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 Former member 2009-11-26 11:25:02



Does anyone have  any idea about the Mahindra World City School?

The general comments that I have heard so far is that the school has an excellent curiculum for the Kinder Garden students.

Where as for higher classes, the staff  are not very well equipped.

I would like to hear more  on this aspect. Can people please share their views with me?


Janaki S

madhumathi 2009-12-15 14:33:06


hi guys

we r planning to move near chengalpat..please share your views about mahindra world school at mahindra city and vidya mandir at estancia??..thanks




madhumathi 2009-12-17 18:23:29






 Former member 2009-12-18 10:28:54


No not at present. But I work close by and hence looking at this school.

How about u?


madhumathi 2009-12-18 19:18:59


iam in adyar..will be soon moving there


 Former member 2009-12-22 13:42:34


I have heard good reviews about both schools.

I have been to Mcity World school a couple of times and I really like the ambience. Of course, it is a new school and they have their hassles on the quality of teachers coming in.

Not v.sure about Vidya mandir at estancia. The general opinion is that its good.


Do let me know if you have heard about any of these schools.


srajie 2012-02-07 13:14:50



Have u admitted your child in Mahindra world city school. yesterday we went to get the application. They said they give application only to nearby residents. Since we were staying in guduvancheri and my husband is working in Mahindra city, but they disagree to give the application.

Shall i what is the fee structure.


tharini 2012-02-09 10:16:06


Hi Srajie,

  I have registered last week in the school, but on feb 7 they said they will give app only to  nearby residents. I said i will relocate if i get the admission, they said no, they wont give the app it seems.


srajie 2012-02-11 15:59:03


Hi Tharani,

Shall i know where are you staying.



thiaoo 2012-09-11 22:32:26


I don`t have any idea about Mahindra world school, but vidya mandir @ estancia, is not as good as i was expecting..... the marking and grading is a bit confusion for the teachers it self and what about the parents....



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