fee structure of schram academy

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goputty 2009-11-15 17:03:02


plz help me to know about the fee structure of schram academy

 Former member 2009-11-16 15:32:42


hi go it wl come around 25k-30k,i think .


goputty 2009-11-19 12:11:50


thanks for ur reply..............detailed fee structure can u give?i mean donation for getting admission in pre kg


Appusmom 2009-11-19 16:58:30


For JKG Fee - 6.5 per term

apart from this while admitting they have admission charges,donation etc




Abel 2009-11-20 02:11:07



  Hello Friends,   **** LKG Admission Query, **** We are recently relocated to Chennai. My son is 3.5 now: DOB: 04th May 2006, currently attending nursery at Euro Kids.   We are put up near Ambika Empire, 100 Ft road, Vadapalani.   I’m really confused about school admission in Chennai, when few schools issue application other schools completes admission, real dilemma to choose school. My job is transferable and I will be in Chennai for max 2 years.   Please provide rating some of the schools mentioned below, good infrastructure in school is important to me.  
  1. Scharam Academy, Anna Nagar (They will provide notification in first week of DEC )
  2. PSBB Millenium, GST Road (they told they have transportation facility to our locality, I need to make complete payment for admission by 23rd Dec, 2009. Really confused to accept admission offer or reject it considering distance, since other schools just start admission process at this time )
  3. Chennai Public School (They asked to contact in Jan 2010, I prefer this school, but it is too late, I fear if I decline PSBB millennium and my son does n’t make it to CPS interview, that will be worst case )
  Pls. add other good schools, if any and provide valuable suggestion in complex decentralized Chennai school admission process to choose right school.        

sampath 2009-11-20 09:06:17


PSBB Millenium is a good school...  however they would soon be relocating to Porur and GST location will not be functioning say 2 yr from now....  Pls check this details with the school....  So calculate the distance accordingly....  otherwise u many many options at kk nagar including the PSBB school...


Abel 2009-11-20 10:55:58


PSBB not admitting in LKG, that is what they informed.


ashanair 2010-12-10 15:07:53


 Hi Abel,

Hope by now u have already amitted ur kid. By any chance is it Schram Academy....am looking for specific feedback abt that school.



 Former member 2011-02-28 16:23:29


Hi asha,

My daughter is studing in UKG in Schram academy(nolambbur campus). Let me know what info you need?


Ranic 2011-03-05 00:52:56


 Hi Vidhyak,

          My name is Rani . We are planning to admit our kids (Son 1st standard and daughter LKG) in Schram Academy nolambur campus. Can you please provide me the detals about the school infrastructure and fees per term . Do they have library in the school  and how about the extra curicular activities . How much you and your kid like the school .   Also  how the teachers and administration treat the kids ?. 




 Former member 2011-03-18 10:18:13


Hi Rani,

Fees is approx 8300 / term. could vary slightly based on the standard. They also charge maintanence and special fees per year. Swimming and roller srykating are the extra curricular activities. I am not very sure about the library. My daughter mentioned there is no library. She likes the school, as the teachers are friendly with the students. I still have not got a feel of the school.We enrolled our daughter last sept as we  moved from US and she was aware of everything which  she studied this year. I will know more when she moves to 1st std.


Ranic 2011-03-18 19:00:27


 Hi Vidhyak,

      Thanks for the reply . We are also moving to Chennai from US (Richmond VA) by the end of march. Where are you in Chennai? . We are going to put in Nolambur.  Can i contact you by phone after i reach Chennai ?.




 Former member 2011-03-25 22:34:32


Hi Rani,

Sorry for replying late. I dont check the website often and I dont get any intimation of reply posted. I am currently put up in Nolambur, walking distance from School. We are also planning to move from Nolambur.

Except walking distance to school, nothing else is convenient. so we decided to move. You can contact me after you reach chennai. My email is vidhyak@gmail.com




rspradeepa 2011-05-03 22:16:02


 hi vidhyak n rani,

im new to tis forum... n i need some information regarding schram... wats the age criteria they r maintaining... do they admit all the applicants r they have any criteria for selection... my son is 3 now v r in the process of shifting to netherlands for a year...do he get admission for LKG next year...

please give me some suggestions so that i can decide according to that....


Ranic 2011-05-07 12:02:56


Hi Pradeepa,

     As far as i know 3 and a half years is the cut off for LKG CBSE . I did'nt put my kids in Schram academy (Nolambur campus ) . Iam still trying for other schools in Nolambur area. You can also  call the school and get the information .



yesseskay 2011-11-06 21:35:11




Ppl.. My daughter is 2nd June 09 Born ... I stay near Annanagar ..I dont prefer academic focussed school ..Since i belive the other attributes make the child good .

I have a inclination towards the Schram Academy ...due to their boastings in their website... wiz..swimming class.. skatings.. field trips.. international faculty.. teachers getting trained regularly..which is a good thing ...

But after reading the neagtive reviews from senoir parents..am sceptical now .. and i need my senior parents advise on this again :)


muthuan 2011-12-05 12:51:55


Hi all,

I live in Thirumangalam. My son will be 3.5 by June 2012. I desperately want to put him in DAV Boys CBSE Mogappair. But we donot have any recommendations. And also the school does not reveal the date when they are planning to give out the Applications for LKG 2012. Can't  imagine how to get the application form. If not DAV...Pls suggest a good CBSE school among these

Spartan CBSE Mogappair, Velammal Vidhyalaya Mel Ayanambakkam, Schram Academy Nolambur , Chinmaya Vidhyalaya Anna Nagar

And pls add any other schools around Mogappair


Educomp 2011-12-16 13:12:17



Hi All,


I am completing 3.0 years and my parents are already looking a suitable school for me. I am now in a play school very near to me home. I really enjoy this play school.


About DAV Girls Mogappair:


My Father was looking to put me in some CBSE school some proximity from my home, he enquired mogappair DAV many time over phone and in person and they did not give the exact date of issue of application. All they told was to look at the notice board, my father was so watchful and cared, he did call them and asked some friends passing by that route to enquire on the exact application date and finally they seems tobe issuing the application on Jan 20th 2012.


About Chinmaya Anna Nagar:


My father do not want to take any chance on my education, he wanted me to have the same standard of education and put me in best school. so he enquired about application date of Chinmaya Annanagar, they informed him that the date has been pushed 10 days forward due to some pending case on the fee structure. They asked him to contact them later and also to follow The Hindu sunday paper...


About Schram Academy:


My father was eagrly waiting for the application issue date from Schram Academy and finally they issues the application some time in dec 2011, he got an application for Rs.500, he was unaware of this school's spot admission process. They admit the children on the same day of the issue of application on the basis of donation. Last year they seems to have charged Rs. 60000 as donation and this time too they were charging rs. 65000 bribe for admitting a child. So he took me to the school the next day to meet the principal to get admitted in LKG. I was interviewed but was told that i am under aged to get into LKG and suggested to take addmition to Pre-KG. My father was not intrested to send me to pre-School so he decided to go for some other school. One thing my father observed was that Schram being the an international school, the school was not having good building and campus to run such a school and there was no discpline and security in the school. The students were shouting and no one to care, the students also do not have any  respect for staff and principal. he could observe, students of kg or pre kg wandering outside the class and few of them even getting out of the campus. Also the fees seems to be 50-60K per month, so he was thinking is that spending 10 to 15 lac. For my entire schooling is worth or other ways what am I going to get spending that huge amount when the same is available at less fees without and bribe are called capitation. This made him to think twice and go on research mode… at this point or going forward I don’t know of anything that’s going on and I am enjoying all the  trip to various schools.


About Vellamal CBSE Mel Ayanambakkam:


This school is with in 7-8 km radius from my residence, we made a trip on fine Saturday morning, on my way I saw lots of cows and sheep’s also few pelican. It was like a safari on the lake side and suddenly there was a sign RMK CBSE school, my father got confused and enquired few children playing on the road side, they gave the right direction to turn left for Vellammal. We came and enquired about the school to the security person on the entrance as we were not allowed inside the campus. I saw boys in green and girls in yellow dress playing separately. There were big banners put on the gates with date of issue of application forms… my parents noted the dates and returned back. On the way back we went to Surapet Vellammal.. Cont. under separate header.


About Vellamal Surapet:


We just went to the school, it was a  very big campus, but the banner in front of the gates mentioned of application forms available for Ist to VIIIth standards. We that this school does not have KG. we came back home. MY mother enquired by calling to this school and got to know that they are open for KG also. The day they distribute the application my parents went to this school and got an application form for Rs. 200 and also submitted the same and got hall ticket for the intw. During Jan 2012. They wanted  to make sure that I am put in some school that too near my home so I am not tired of travelling. My grandfather used to travel several mile bare foot for his school, bit does not need to carry any heavy loads, even my father used to travel 15km by public transport for his school, so they wanted me to put in a school in my neighborhood. They do take good care for me J, but one thing that was hindering them was the method of approach of the vellamal management whether its Matric,CBSE or ENGG. College, they make things very tough and difficult for students also for parents. Every parent we enquired, few are our close friends did not recommend this school for us, few of them even moved their kids out of vellammal citing mere torture for students. So this made my parents think twice…what next.



R we going to start our own school may be that’s a better choice J, we are going to Delhi and meet Manamohen and unkapable ceepal for getting recognition for starting the same. Good I will be the first student of this school-I jolly if this happens, will keep my fingers crossed.  


Educomp 2011-12-16 14:29:42


Normal academic focussed school are the better ones rather that the schools like schram which are mainly runnnig pure business. I can put my lad in  summer swiming camp for swimming, skating not possible in indian road condition, forogein faculty are only shown in their web site, i don't see any value in getting alien faculty. Our indian teachers are far better. All this seems tobe just maya for extracting money. What is the need of personality development is school, i want my kid to be his/her own personility. Rather i prefer school which teaches sanskrit, yoga, Chess, Carnatic music, all these are not in schram.


Educomp 2011-12-16 14:32:46


there is no restriction on the age for lkg alid down by the Central board, the only restiction is that when appearing for Class X exam the child needs to be 14 yrs. of age. vellamal which again is CBSE is admitting children who have completed 3 yrs. as of june 31st.

School lay down its own restriction for low cause


Educomp 2011-12-16 14:42:24


For people coming back from the US, TSA which is acclaimed to be an international school does not have any admission qouta for NRI students, they give preference to spot addmission and preference to sibilings for current customers(students in business terms). Also take ue cheque book on the application issue date, they take only spot admission, this year 200 ppl got admitted on the same date LKG, pre-kg filled on the same day.

They do not specify about the spot admission, you have to take your kid also. They condut fake interview for the kid and once u pay the donation ur admitted. The donation for this year is Rs 65000, it will increase to Rs.75000 next year unless the school is sealed by vigilance for taking capitation.

The capitation will be more next year as they are planing for another facility near anna nagar due to growing demand.



Saranyj 2013-08-23 12:54:10


Hi ,


Can any one please tell me fee structure in schram academy .my son 2 yrs old i am going to join my son in LKG next year.please let me know abt fees and also about the donation




12345678 2013-11-27 10:57:39


Hi ,


Can any one please tell me fee structure in schram academy .my son is 2 yrs old i am going to join my son in Pre kg this year 2014 .please let me know abt fees and also about the donation





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