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Shobahari 2012-03-10 01:43:55


Thought this would help parents who are looking out for preschools in Nanganallur to admit their wards.
After some research and visiting some preschools in Nanganallur & Adambakkam me and hubby decided to admit our 3 yr old daughter in SEED Nanganallur in Jun'11.
SEED had just then started their preschool in Nangnallur and they were very welcoming when we went to enquire about admission.So we admitted her after getting convinced about the school ambience and approachability.
Initially everything seems fine for a week.

Second week when my hubby had gone to pick up my daughter she started crying profusely when she reached home.We were in a state of panic not knowing what was happening.Suddenly my husband realised that there was a bump in her head.
Apparently one of the kids had beaten her with a wodden toy hammer and this was informed to us when we called the school.
Proactively the school had done some first aid (keeping ice on the head etc) but had failed to report this to us...much to our surprise.
My husband was quite furious about this and the staff apologised about the whole incident.

Things were ok for a while.

Again after 2 months my daughter used of complain about itching and used to scratch.When I started examining her,found out sand stuck to her clothes and even in pockets of her dress.
One day i was shocked when i was touching her head ,sand was jus sprinkled on her head.Thanks to the vigilant staff who had let the child play in the sand.
I called up the center coordinator and told about this .She jus said ok and she will take care in future.My daughter was down with fever the whole of next week .What were the staff and care takers doing when the children were playing in the sand?

The school promises International standards,but I'm not sure whether they are upto the basic standards of running a play school.

The heights of all mockery came when the school organised a Family day.
First they demanded Rs.200 and then Rs.300 for costumes and finally a mandatory fee of Rs.180 for photograph and video(Total Rs.680).On top on this I was asked to get my daughter for rehearsal at Adyar for 4 hrs.Since my hubby was travelling, I told them my inability to bring her as the same was scheduled on a Friday(weekday) and my elder son had to got to school.Also I questioned them about the mandatory photography cost of Rs.180 which was first optional and then mandated.I told that I'm not interested in taking photo or CD.The response for this was pretty rude and I was asked as to why I'm not interested when they are doing the family day in a grand manner.Looks like they were looting the parents to conduct this family day.

First the school incharge told me that it wud be ok if my child cant attend the rehearsal and insisted me to get my daughter atleast for the school day,which I agreed.When I told them that I dont need the Photo or the CD,the coordinator ruthlessly sent me a sms that my daughter will not be allowed to perform as she cant come for the rehearsal.
There was not even a warm note asking us to attend the family day.

Looks like Rs.180 is an entry ticket cost even for kids and parents!!

Despite shelling out Rs.24000 for a preschool,the school has not recorded any development of my child since Jul 2011.No handouts are given to parents as to what are the milestones(For example, teaching concepts like shapes,colours,Animals,birds,Community helpers,fine motor skills,hand eye coordination etc) the school has achieved .Whenever I had asked for a feedback voluntarily, they always gave me a standard reply that my daughter is doing well.

I think SEED is only into "MINTING MONEY" from parents who aspire for a good starter education for a child.
BEWARE!!! and dont burn your pocket



Pls share if you have a similar story...

 Former member 2012-03-10 05:49:44


In addition - I am just replacing the work SEED to EuroKids....hope u both are same



hidnana123 2012-03-11 00:56:50


your comments seems surprising, I have always felt good and proud being SEED parent.

I have been with SEED school from the initial days of velachery and I know about Nanganllur SEED too.. I have see them handling kids step by step how they make kids comfortable. And we should appreciate their cleanliness which is more important in a School. And the hospitality that they provide to kids and parents are good.

On money for Annual day costumes,  That is usual practice in many schools that i have seen, Just wanted to highlight to you on this.

I feel as a parent we should be delighted to make our children perform and help them, Probably if your child has not been to Annual day of SEED  then i would say  that the kid has missed it. That is my humble view

Just a question came in my thought so asking, do you say that there were no comments or inputs provide in PTM that they conduct.  Because whatever points you have mentioned are being covered as part of PTM meeting for my son.

Points given above are my personal experience with SEED.



Shobahari 2012-03-11 12:24:14



I'm very much with you wrt enjoying kids performance.Pls note that I had already paid Rs.500 twds the family function.What came to me as a surprise was the miscommunication from the school authortities.

 Initially the school was ok even if my daughter cud not make it to the rehearsal.I had explained them  my inability and the coordinator was very empthateic.Finally after paying Rs.500 in the morning i was told that she cannot perform as she cannot make it for the rehearsal.Why was this not communicated in the inception?

I'm no one new to school annual day function.My elder son's preschool did it very nicely.Infact they had organised video and photographs and after the annual day they had showed us the master copy and asked us to choose the photos and pay for the number of photos.Even CD was optional.When I suggested the same to SEED they said,the mandatory photo and CD is a management decision which was communicated only on Monday.Its jus ridiculuos.I jus felt that we are made skape goats for whatever they decide.

Why cant the school authorities plan the rehearsal on the previous saturday.

How will working parents accompany children to the rehearsal?

These are some practical situations the school must have thought about.

What I expected from them was a complete budgeted amount and not asking for cost on a piece meal basis.

Infact the centre coordinator was calling me every now and then asking for the money which I gave.But she didnt even have the courtesy to call me and tell me that my child cannot perform....that was so unprofessional.

Wrt PTM myself and my hubby attended only one PTM since the time we admitted our child.We were given only the paperwork that the child has made,but no assessment sheet.

It was an unpleasant experience for me with SEED nanganallur.





marhsengiv 2012-03-22 15:26:44


 IMHO, I feel the parent who has flagged SEED as a "complete thumbs down & flopshow" has done in a surge of emotion. Well, opinion differs, however, concluding with such a remark based on a few instances is not fair.

My kid goes to Nanganallur Seed and I am really impressed by the overall performance & care given to each and every kid there. I am impressed with their curriculum and the way they mould the kids.  PTMs are scheduled regularly and the way they keep track of the kids' activities and developments are real appreciable.

Of course, even I felt irked, when the parents were asked to pay for the CD (photo & video coverage of their event). But its their policy and Seed, Nanganallur doesn't have anything to do with that. 

Also,I have never come across any communication issues as the coordinator & staff are always accessible and they keep in touch with parents through SMS.

Based on my recommendation, couple of my friends have enrolled their kids in Seed, Nanganallur and they also echo my thoughts. So, if you are a parent in this locality looking for a pre-school for your kid, I would recommend you to go ahead with Seed and if you feel confused, just get consensus opinion from other parents (which I am sure will be positive) and decide. cheers


Shobahari 2012-03-24 18:56:00



May be...

The heights of all unprofessionalism was today in the Parents Teachers meeting with the Director of Seed.

Thought after couple of calls with the school coordinator wrt family day things were sorted out.The coordinator of the school apologised for all miscommunication finally....
But the director of SEED (not willing to disclose the name of such unprofessionals who claim to run preschools of international standards) behaved so rudely while handing over the progress card of my ward.
There was no professionalism in the way she handled a parent through whom she earns her bread :)
She definitely didnt have a open mind to accept feedback about her school.
She jus gave the progress card and dismissed me telling that she is doing well and asked if I have anything else to say.
When I told her that if they cud give timely assessment sheets she said its up to u to taken appointment with the coordinator of the school for the same even if u happen to miss the same for a genuine reason...pls note I happen to miss a PTM on 04Feb2012 as my dad passed away the same day.I had informed the centre coordinator of the same and  requested for another appointment so that I can take an update.I was only tired of following up as she didnt even bother to respond to me on that as she was busy preparing for the family day ...

The director sounded so rude and ruthless and didnt even give me an opportunity to speak.If this is the way they treat parents,imagine the plight of children that we entrust them with....
As u suggest,parents can enroll kids and I'm sure they would welcome them with a very warm smile ,but the moment they encounter a problem or miscommunication I'm sure they will have to face the ugly reality of unprofessionalism....
Had it been a professional,they would have taken the oppurnity to sort out things amicably to ensure their reputation doesnt go for a toss .


nagasub 2012-06-01 00:23:15



My wife has been looking out for a good play/ Pre KG  school in Nanganallur area and she has visited Little Fiddlers, ACE, SEED, EURO Kids, Meera so on and so forth. 


From the reviews given above I see mixed feeling with SEED, and I found the place ok but kind of slightly coslty on the charge front keeping in mind that I may not be available in Chennai with family for more than 6 months or so. 

On the other hand I find liitle fiddlers ok and has slightly lower charges when compared to SEED, and have the same "PLAYWAY" mechanism to teach kids. It looks quite decent as well

Would like to hear your thoughts, suggestions and any personal experience about good PRE KG/Play schools in Nanganallu, Chennai area


I would be also happy to hear comments on little fiddlers if you have any...


mykidsdad 2012-06-01 12:27:32


 You can try I Play I Learn Nanganallur.


Shakthi11 2012-06-22 22:53:12


It is a good school as my kid studied in Little Fiddlers, Madipakkam. Also one of my friend's daughter studied in Nanganallur branch and got a decent feedback.


Vijayc80 2013-08-01 12:34:08


 Iam Surprised by all the comments. My daughter has been studying in seed for two years now. They also have daycare. I have indeed researched across whole of nanganallur for a good hygienic day care. Their place is very clean. The helper staff there are very courteous.Most of the day care and schools around run in homes. This is not the case here. My daughter's interest level has definitely increased after she started going there. They provide good feedback. Regarding the issue of the CD and photo charges, iam sure that these are very minor issues. I can see that school strength is increasing every year and they do not do any publicity through local papers. They are purely growing by word of mouth publicity. Definitely it is the best pre school and day care in nanganallur. They behave very professionally and they are very ideal for working parents. 



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