lets start a new group for Chennai moms who wants to get connectedand make friends..............lets meet and get our kids bonding and make them play.  We can also share lot of useful stuff and be friends for a lifetime.

Chezza12 2012-08-30 00:13:30


 Hey Winy///

Im game... Depends on where everyone stays too. I have a 2 yr old daughter though... Where r u located and how old is ur kid?


winy1984 2012-08-30 11:43:11


 hey chezza,

Gr8 to hear frm u. Thats true. Proximity and distance matters a lot. But staying in the same city and meeting once in a month is possible.

i stay in chennai, mylapore. Im a mother of 4 yr old son. wer do u recide?


suma1980 2012-08-30 12:02:23


 Hi I'm also interested in this. I have a 2yr old boy and I live in thiruvanmiyur. Pls let me know if you guys decide to go further with this. 


Chezza12 2012-09-02 17:46:57


 1Hey Winy and Suma

I have a 2.5 yr old daughter named Krystal. We reside in Kodambakkam. Wil be good to meet up ....u guys have any ideas?>??


vmprarthana 2012-09-03 10:43:13


Hi everyone,

Good Morning, I have 2.3 yrs old daughter and her name is Krithi. We're staying at Tambaram. Share you ideas and would like to join with you all . Lets all plan and meet.



winy1984 2012-09-03 11:24:24



Glad to hear frm u all. Lets meet up soon with some more new mommies...lets make a bigg gang so that v'll have more fun..


Chezza12 2012-09-03 23:32:26


 ok..mylapore, thiruvanmiyur, tambaram, kodambakkam.... Looks like we covered the outline of chennai... :)) we ll have to spread the word i guess... 


vmprarthana 2012-09-06 17:58:01


@Chezza12: Yes, u r right.

The more we discuss, this will be spread widely... The other moms will get know about this group.

Lets start...



vmprarthana 2012-09-07 10:42:55


Hi Pals,

@Winy, Chezza, Suma: Are you all busy and there in the city....?




winy1984 2012-09-07 14:21:54


hey buddies,

Good day to you...this is already FRIDAY!...wat spl for the weekend???


Well inside the chennai city da.....

lil busy wid my kid..he had wheezing for a couple of days..he's jus recovering..


vmprarthana 2012-09-07 15:29:28



@Winny: As of now, no special events decided for the weekend since I have office on Saturdays. :(

Sorry dear for your son, suffering from wheezing.. we will get well soon. Cheer up :) Only then you can take care of your baby.

You can use my short name as Vimpy (VMP).. :)




winy1984 2012-09-07 15:43:03


hey VMP,

Same here da..i also work on saturdays...and by the time i realize,..sunday goes off...

in-between i try to steal time and have fun wid my kid...and this is how life goes!.....

Guess this gang of ours grows bigger and bigger and meeting all of you should be a big relieving factor..



vmprarthana 2012-09-07 15:55:47


@winy: Yes dear, we need to seek for even 5 minutes or an-hour to play and spend time with our kids.... This biggest task for all the mom is to manage both career and home..

@Chezza and @Suma: You guys are awake..?

buzz us yaar...

Waiting... Heeeeeeeeelllllllllllooooooooooo... :)



Chezza12 2012-09-07 18:14:22


 Hey guys!!

I see ur msgs on my ph but cant reply there so have to log in to reply.. Im a stay at home mom and still dont have time for anything... Im also 4 months preggy so tiredness is so common , I dont remember feeling active at all.. Even eating is like a chore... 

Any second time moms here to advise?????


vmprarthana 2012-09-07 18:36:16


@Chezza: It is good to hear that u r preggy. You should have some energetic drink. As the responsiblities are more and to spend more energy by taking care of child, hubby etc., you loose more stamina and feel very tired. Keep your mind happy and feel u r energetic though you r not. It is all one of the clues to be more energetic during this time and top of it spend your time with your firends or family whom you can move freely with and hear some good music, this would really help.




winy1984 2012-09-09 16:48:27


 @Chezza- Congrats!...As you know, first trimister is hard. Keep it going and don worry soon u'll move to the next phase. 

so is ur kid into playschool/pre-kg?


keertu 2012-09-10 19:23:12


Hi Moms... looking for quite sometime for such a group to share common thoughts, challenges etc..

i hav a daughter who will be 3 yrs next month and ofcourse hard time managing her. I'm working and as winy said having tough time managing both.. but i have a great challenge as of now and seek some of your suggestion. She is in pre-kg in chettinad and already her teacher has so much to complain abt her.. she is quite playful but her teacher complains that she never sits in one place is not attentive, does not listen, say rhymes, does not play with other kids much to expect from a little one is what i felt. Whn i enquired with my kid patiently (which was very difficult for me!!) she said she didnt want friends becoz they pushed her, beat her etc.. & started crying.. i was quite worried. she is comfortable only with family and does not have any friends at her age even in the neighbourhood.. very reserved/shy and does not talk loudly. i'm jus wondering if things will get sorted gradually or something that i need to do with her ie put her to some classes etc.. i'm really going crazy and scared to meet her teacher...

Can someone help me..?


vmprarthana 2012-09-11 11:31:49


@Winy, Chezza, Suma: Good Morning friends!!!

@Chezza: How is your health..? Enjoying with the new l'il one...?

@keertu: A warm welcome to the group!!!

In regard with your l'il one, first you need to spend more time with her and try to take her out in the weekends. This would make her to be comfortable to move with all and in all places. Also, only a mother can understand what is there in their mind and hence you everyday spend time at home especially for her and make her speak to identify what is her exact feeling.. As days goes, she will use to the atmosphere of the school. Also, speak to her teacher and request for their help too. Don't fed up dear.. everything will be alrigtht soon.. Cheer up...




vmprarthana 2012-09-11 16:40:18


@Winy, Chezza, Suma: Busy bees....

I am planning to put my kid at Boaz public school at Tambaram, do u hv any idea abt this school..? Buzz me immediately if you hv any reviews on that...



winy1984 2012-09-11 21:46:14


hey vimpy,

Good evening!!!

Is this school near your place?..Heard of this school, but not sure about the CBSE affliation. Do chk it up..SSM is also a good option in your locality, but it's in perungalathur..





vmprarthana 2012-09-12 11:54:03


Hi Winy,

Yes, it is near by our place. But SSM is bit far from our place, she need to travel for atleast 1 hour though it is only 8 to 10 kms(approx). I am thinking of the distance of day care and school since she has come back to day care after her school. I need to arrange for transport either by school or by day care to pick her up from school.  As I cannot spend much time with her, I am searching for a school where there should not be much mental strain for her. i.e too much of homework etc.,...





Chezza12 2012-09-14 21:47:54


 Hey guys..

I wish parentree had an app on the phone which could be easily accessible... I was in Blore for 4 days... Had a nice holiday even with my bratty kid... Just got back and still settling the house.. 

Lil one is good an quiet.. Feeling a lot better now though tired.. I havnt been takin the tablets properly with all the nausea..Maybe i ll feel better once i gte my routine in place.. Am looing for someone to stay at home with us and do cooking and lil cleaning, helping with the kid. If u guys know anyone looking for work , please lemme know...Its getting really hard managing my kid and nausea and cooking, cleaning. wanted to keep someone at home so my daughter will get used from now and wont be difficult in the later stages...

@keertu: hey, dont worry i think ur daughter will outgrow it.. But i had a similar situation with my daughter in her previous playschool. She was about 2 then. The teacher kept complaining that she was not mingling with other kids and even if other kids tried she would cry or push them away and was not at all sharing things. And my daughter would go to school but was not at all happy, though she didnt cry about going. I changed her school and now she loves to go to school, shes become very friendly and talks to everyone, she tries to play with other kids, and her teachers just say she is very talkative and they dont understand her but not as a complaint. So maybe its the approach of the school that is wrong. Some teachers favour kids who r outgoin while just ignore or force the quieter kids. She needs to like the place and the kids to mingle, right?? Try and take her to a park and encourage her to play with other kids in a nice way, dont force her. the more u force the more she will resist. Does she play with her cousins?

@winy, suma, vimpy: whats happening!!!!!


vmprarthana 2012-09-15 10:45:12


@Chezza: I will check for the person who can come and stay with you to support you. Take care of your health. Things are going good as usual with routine job. Home-to-office-home.. Hardly finding time to spend my daughter. However, managing as she should not feel that she has been left alone. Also, looking for a good school to put her in LKG. Doing the inquiries...

Also, I am planning her to put in playschool. Bit confusing since, the day care where she is now, they are going to start the Playschool. I am thinking whether to put  her in same place or in the other place (where we have got the application too). Will she be able to sit in one place if I put her in same place since she is very much used to that place. This confusion is because, she has to be back to the day care where she is now after playschool whichever playschool it might be. If she is in same place now, picking her will not be there and also it would be easy for the day care people now. Also, I am thinking on the other side, anyhow she is going to be taught in LKG. AS she should feel difficult as soon as she sees the book and the school environment, I would like to put in playschool...

Confused and thinking......... :(

Hi dears, Any suggestions would help me a lot...

@Keertu: How r u..? How is ur daughter....? Cheer up yaar.... We are all here for you to support in any one of the wwwwaaaayyyssss. Dont worry much... :)



Chezza12 2012-09-15 14:06:39


@Vimpy: hey ur daughter is 3 now??? Looking for a good school for my daughter too though I ll be puttin her in Pre Kg I think according to all this age criteria... Shes so little for her age that i thought puttin in Pre Kg is better though she s in Pre Kg in her Play school now.. Actually our kids r the same age... U puttin her in State board or CBSE???

Its another year , yaar, look at your convinience..Dont tax her just for another year of play school esp if she has to come back to this creche which she is used to I presume... Anyways, they ll learn the same stuff in LKG and as long as she can identify basic vegetables, fruits, same some rhymes (in case they ask for the school admission), I think she should be fine. I mean, my daughter attends Pre Kg which is really good, and can say few rhymes (with the lines all confused) and identify veg (when she wants to )... So buy some nice CDs for ur daughter..Let her watch these rhymes. She ll pick up everything on her own. I let my daughter watch Ceebeebies Chennel (BBC kids) It keeps her occupied and has increased her vocabulary..Theres no violence in this channel at all, so u dont have to worry. 


winy1984 2012-09-15 15:46:19


@ Chezza: So back frm vacation? was it?..Hope u had a gr8 one..

Yes, having a full time maid is a great idea...but u dont get to know about them without proper contacts. iveheard of full time maid who stays in houses after a baby is born. they stay for a period of 40 days...but they completely take care of the newborn n the mom...does all the core work too.. But they get booked thru agencies...

@vimpy: Is the school hunt over?..wer have u decided finally?...





vmprarthana 2012-09-15 16:34:51


@Chezza: I am planning to put her CBSE. Now she is able to say few rhymes. I just wanted put her in Play school for her to be in comfort zone at school. Have you decided about the school for your kid? Got the application...?



sanbala 2012-09-15 20:16:15


 and im sangeetha balaji from chennai i have kid with 2.7 yrs old....big hi to all




Chezza12 2012-09-15 23:50:21


 @winy: yeah blore was good...had hubby with me whole time so made sure he ran around with my daughter while i back to the grind... 

Yeah but these agencies cant be trusted..they send ppl for 6 months take money and then they disappear... I had a maid when my daughter was 6 months old till she turned 1.The lady was very helpful and did cooking and looked afr my daughter very well. My health deteriorated afr the pregnancy and in law problems almost made me depressed. thankfully all that is over and done now..but im scared abt this pregnancy too...What to be prepared as i dont want my daughter to suffer. Now we stay alone so i need someone to help around the house with my kid and afr the baby is born too.  

@vimpy: CBSE they have to complete 3 by dec 2012 right??? my daughter will complete 3 in march so i ll have to put her in pre kg.and most CBSE schools have Pre Kg and LKG admission is very difficult i heard. I wanted to put her in Church Park first as Im an alumni but after all the reveiws i heard abt Samacheer Kalvi I decided to put her in a CBSE /Icse school. Plannin on Lady Andal at the moment , lets see... If Church Park changes to CBSE/ICSE in the mean time, I ll put her there. 

@sangeetha: Ur a mom with a toddler and in Chennai, so Im pretty sure ur in the right place :))

As for the school, depends on where u stay and what are the schools close to ur place. Well, I did a lot of research an broke my head about CBSE and Matric (same like U) and in teh end Im not putting my daughter in the schooll i studied just cause its Matric/Samacheer Kalvi. Ur friends have good things to say about SK (samacheer kalvi) ? can you tell me their pros?? I spoke to a couple of my friends and one has put her daughter in Church Park (SK) She said they dont allow them to touch a pencil till Std 1 . LKG UKG is just rhymes and playing and colouring and homework for parents (preparing charts and getting pictures and stuff) She doesnt mind it as she wanted to put her daughter in a Catholic institution. She feels our CM wil chnage the syllabus and make it better soon as its ridiculous now. And the rule of no exams till Std 5 and not failing students is making kids very lethargic. A lot of schools r following their own standards though even if they r following SK. U nee dto identif these schools. In CBSE, the syllabus is uniform throughout the country and less complications. U can always change them from CBSE to Matric but goin from Matric to CBSE will be very tough to cope. This is my take on the whole CBSE/Matric thing. Correct me if Im wrong. 


keertu 2012-09-16 13:30:30


Thanks all for your suggestions. I did take couple of days off from office & spoke with my kid patiently.. she was nt comfortable with other kids because they did not share of were beating her, pushing her etc. Also becoz the teacher was favoring other kids who were outspoken. So i spoke to her teacher and explained, also things slightly improved ..she had a rhymes competition (for prekg!!) i made a chart for her...she ws excited and recited in the class .. teacher was also happy bcoz this rhyme was outside their syllabus!!!..

BTW cbse is lil too much of a syllabus from what we wud have learnt @ 3.. but peer competition is too much these days.... i dont have mch positivethings about SK/matric etc. but compared to international syllabus cbse is less and kids will get used to that as time pass far the schools most of the cbse ones have writing frm LKG and somehow they ensure perfection b4 they reach 1 std




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